Pronunciation of Colorful
/k_ˈʌ_l_ə_f_əl/, /kˈʌləfə͡l/, /kˈʌləfə‍l/

Antonyms for colorful:

ivory, most piano, pasty, most silvery, un-colored, more deadened, sober, somber, white, solid, uncoloured, monochromatic, fearful, in-sipid, un healthy, more subfuse, more discolored, more worn-down, unchangeable, weak, fair, in-substantial, lowpitched, twiglike, more forceless, greenish-yellow, de pressing, tow-haired, de-pressing, monotone, plain, washedout, un-healthy, most fagged, un interesting, etiolated, homochromatic, illdefined, more fairskinned, monochromic, low pitched, most subfuse, most tow haired, more muttering, doughy, most greenishyellow, colorless, self-colored, most muttering, dis-colored, de solate, worn down, more twiglike, more faltering, most worndown, more fretted, more flaxenhaired, sub fuse, more greenishyellow, more attenuated, flaxen haired, in bad shape, fair haired, most bated, unpainted, more careworn, more tow headed, most careworn, ill defined, in substantial, lurid, most shadow, in effective, most discolored, un changing, subfuse, most bilious, re-mote, more towhaired, most achromic, most fair skinned, reedy, stalkiest, whitened, common, gray, sombre, most flaxenhaired, more pale-faced, peaked, peakier, most uncolored, more waxlike, livid, dis colored, un clearest, drab, in distinct, waxy, un-clear, more blurred, lusterless, uncolored, in effectual, reedier, more tow haired, most murmuring, out earshot, fagged, more greenish yellow, most greenish-yellow, most aside, pale, more lusterless, un-changing, most faltering, un substantial, pallid, bleached, flaxenhaired, poor people, more silvery, beanstalk, fairhaired, in audible, stickest, more characterless, most attenuate, greenishyellow, waxlike, blanched, fair-skinned, greenish yellow, more worndown, worndown, in sipid, faint, doughiest, un-eventful, in-audible, silvery, most fretted, faded, more bilious, uninteresting, more shriveled, wan, simple, lifeless, whiteness, most tow headed, polychromatic, more achromic, featherweight, most greenish yellow, most undernourished, more unpassioned, under weather, shallow, depressive, more uncolored, normal, un-clearest, under weight, out of earshot, un-substantial, lean, tow headed, un healthiest, un healthier, more whitish, dull as dishwater, more depressive, most unmemorable, most fairskinned, be draggled, in adequate, un colored, more beanpole, most forceless, most pale-faced, dreary, most softened, more unmemorable, most characterless, tow haired, whitish, haggard, more undernourished, more bated, more pinched, poler, more shadow, more aside, most tow-haired, dulled, cautious, polest, careworn, most deadened, un-inspired, most lusterless, worn-down, timid, dull, scraggy, stalkier, fair skinned, most pale faced, most beanstalk, peaky, Stalky, sticker, more worn down, waxen, forceless, sallow, be-draggled, most attenuated, more fagged, more tow-haired, towhaired, more beanstalk, more flaxen-haired, washy, stiltest, in-distinct, washed-out, etiolate, quiet, undernourished, most waxlike, ashen, more pale faced, most flaxen haired, in-effective, cowardly, more attenuate, un-memorable, stilter, more flaxen haired, most unpassioned, sub-fuse, tow-headed, peakiest, more bleached, most flaxen-haired, prefaded, boring, un inspired, poor, achromatic, most pinched, Unpassioned, un memorable, most worn-down, characterless, more zero, more piano, pastelike, most whitish, most stifled, more stifled, most tow-headed, most bleached, most worn down, bloodless, more muted, scraggier, un clear, most muted, more tow-headed, washed out, most beanpole, more greenish-yellow, un-healthiest, uncolorful, far off, unmemorable, in-effectual, most zero, under-weight, thin, palefaced, most palefaced, de-solate, in-adequate, run of the mill, standard, doughier, neutral, most towhaired, under-nourished, scraggiest, bilious, most etiolated.

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