Pronunciation of Busy
/bˈɪzi/, /bˈɪzi/, /b_ˈɪ_z_i/

Antonyms for busy

in formal, dronier, jade, more long-delayed, re sting, Open-handed, interest, un successful, more handout, Tenantless, leisured, more open-handed, freest, un regimented, unintrusive, sluggish, white-bread, inhibited, fancy free, in active, more white-bread, be lated, in-dependent, un fettered, disport, slow the uptake, slow on uptake, on cuff, longdelayed, open handed, most evacuated, unpunctual, slow-moving, trans fixed, un-exercised, most snaillike, more free-spirited, draggiest, more deadlocked, low key, not serious, most detained, free, more transfixed, more plodding, dis inclined, unpopulated, de-relict, Unexercised, more selfdirecting, easy-going, long drawn out, out of job, most slow-moving, de liberate, unreactive, snoozier, motionless, autonomic, prosier, left stranded, apoplectic, tire, more emancipated, un helpful, time-consuming, more white bread, easy going, more agrestic, most unreactive, lifeless, do nothing, unhampered, more laid off, lowkey, most impeded, more unengaged, slow moving, most postponing, most unapplied, most long delayed, at liberty, fancyfree, time consuming, more dawdling, most leisured, in-formal, most monotone, humdrum, self governing, most unenslaved, un productive, Unenslaved, un-couth, more free wheeling, more detained, un obstructed, un-progressive, all-owed, un-obstructed, more snaillike, snooziest, most self-directing, dis-inclined, lethargic, more banausic, more outland, on the shelf, heavy, asleep the job, reticent, more costless, un-interesting, un-productive, un paid, un-taken, occupy, in-animate, un-reactive, un-recompensed, slow uptake, slowest, most hindered, in dependent, Chargeless, more unhampered, most time consuming, uninvolved, most untrammeled, most unexercised, most self ruling, in significant, more halted, un-impeded, more treadmill, most self directing, more impeded, repetitious, self-directing, more free-wheeling, un-varied, laid back, more laggard, asleep job, un restricted, most autonomic, toneless, most unpunctual, un applied, most immotile, on bench, more self ruling, more freebie, more allowed, more becalmed, most untaken, in-active, most halted, dis-engaged, leisure, sui juris, on layoff, mothballed, please, Workless, more slow-moving, more untrammeled, be-reft, duncest, most stalled, un employed, in-different, un constrained, un-moved, taciturn, most laid off, at large, at rest, agrestic, most handout, free wheeling, unoccupied, behindhand, most loitering, more unenslaved, in sipid, more immotile, out work, un-enslaved, for love, more self-ruling, more slow moving, reclusive, un-furnished, passive, underemployed, most freewheeling, more mothballed, most freespirited, inactive, closed down, not in use, withdrawn, unbusy, not tied down, most banausic, more evacuated, free of cost, most whitebread, most slow moving, draggier, over-due, more unhelpful, more chargeless, un movable, in animate, snaillike, most free spirited, more freewheeling, re-sting, un progressive, more unpopulated, un-responsive, on the dole, nonoperating, out service, most free-spirited, more easy-going, laidback, at a standstill, more enfranchised, un settled, un engaged, most transfixed, more hindered, un-paid, restrained, more freespirited, de-sert, de sert, unengaged, on ones own, subdued, most tenantless, slowmoving, freewheeling, silent, un couth, un taken, un-populated, on shelf, un-moving, compest, most nebbish, banausic, most easy going, de laying, most free-wheeling, more stalled, self ruling, wimpiest, more apoplectic, delight, most born-again, big hearted, unvaried, on the bench, more time-consuming, most relinquished, all owed, selfruling, most unregimented, over due, un-inhabited, unemployed, beguile, having spring fever, to let, left in the lurch, reserved, un-occupied, most selfruling, more do-nothing, more underemployed, most chargeless, on one own, out action, slowgoing, most white-bread, prosiest, on loose, de-liberate, most slowmoving, inert, more despoiled, more untaken, un impeded, un-confined, more toneless, more easy going, vacant, long-delayed, most deadlocked, stock still, de-void, most donothing, Drony, un inhabited, most unpopulated, most liberated, most sluggard, un reactive, un-tenanted, timeconsuming, most sleepyhead, more tenantless, unfurnished, most freebie, untrammeled, trans-fixed, out commission, more procrastinating, out of it, de-laying, un-successful, donothing, whitebread, without gainful employment, most outland, white bread, retiring, not use, pro-longed, more selfruling, in-operative, on one's own, most toneless, tortoiselike, duncer, enliven, at leisure, hands-off, most unfurnished, of no avail, un necessary, un regulated, mono-tone, un exercised, prosy, un-committed, asleep, selfgoverning, most unhelpful, more self-directing, stretchiest, un varied, most do-nothing, most tortoiselike, unlived in, most unvaried, un-stinging, un occupied, un-used, in-sipid, un responsive, mooneyer, most despoiled, more monotone, de void, deadlocked, neglected, not busy, more unvaried, uninhabited, un availing, gratify, untenanted, most procrastinating, un-restricted, be reft, most workless, more slowmoving, most laggard, most white bread, deserted, on hold, unapplied, self-ruling, un hampered, out job, more nebbish, slow on the uptake, in-attentive, more unregimented, recreate, more longdelayed, more unexercised, snoozy, more donothing, most long-delayed, freespirited, Outland, most becalmed, un tenanted, most do nothing, out of service, unstinging, more tortoiselike, more sleepyhead, de spoiled, in different, mooneyest, gradual, COMP, under employed, amuse, most agrestic, more workless, un-employed, un-eventful, be calmed, sleepyheaded, sleepyhead, un-fettered, most underemployed, unobtrusive, most costless, out of a job, out of action, stretchier, most mothballed, out it, most unhampered, immotile, most treadmill, more postponing, draggy, un-regulated, solitary, free spirited, more loitering, lazy, wimpy, garden variety, un-applied, more liberated, un interesting, most longdelayed, more open handed, in holding pattern, un-movable, be-lated, stockstill, un populated, more sluggard, most selfdirecting, un-filled, asleep on job, most self-ruling, un-trammeled, un-hampered, on house, dime dozen, most free wheeling, un-necessary, more do nothing, at standstill, most allowed, under-employed, more leisured, un stinging, quiet, dis engaged, most plodding, be-calmed, de-solate, asleep on the job, un-settled, dis-regardful, more unfurnished, un confined, more sleepyheaded, off the hook, gardenvariety, in operative, de-spoiled, un-availing, entertain, most apoplectic, droniest, not intrusive, pastoral, slack, un committed, without contents, dis regardful, un-attached, unhelpful, de relict, most unengaged, wastest, comper, slow, costless, de solate, un used, most dawdling, stagnant, un enslaved, un moving, more relinquished, unregimented, more long delayed, indolent, un filled, Mooney, un furnished, on own, more unapplied, idle, un recompensed, stretchy, plain, long delayed, free-spirited, more whitebread, selfdirecting, between jobs.