Pronunciation of Regular
/ɹˈɛɡjuːlə/, /ɹˈɛɡjuːlə/, /ɹ_ˈɛ_ɡ_j_uː_l_ə/

Antonyms for regular

ex-press, more on-again-off-again, most supermundane, off on, in decorous, in-cogitable, most confounding, rarest, most highest-quality, most out-of-this-world, un-directed, with all the extras, un-settled, unsuitable, most undefinable, be-wildering, in supportable, more out of sight, dis-similar, bits pieces, broken, freak, qualmy, well made, unsmooth, unassimilable, more supranatural, un collected, epochal, un tutored, un-scientific, in scrutable, imbalanced, more cuttingedge, more heteromorphic, be-witched, un trained, avantgarde, all time, fivestar, un bending, part-time, far fetched, most monster, champest, un easy, in-ordinate, best quality, preternatural, Clocklike, Splendrous, squally, dewy, untutored, dis-cursive, more ill-matched, Iterant, super natural, more inexplainable, without equal, un-frequent, un imaginable, more concocted, illustrious, most onliest, puton, Celebrious, un-stabler, in elegant, fabber, dis-jointed, more herky jerky, more stand-out, ensorcelled, crawliest, most defined, with all options, dis-continuing, un revealed, un easiest, out of all reason, more iterant, hundred proof, out in left field, more punctuated, offbeat, bangup, most nonpareil, uninvestigated, un compromising, more inconsonant, in-cog, more celebrious, first rate, Champer, sur realistic, erratic, un-fashioned, in-apprehensible, un-processed, phantasmagorical, anomalous, whimsical, more newfashioned, miscreations, mis leading, sub-tile, Subtile, un trodden, sui generis, restricted, more half raw, out side, hair raising, most a ok, bang-up, un equal, in-choate, un related, un-conventional, most stop and go, in-explicable, more diacritic, most so and so, directionless, un likelier, more uncontaminated, un-suitable, more unapproached, unexplained, more unhewn, cross-grained, tumultoustumultuous, un cut, more staged, out of place, dis crete, more picaresque, un representative, more warped, most steller, ex press, dis sonant, un-perceived, more unconforming, in-discriminate, more antic, eye catching, un-paralleled, red letter, uncelebrated, most incog, inept, supranormal, most celeb, in sanest, highprofile, in-judicious, more cross grained, re fined, most unshorn, extra local, un-cultivated, in-sincere, most many-faceted, more unperceived, in experienced, un-likely, un earthlier, most directionless, outrageous, over worked, most shifting, most untutored, un-knowable, non symmetrical, unfair, in sane, un easier, Unascertained, more off-base, more undercooked, more expatriate, deviative, surrealistic, uncertain, out-rest, most ill-conceived, unrevealed, makebelieve, more wizardly, most deviate, in explicable, most piked, qualified, most splendiferous, more recherche, most gilt edged, more best quality, out rest, beyond wildest dreams, so and so, in-effable, zero cool, out question, most unknowable, most magnifico, mis creation, primo, out step, unsystematic, most attenuated, more first-string, hairraising, more many-faceted, ill mannered, most tabloid, wonderworking, under-cooked, para psychological, un-celebrated, dis connected, most deviative, most old-world, more winner, in sincere, un customary, dis-quieting, striking, freakest, Inexplainable, more scarred, more nonnative, more confounding, questionable, more unassimilable, most unparagoned, un discovered, the end, un-expected, particular, more such and such, un precise, most unfrequent, un-trained, non-native, un couth, out-standing, anarchistic, best-quality, out the question, most unrecognized, de-finite, more unshorn, most sensationalistic, most witching, Fluctuant, inconsistent, remarkable, unlawful, un-trieder, un-definable, unsteady, most segmented, new fashioned, most entranced, off-base, more spiritualistic, ex act, more half-cooked, dis-courteous, semi occasional, in-consistent, un-convincing, in harmonious, most herkyjerky, crochets, more nonresident, more faltering, most esteemed, more unshaven, Unapprehended, re maining, from abroad, in soluble, most semioccasional, ultra modern, more dynamite, non-uniform, picaresque, out-of-this-world, most degenerated, with bells and whistles, most supranormal, more telekinetic, most stridulent, out all reason, Arrestive, exotic, more periodical, more turn on, un-common, most anarchistic, more zigzagged, most unpunctual, more world-class, in-elegant, most unperceived, un equaled, most newfashioned, over kill, muchpublicized, more irrelative, most irrelative, much-publicized, most alchemistic, un knowable, out of reason, more new fashioned, bigleague, ostentatious, most halfcooked, most razzle-dazzle, indecorous, another story, in comparable, ill conceived, bestquality, more anarchistic, re-mote, re cognized, idiosyncratic, funny, over-due, unheard of, world class, more overbalanced, more illmatched, more chapped, over done, most incogitable, brandnew, at odds, nonsymmetrical, uncommon, un reliable, noteworthy, more unexplained, re served, most punctuated, dis-continuous, un-couth, equivocal, de generated, firststring, un smoother, more roughhewn, more five-star, Designless, more celeb, witchlike, most pukish, in-congruent, in-sincerest, illmatched, more uncompleted, more cutting-edge, more bodacious, un orthodox, more nonuniform, half-cooked, un-distinguished, most unlevel, un dressed, more captivating, most ensorcelled, re-warding, more designless, more out-of-this-world, offcolor, firstrate, illmannered, un touched, most nameable, more beatnik, un-believable, by bits pieces, super star, most bang up, un-commoner, off-the-wall, most witchlike, fore most, most turn-on, dis similar, grodier, more lionized, un-typical, un recognized, first-string, un-dressed, patchy, un celebrated, more unmethodical, most adopted, more conjuring, out ordinary, more many faceted, most epochal, aweinspiring, un-musical, shifting, most bangup, more steller, most unhewn, un sung, more five star, topsest, unorthodox, more hundred-proof, de-signless, meritorious, madeup, most iterant, untraditional, unrecognized, distingue, rare, non native, in left field, disorderly, in-comparable, most decorated, stridulent, unofficial, most uncollected, more luxurious, in-calculable, not likely, over-kill, more unfrequent, de solate, most unassimilable, more unrepresentative, fabbest, novel, mis-leading, hundred-proof, most first-string, more highest quality, mis shapes, graceless, super human, firstclass, mis creations, most crossgrained, highestquality, celeb, most estranged, most spastic, more high-profile, more degenerated, most half raw, nonconformist, Inapprehensible, infelicitous, Crawly, hetero-clite, most astrological, un-skilled, most uninvestigated, illconceived, un characteristic, more razzle-dazzle, un-exampled, off wall, un fashioned, unhappy, more witching, most lionized, more manyfaceted, in apprehensible, grotesque, most hundred-proof, un-characteristic, un-triedest, way out, un reasonable, more much-publicized, supernormal, most imitation, dis-criminating, wonderful, seasonal, more halfcooked, splashest, most inapposite, unperceived, more unexampled, uncanny, top the line, most heteromorphic, phenomenal, more primo, awe inspiring, more derisory, unhewn, more buffeting, half cooked, un finished, un-ceremonious, well known, mindblowing, ex patriate, little known, most unsymmetrical, in compatible, un gracious, freakish, in-apposite, in-sane, with all extras, more splendiferous, more worldclass, more ill-conceived, tumultous tumultuous, more tranced, most extralocal, in describable, most staged, in calculable, most unshaven, over-balanced, nowest, razzle-dazzle, mis-shapes, irregular, ex-patriate, un expected, more discontinuing, pre eminent, farout, top drawer, foreign, freaky, un hewn, more unrecognized, in-saner, most beatnik, unstable, un commoner, un identified, hundredproof, most mostest, more new-fashioned, fine, more much publicized, un fairer, beyond all reason, in saner, more turnon, most ill conceived, more oddball, distinctive, most world class, more on again off again, many faceted, more bearish, unconforming, most buffeting, un resolved, most discontinuing, most worldclass, non uniform, most earmarked, re warding, in comprehensible, more put-on, re-current, fitful, derisory, kooky, un-contaminated, out standing, de-generated, in cogitable, miraculous, more differing, highly wrought, more monster, dewier, more unrevealed, untrodden, most uncharacteristic, nonnative, most cutting edge, most chapped, un-identified, pre-dominant, most unrepeatable, Vagarious, more ill matched, every other, un-smooth, un civil, un renowned, un-ascertained, un-equaled, super-mundane, rummy, super-starrer, of first water, most inconsonant, more nonpareil, Neoteric, most razzledazzle, un definable, in-imitable, constipated, more character, fore-most, just out, most unrepresentative, more high profile, more entranced, unrepeatable, de-solate, such and such, pimplier, dis-proportionate, astrological, more vagarious, intermittent, super-natural, spectacular, un-smoother, more astrological, in-appropriate, herkyjerky, most differing, dubious, Unparagoned, most elliptic, more pukish, unlevel, unheardof, un typical, un predictable, most fabricated, flashest, weak, most attenuate, unimaginable, fantastic, un-wonted, un-official, fab, most wizardly, razzledazzle, in-temperate, more herky-jerky, most periodical, more runic, over balanced, more a-ok, in-frequent, more giltedged, more supranormal, most untrodden, most character, more imitation, spotty, freaker, free easy, oldworld, curious, un-considered, brand new, most outre, in discriminate, queer, trans oceanic, most muchpublicized, sub-lime, more uncustomary, more uncollected, more half cooked, more apart, un surpassed, protuberant, most another, most certified, most telekinetic, in explainable, out of step, most picaresque, more a ok, un processed, re-fulgent, up to date, un noted, un-compromising, new-fashioned, more segmented, de-tailed, crazy, splendiferous, more incogitable, superhuman, disordered, more hundredproof, new, incorrect, un-likest, un ordinary, very good, sur prising, unseemly, first-rate, uneven, most spellbinding, stop and go, most tranced, more incog, most highprofile, un-renowned, something else, more elaborate, more put on, un commonest, more sorcerous, unfamiliar, extra-local, more attenuate, more firststring, oddball, out way, in limelight, wayward, more undefinable, most qualmish, most out of this world, of highest type, blow by blow, most neoteric, be wildering, most applauded, more cutting edge, un-commonest, most bohemian, matchless, in apposite, brambly, most weaving, most uncelebrated, most captivating, more splendrous, more necromantic, few far between, most off-base, dis quieting, magnificent, mis shape, more razzledazzle, in consonant, most undercooked, un convincing, at variance, not understandable, un-gracious, un workable, Inconsonant, so-and-so, out proportion, off color, more seldom, more unprecise, more nonstandard, extra ordinary, ill-conceived, un level, mercurial, under done, outside chance, more inapprehensible, here and there, in credible, pre-eminent, de formed, romanesque, de finite, un justest, most pitted, most obstructed, most put on, top of the line, more epochal, more unnoted, more uncharacteristic, un common, un-earthliest, enigmatical, sub tiler, most unwrought, un familiar, un-used, more so and so, pukish, most inapprehensible, not flat, un-even, one sided, un directed, most apart, witching, more heteroclite, notable, occasional, quirky, un-sung, more halfraw, un-hewn, un punctual, gilt-edged, more razzle dazzle, most stand out, unauthorized, more off the wall, un earthliest, re-cognized, ex-act, super-human, most warped, un exampled, abnormal, more surrealistic, superstarrer, sub-tiler, most unapprehended, more unlevel, be witched, first class, un-intelligible, more unrepeatable, un-equal, most parapsychological, outstanding, cuttingedge, more strewn, un stable, scraggier, in-describable, un-stablest, un-civil, more obstructed, most garnished, mis-shape, in effable, more unwrought, in-decorous, most inexplainable, un-smoothest, off key, most bearish, in cog, un skilled, good looking, un-balanced, most spiritualistic, mind blowing, more world class, with extras, not domestic, in accessible, especial, in delicate, sur-realistic, undirected, out left field, un fathomable, more rubric, more such-and-such, more stridulent, offcenter, un frequent, Zigzagged, more oldworld, in-soluble, most unrevealed, mostest, unscheduled, most doozie, bramblier, un-customary, crochet, Qualmish, nearly raw, un steady, poles apart, rum, un solvable, most seasonal, more outre, most primo, un paragoned, dis courteous, on-again-off-again, most world-class, in-coherent, non standard, difficult believe, un trieder, dis-orderly, in dividual, un fair, beyond belief, un-told, un contaminated, Non-resident, more nodular, un-repeatable, Heteroclite, overkill, dis jointed, most ill matched, nower, more exiled, few, most best quality, un triedest, aberrant, singular, high tech, grody, un ascertained, in coherent, most uncompleted, most half cooked, in congruous, re curring, most sorcerous, unthinkable, non-symmetrical, more sensationalistic, more extralocal, un-steadier, episodic, most romanesque, dis-sonant, unparalleled, un considered, un paralleled, re-curring, most hundred proof, elaborate, most zigzagged, more agitating, extraordinaire, un thinkable, extraordinary, most arrestive, non-conformist, not native, dis-connected, un-approached, more offbase, un distinguished, un-predictable, dis criminating, most undirected, wrinklier, Piked, un seasoned, most nonstandard, in-dividual, most illmatched, most unaligned, most antic, out world, in decipherable, uncollected, more muchpublicized, elliptic, over-worked, like night day, out of way, in temperate, extrinsic, out order, goodlooking, sur-prising, un-noted, unexpected, un-cut, alchemistic, in-compatible, unrepresentative, in-clement, nodular, unpunctual, de-fined, more seasonal, more witchlike, un-earthly, un wrought, turnon, endest, un-just, planless, bits and pieces, with bells whistles, Unapproached, scraggy, more designated, more semioccasional, un steadier, more embellished, halfraw, prodigious, in conflict, unheard-of, para-psychological, sorcerous, more directionless, mis shapen, un-real, unfit, more crossgrained, un-thinkable, un-aligned, un-shorn, more blustering, more bangup, most surrealistic, brambliest, un aligned, un-related, most manyfaceted, sub tile, high-profile, in frequent, un conforming, half-raw, not uniform, most unexplained, radder, shambolic, most aok, off the beaten track, un shorn, razzle dazzle, un-seemlier, in formal, Unfrequent, de-formed, unknown, fabulous, more spastic, un hinged, outre, more murder, ex citing, grotesques, most necromantic, super normal, un-completed, far off, un spoiled, un-reasonable, more out-of-sight, out of world, supra-normal, bodacious, most much publicized, untrustworthy, offbase, re current, most unascertained, most nodular, de rived, bizarre, un liker, semioccasional, up down, ultra-modern, most five-star, unsmoother, most conjuring, with the options, turn-on, offkey, most fivestar, highest-quality, in-formal, talked about, non-standard, in-credible, out line, un tried, un-pleasant, most a-ok, more unparagoned, hit-or-miss, more off base, most best-quality, un-charted, de signless, un conventional, in congruent, avant garde, most smashing, un-cultured, un refined, more deviative, in spired, super mundane, more unrenowned, more best-quality, not habitual, most seldom, most blustering, majorleague, more checked, un-justest, exceptional, breaking new ground, more cross-grained, inapposite, un-mannerly, alltime, un-conforming, un seemly, most cuttingedge, temperamental, most puton, difficult to believe, un shaven, un-earthlier, most embellished, un-seasoned, in appropriate, un cannier, in valuable, exquisite, most asperous, un-solvable, most stop-and-go, spick and span, un symmetrical, most unfashioned, most unexampled, more stop-and-go, splendid, onesided, more esteemed, un-likelier, more turn-on, rough and ready, world-class, un explainable, undercooked, un-stable, un systematic, more applauded, most fluctuant, more aok, unshaven, more smashing, uncharacteristic, embellished, more earmarked, un natural, imprecise, un-methodical, such-and-such, most schismatic, de fined, in sincerest, Asperous, in-decipherable, most unapproached, unprecedented, mutation, more romanesque, bearish, most designless, most hundredproof, un-apprehended, recherche, unnatural, more highest-quality, trans-oceanic, most demoniac, more peregrine, un assimilable, more bohemian, raddest, rad, out of question, fly ball, most imprecise, un-fairer, mis-shapen, re-splendent, un-investigated, un-trodden, inconstant, more highestquality, at cutting edge, more bestquality, weird, topdrawer, unknowable, most bang-up, un juster, semi-occasional, unwonted, outlandish, most unprecise, most fluctuating, spastic, superstarrest, un-explained, un-juster, pimply, most five star, xrated, un settled, un accountable, non resident, peculiar, more overkill, more weaving, most diacritic, un-symmetrical, quaint, un steadiest, out sight, topser, most heteroclite, more asperous, pre dominant, super starrer, out the way, special, wrinkliest, more hundred proof, un-touched, rough, unshorn, stand-out, demoniac, most celebrious, most splendrous, un accustomed, un-cannier, un-likeliest, more illconceived, more highprofile, stop-and-go, out of proportion, queers, un-refined, segmented, in judicious, more first string, infrequent, most overbalanced, dewiest, most electrifying, un even, de tailed, wellknown, unsmoothest, most high profile, most revealing, more stop and go, more curious, more supermundane, superb, supra normal, most ornamented, scraggiest, chapped, un smoothest, un known, arbitrary, in-valuable, in-delicate, eyecatching, un-tutored, rarely done, de-rived, un official, more deviate, more fivestar, incomparable, most recurring, un-matched, un-easiest, in-congruous, un-usual, most many faceted, un-representative, off center, mis-creations, un fairest, under-lined, herky-jerky, more wonderworking, more fluctuating, in-supportable, unbecoming, most checked, most rubric, fits and starts, most cross grained, here there, cutting-edge, most much-publicized, un seemliest, un usual, moderately done, very best, un apprehended, most horrifying, most nonsymmetrical, not smooth, un earthly, mis-creation, eerie, un mannerly, most half-cooked, un cultivated, unconventional, more transoceanic, x rated, in-scrutable, most highest quality, ill-matched, pimpliest, most distingue, un-tried, un-explainable, Crossgrained, super-normal, bugged out, inappropriate, more onliest, over seas, high minded, un canny, subtilest, un polished, more immigrant, un likest, un stabler, more mostest, in-sincerer, more ensorcelled, scattered, un pleasant, nonrepresentative, most nonresident, over due, unpredictable, most sphinxlike, most roughhewn, more qualmish, un-bending, manyfaceted, mysterious, un-reliable, un feeling, un suitable, most first string, Old World, dis orderly, un-fairest, inexplicable, malformed, under lined, most cutting-edge, in-conceivable, Unrenowned, un cultured, most recherche, un seemlier, re-served, more contorted, Supermundane, sporadic, funnier, wrinkly, unusual, splasher, most faltering, dis continuing, in-spired, Newfashioned, in-experienced, most uncontaminated, un-wrought, Unapt, by bits and pieces, most out-of-sight, un canniest, most on again off again, A 1, transoceanic, more piked, most herky-jerky, most ruffled, more fluctuant, most contorted, redletter, brilliant, un-hinged, in-constant, most off-the-wall, iffy, un-finished, most giltedged, more garnished, beyond reason, un repeatable, un likeliest, more attenuated, freewheeling, most derisory, most razzle dazzle, un-easier, more weirdo, un explained, un-known, nonstandard, dis proportionate, a ok, in consistent, Immethodical, top notch, more old world, more particularized, ex tensive, steller, more electrifying, off beaten path, beyond compare, deviant, more supernormal, non conformist, strange, supra natural, dis-crete, nonuniform, un-fair, un likely, heretical, in conceivable, most high-profile, more stand out, uncontaminated, more unknowable, most designated, more undirected, different, cross grained, most supranatural, in spotlight, unordered, un-recognized, un-revealed, telekinetic, most murder, disorganized, miscreation, un-punctual, un-shaven, changing, more revealing, Unprecise, un-imaginable, more tabloid, more stupefying, asymmetric, most off base, more decorated, oddest, wayout, un-natural, herky jerky, parapsychological, most stand-out, most unrenowned, un-discovered, patternless, highminded, most uncustomary, more sphinxlike, un-assimilable, atypical, in-explainable, extralocal, with options, in-harmonious, under cooked, most exiled, most ill-matched, hetero clite, most firststring, most nonuniform, off beaten track, most weirdo, in sincerer, kinky, in-consonant, most underlined, like night and day, un-rivaled, more herkyjerky, wellmade, un rivaled, super-starrest, more untutored, tumultous-tumultuous, sphinxlike, marvelous, indefinite, variable, more another, beyond possibility, most off the wall, un approached, more ornamented, out-of-sight, un-seemliest, top-pest, de terminate, worldclass, nonsystematic, unmethodical, more so-and-so, necromantic, de-terminate, the best, more defined, un-orthodox, more out of this world, more underlined, magical, off balance, highest quality, more phantasmagorical, spiritualistic, un-systematic, qualmier, un-steadiest, unlikely, more untrodden, more bewildering, most out of sight, with all the options, un methodical, un-familiar, un-canny, out this world, Irrelative, Magnifico, doubtful, un believable, not level, namer, more inapposite, diacritic, most bodacious, most supernormal, few and far between, un connected, now then, solid gold, more nonsymmetrical, most such-and-such, more off-the-wall, Incogitable, un explored, most scarred, giltedged, out place, extra-ordinary, un stablest, most wonderworking, excellent, un-paragoned, un wonted, half raw, dis cursive, un-level, unnoted, more recurring, most concocted, most agitating, most herky jerky, un-accustomed, more unpunctual, out and out, un-workable, most strewn, super-star, top of line, more estranged, more unsymmetrical, super starrest, most nonnative, more bang up, with the extras, qualmiest, fits starts, supra-natural, un just, runic, more horrifying, uncompleted, most turn on, wizardly, in imitable, recurrent, over-seas, superstar, out of line, most on-again-off-again, unique, subtiler, out of ordinary, eccentric, more ruffled, un-surpassed, un charted, under-done, top line, unwrought, most cross-grained, crawlier, more magnifico, un-canniest, more shifting, sterling, many-faceted, most halfraw, un scientific, more uncelebrated, re cent, un-spoiled, of note, un perceived, most expatriate, five-star, dis continuous, most particularized, in-accessible, supranatural, un-collected, bang up, un-ordinary, more pitted, uncustomary, sub lime, most vagarious, fragmentary.