Pronunciation of Irregular
/ɪɹˈɛɡjuːlə/, /ɪɹˈɛɡjuːlə/, /ɪ_ɹ_ˈɛ_ɡ_j_uː_l_ə/

Antonyms for irregular

unchanging, in-voluntary, in order, stuffy, over-long, more on-again-off-again, most staying, more well-adjusted, unvarying, up tight, prevalent, up to date, most orbital, once daily, ceaseless, well formed, most recurring, copier, most coterminous, nower, most unabated, profuse, most never-ceasing, most coequal, methodical, unrelenting, un prejudiced, more world without end, a good many, most shaven, in flexible, tralatitious, more patterned, most surfaced, co-pier, hairless, equanimous, re fined, solid as rock, more selfperpetuating, daily, more balletic, definite, run the mill, most never-failing, more equanimous, most frictionless, every so often, most tralatitious, timed, hourly, more circadian, most straight-laced, re-turning, around the clock, re liabler, hourliest, every once while, uni-form, co pier, more reoccurring, invariable, buttondown, average, most aligned, widely used, more easy-going, most epochal, conforming with, Unacquired, stock, routine, inter minable, un-eventful, more unacquired, fifty-fifty, ex act, un-prejudiced, stereo typed, more consistent, more fluctuating, centennial, set in stone, more cardcarrying, most nowhere, more persisting, more white-bread, most iron-fisted, folkest, most differentiating, in-finite, long established, uniform, mono-chrome, in-generate, more coequal, true to type, coterminous, un deviating, un modifiable, even tempered, more centennial, time-honored, un varied, ex-act, pro-fuse, card carrying, recurrent, more differentiating, re iterated, isolationist, un-distinguished, un memorable, most patterned, more well-formed, more frictionless, accumbent, most undiversified, more dime a dozen, more dime-a-dozen, in finite, re-liable, everyday, nowhere, velvety, more world-without-end, most straight laced, un wavering, un-relieved, more fiftyfifty, most ingenerate, like rock of gibralter, white-bread, re occurring, more frequent, middle the road, unbroken, more imitation, most oftrepeated, un-remarkable, in variable, peaceful, diurnal, fiftyfifty, un-diversified, more neverfailing, most characterless, arrived at, on certain occasions, in character, more well adjusted, in one's right mind, planned, more longestablished, eternal, never-ceasing, most bit by bit, constant, unending, un-moved, correct, un qualified, chainer, exact, at various times, pre-scribed, most reiterated, un-surpassable, on one plane, never-ending, more straight laced, aligned, more oft-repeated, most never failing, cliched, most oft repeated, most centennial, most neverfailing, most cardcarrying, like the rock gibralter, more monophonic, most workaday, un-changing, ironfisted, un-noteworthy, prevailing, in-exorable, un ending, un-pretentious, more even steven, brick wall, more fairish, un failing, more unvaried, dis-criminative, neverfailing, frictionless, dime dozen, most self-perpetuating, inter-minable, re-iterated, more tralatitious, periodic, more alternating, most planed, dis criminative, most on-again-off-again, horse horse, un inspired, never-failing, most neverceasing, equable, most touted, un excitable, dead set on, accepted, in rut, in-alterable, more hard-headed, wonted, most circadian, most periodical, more similar, un written, on level, more hard headed, model, in-frequent, in generate, changeless, re-iterative, more white bread, in terminable, most long-established, plain, in different, most unmemorable, more stabile, most well proportioned, under stood, Passed, more day-to-day, more arranged, most easy-going, un changeable, most well-formed, welladjusted, typical, in groove, all-owed, run mill, neverending, dis interested, in dividual, de voted, most iterated, more even-steven, mono phonic, most iron fisted, restrained, un questioning, most welladjusted, faddiest, every once a while, natal, more staying, more coterminous, neck neck, un-ruffled, latest word, most unwrinkled, unvaried, most on again off again, more poised, on and up, ordinary, normal, most balletic, over long, most accumbent, of piece, most reoccurring, non partisan, un ceasing, un-divided, many, un-exceptional, in-different, in a rut, smack middle, run of mill, un-wavering, no great shakes, easy going, more transmitted, looked for, most fairish, un-ending, button down, in born, most longestablished, more unmodified, more fifty-fifty, un broken, more card-carrying, un changing, connected, logical, most returning, un remarkable, un-flinching, most passed, unchanged, over used, most matter of course, more epochal, more well proportioned, well-adjusted, smooth, taken for granted, all of piece, un-opposed, never ending, on a line, identical, most unvaried, un bounded, in bred, inhibited, parrest, day night, more reiterated, in established usage, of a piece, more undeviating, in-variable, un-modifiable, more regularly, most well-proportioned, weeklier, graceful, more natal, once day, most unmodifiable, re-curring, most brick wall, dis passionate, more monochrome, un relieved, on plane, in-nocent, in alterable, most regulation, un interesting, un distinguished, more evensteven, rippleless, Ingenerate, more whitebread, most wellformed, Hard-headed, stiff, more unwaning, most day-to-day, in one right mind, on up, unmodified, most ritual, in line, pro fuse, most hard-headed, stiff-necked, more planed, co equal, perfect, timehonored, be coming, most unbroken, un yielding, regular, un interrupted, un bending, un flappable, no end of, un-flappable, un-bending, Interminate, regularized, most stabile, of same height, most card-carrying, in proportion, un divided, same old, shaped, all of a piece, more oftrepeated, more orbital, perpetual, more mirrorlike, oft repeated, more wellproportioned, on line, un-changeable, most even steven, flat, never failing, re-solute, monophonic, un hurried, un-abated, bound determined, longstanding, un controlled, unwrinkled, most fifty-fifty, even, most wellproportioned, rigid, most card carrying, more bit by bit, stocker, chainest, all piece, un alterable, most day-and-night, oft-repeated, unexcitable, in-terminate, un surpassable, more recurring, in-variant, re solute, conforming, most evensteven, most constantly, more unfluctuating, un-varying, planate, well-proportioned, straight laced, more returning, smack the middle, most world without end, more regularized, more iron-fisted, so so, brickwall, easy-going, non-partisan, cut and dried, un-excitable, most well adjusted, in formal, uni-versal, most never ceasing, in-bred, level, stereo-typed, un imaginative, un-memorable, un-controlled, un changed, more unmemorable, re current, most poised, dis criminating, flush, more unwrinkled, frequent, re cognized, re presentative, legitimate, from day to day, faddy, on up up, more matter of course, long standing, un-remitting, in-flexible, un-qualified, de-voted, horizontal, more brick wall, cardcarrying, un tiring, systematic, wellknown, straightlaced, right minded, over-used, balletic, like rock gibralter, most stipulated, nonstop, un-interrupted, selfperpetuating, wellbalanced, consistent, all a piece, rubest, standard, circadian, un-bounded, in-dividual, most doctrinal, more day to day, aeonian, on up and up, most unmodified, un affected, more easy going, more regulation, un-told, more allowed, constrained, most allowed, more continued, more touted, most isolationist, deliberate, seamless, un abated, decorous, workaday, steadygoing, most world-without-end, world-without-end, up-tight, re liablest, faddier, characteristic, shapely, card-carrying, re gular, most often, dime-a-dozen, in nocent, most velvety, more on again off again, most continued, more long established, more seasonal, more shaven, in-terminable, horse to horse, more aligned, round the clock, unabated, most aeonian, re iterative, more wellformed, wellfounded, more ironfisted, non stop, most okayed, on the up, most mirrorlike, re-occurring, day-and-night, un biased, self-perpetuating, medium, monthlier, hourlier, in-grained, un disturbed, re-gular, common, on the and up, more periodical, more rippleless, conventional, fair square, more matter-of-course, level headed, most unfluctuating, rightminded, comformable, narrow minded, starchest, most well-adjusted, most boilerplate, distinct, more individualizing, ex tensive, un shaken, dis-interested, pre dominant, pre vailing, all owed, more credited, complete, un-acquired, in-corrigible, gardenvariety, un-broken, most unacquired, uptight, un remitting, more planate, on a par, more permanent, most monochrome, symmetrical, un touched, copiest, more okayed, bit-by-bit, un-failing, stationary, in right mind, day by day, re-liablest, more straight-laced, undeviating, pre-dominant, more constantly, whitebread, undiversified, monthly, more neverceasing, more stiff-necked, painstaking, straight, in corrigible, more iterated, middle of road, on the up up, more unbroken, most unwaning, most trimmed, most stiff-necked, un relenting, weekliest, continual, un exceptional, most credited, more stiffnecked, day-to-day, most seasonal, monochrome, run of the mill, monthliest, un-changed, more ritual, re-presentative, received, most garden, most even-steven, under-stood, un-fluctuating, wornout, traditional, more prevalent, smack in middle, un noteworthy, more well formed, de-mure, un fluctuating, more leveled, un eventful, ruber, more equalized, vintage, most monophonic, in voluntary, most stiffnecked, persistent, un varying, mono-phonic, once a day, invariant, most fiftyfifty, not heretical, re-cognized, un-limited, un opposed, un diversified, un-wrinkled, most matter-of-course, un wrinkled, most straightlaced, more stipulated, on treadmill, commonplace, non-stop, most leveled, more never-failing, stiff necked, most white bread, eventempered, steady going, most rippleless, most day and night, more aeonian, un-hurried, weekly, un-inspired, stable, un-tiring, un-imaginative, co-equal, natural, habitual, un-yielding, Iron-fisted, most well formed, more self-perpetuating, re turning, well known, most self perpetuating, most regularized, un troubled, pre-vailing, re-current, in use, most imitation, un-troubled, every once in while, un-varied, more preferred, most arranged, most whitebread, most ironfisted, in keeping, un flinching, well-formed, more undiversified, in good health, familiar tune, by numbers, wellformed, most fluctuating, un-deviating, true type, full-time, time honored, un-written, premeditated, more diurnal, most easy going, proper, uni versal, more welladjusted, middle road, un-faltering, classic, occasional, fifty fifty, self perpetuating, more accumbent, all there, uni form, unfluctuating, most white-bread, most stiff necked, un waning, de mure, more fifty fifty, white bread, re curring, in ones right mind, on-again-off-again, more unnoteworthy, more unmodifiable, on a treadmill, un faltering, dis-passionate, most attached, most fifty fifty, un ruffled, set stone, Planed, more nowhere, garden variety, more unabated, un-flagging, doctrinal, most day to day, mono chrome, most hard headed, plumb, smack in the middle, in the groove, more brick-wall, more boilerplate, more brickwall, most unexcitable, un-waning, grinder, run-of-the-mine, steadfast, sur-faced, incessant, even-steven, more surfaced, inter mediate, epochal, fairish, more unexcitable, un-alterable, vertical, characterless, sur faced, most long established, endless, most facsimile, tabular, un-touched, straight-laced, most equalized, on par, Folker, un acquired, dis-criminating, mirrorlike, boilerplate, un fathomable, round clock, re-liabler, plane, parrer, most equanimous, in frequent, more attached, in determinate, distinctive, most undeviating, most oft-repeated, more velvety, most regularly, step by step, customary, un modified, in-born, formal, be-coming, well adjusted, more passed, un-shaken, dummier, more card carrying, unmemorable, continuous, boiler plate, most planate, nowest, dummiest, grindest, matter-of-course, brick-wall, more straightlaced, more facsimile, unwavering, evensteven, from day day, in terminate, day and night, usual, mainstream, more bit-by-bit, solid as a rock, most natal, in-formal, seasonal, stabile, more graduate, orbital.