Pronunciation of Employment
/ɛmplˈɔ͡ɪmənt/, /ɛmplˈɔ‍ɪmənt/, /ɛ_m_p_l_ˈɔɪ_m_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for employment

kiss offs, somnolence, un-employment, loss right, time kill, time ones hands, de-gradations, dis-continuance, in-formalities, voidings, requiescence, de-gradation, dis placements, relief from, pastime, vegetatings, deposals, exudations, dillydallyings, dilly dallyings, spare moments, triflings, dreaminesses, joblessness, de position, un burdening, over-throw, joblessnesses, leisure, Hibernations, in-activities, brush offs, Pottering, un employment, bed roses, spare time, dismissal, re lease, un ceremoniousnesses, un ladings, Remittances, goof off time, inter-lude, in activity, respite, un lading, inter-ludes, kiss off, dis-lodgment, dis continuances, Inusitation, insuetudes, severance, un frocking, time hand, re pose, ease, un-ceremoniousnesses, dis-solutions, misuse, time out, re creation, re-creation, time-wasting, idle hours, time on one's hands, dis-continuances, interregna, Insuetude, de-mobilization, dis-imprisonments, hibernation, de lays, emptyings, in-activity, de-lays, passivity, dis-missal, Freedoms, conges, pro tractions, brushoff, interregnum, ex patriations, re-leases, potterings, re quiescences, bum rush, timewasting, ex plosion, un restraints, removal, disbarments, un-employments, suppuration, time on hand, dis-missals, loafings, kiss-off, dis missal, re-cess, dis missing, discharge, spare times, remittance, time on one's hand, one sweet times, obsolescences, suppurations, unladings, dis-charging, furlough, un-ladings, dis charges, re laxation, unburdenings, one own sweet times, sack, boot, re spite, re-pose, firing, dis-burdening, dis-possessions, de-ferment, dis solutions, the door, the doors, time wastings, pursuit, idleness, time to kill, heaveho, old heavehos, own sweet time, timewastings, impeachment, dis-solution, dawdlings, heavehos, nonuse, in operativeness, old heave-ho, passivities, somnolences, re laxations, idle hour, letting offs, de gradations, re legations, housecleaning, mismanagement, inter missions, one's own sweet time, de lay, pro traction, liberty, un-lading, dreaminess, demotion, avocation, re-legations, peace mind, restfulnesses, relegation, dronings, the heaveho, re creations, deposition, inter ludes, re-laxations, de-ferments, pro-traction, loiterings, dislodgments, time on ones hand, unfrockings, ones own sweet time, releasings, in-formality, brush-off, kissoff, dis-lodgments, dis missals, requiescences, hobby, dis-missings, early retirement, demobilization, inactivity, goofoff times, dis imprisonment, cutoff, time burn, goof-off times, recreation, dis-imprisonment, time on one hand, vacant hour, supinities, re spites, re-lief, dis-placements, re-laxation, leave, one's own sweet times, lazings, dischargings, re lief, loss of right, one sweet time, dis possessions, time one's hands, unburdening, goof off times, re-creations, ouster, dis-charge, re-leasings, dis charge, the boot, dis lodgment, re cesses, dis charging, brushoffs, dis missings, goofoff time, time-wastings, dismissings, naturalness, the heavehos, re-quiescence, old heave hos, over throw, ex-patriation, unrestraint, dis-charges, one's sweet time, de-positions, the heave-hos, early retirements, surrender, re legation, disbarment, ataraxia, de gradation, goof-off time, ex-patriations, unfrocking, relief froms, time hands, re-legation, own sweet times, de-position, re quiescence, in activities, pro-tractions, de ferments, motionlessnesses, heave-ho, kiss-offs, old heave-hos, ataraxias, de mobilization, dis solution, throwing outs, housecleanings, spare moment, demobilizations, un employments, firings, the boots, dis-placement, time one hands, de-mobilizations, otiosities, Interregnums, re leases, un-ceremoniousness, dis continuance, kissoffs, inertness, un-frocking, unemployments, Otiosity, the heave hos, unemployment, disimprisonments, in operativenesses, dis imprisonments, ex plosions, ejection, exudation, disuse, un-burdening, one own sweet time, ex-plosion, one's sweet times, leave absence, dis burdening, acquittings, dis-missing, the sacks, un-restraint, the heave-ho, impeachments, de ferment, over-throws, un restraint, time wasting, heave ho, vacant hours, re-spites, re-quiescences, disburdenings, dilly-dallyings, in-operativenesses, Deposal, dis lodgments, dis-possession, conge, re-lease, de mobilizations, un ceremoniousness, ones own sweet times, dis possession, retirement, dislodgment, relegations, layoff, over throws, in-operativeness, inusitations, time on ones hands, fun, dis placement, rest, in formalities, acquittal, time one hand, heave hos, brush-offs, old heave ho, inter lude, de positions, suspension, obsolescence, restfulness, entertainment, disimprisonment, bums rush, motionlessness, old heaveho, time on hands, de-lay.