Pronunciation of Competent
/kˈɒmpɪtənt/, /kˈɒmpɪtənt/, /k_ˈɒ_m_p_ɪ_t_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for competent

illsuited, un learned, more unintellectual, ex-posed, un-developed, more butterfingered, slackspined, unprepared, more anticlimactic, more unknowledgeable, not equal to, most unalloyed, un-learned, never failing, ex posed, in expert, un-productive, uneducated, more strengthless, powerless, un profitable, un meet, more butter-fingered, in-commensurate, un-careful, un-witting, most neverfailing, unadapted, in vertebrate, insufficient, un-lettered, in-conclusive, un-reserved, most emasculated, most neutralized, un fit, with hands tied, un faltering, dis-organized, sapless, too little, un-restrained, most handcuffed, dis-qualified, incomplete, niggardly, un-intellectual, out commission, undexterous, unhandiest, most forceless, de feasible, in capacitated, Unconversant, un productive, most impuissant, de pendent, can't make the grade, in-nocuous, un handiest, more slack spined, un mindful, un-prepared, weak, most improficient, in-vertebrate, un duest, more vitiated, more unproficient, more improficient, butterfingered, in-competent, more ill-fitted, out place, anti-climactic, more unadapted, no catch, more ill adapted, in sufficient, more ill equipped, half baked, most stinted, most good for nothing, wishywashy, in-decisive, un seemlier, in-appropriate, un cultivated, unwarranted, most anticlimactic, un-facile, un-timely, most infecund, ineffective, helpless, in commensurate, no ifs ands or buts, in-cautious, ill timed, most basketcase, improper, uncareful, in-operative, most tapped, more illfitted, un-cultured, slovenly, in-firmest, illequipped, un qualified, unjustified, most unknowledgeable, not adapted, most unproficient, most sidelined, in-conceivable, unfitting, un-convincing, de-pendent, more handcuffed, arbitrary, un-timeliest, un-knowledgeable, in-sensible, more unfitted, ill adapted, in-nocent, dis-enfranchised, un fitted, biased, un-believable, un skillful, in apposite, junkest, undeserved, nonexpert, in efficient, in-valid, heavyhanded, un-ethical, unreasonable, more hogtied, in appropriate, un initiated, most basket case, out lunch, unhandier, Butter-fingered, in valid, cretinous, un-fit, cant make grade, amateurish, more undexterous, in dark, more tapped, in-efficacious, more uncareful, most ill equipped, meaningless, more hog-tied, halfbaked, un timeliest, unintellectual, un-apter, un seemly, un mitigated, un fruitful, most amateur, more unfitting, most illadapted, in adequate, illegitimate, more basket case, impotent, more unalloyed, more basket-case, in cautious, most lemon, unmerited, more basketcase, Impuissant, in-adequate, un-cool, not cut out for, un suitable, most ill fitted, un-read, unfitted, unmindful, in substantial, inept, un-limited, not able, not enough, most unread, ill-equipped, out of gas, most emasculate, un-armed, un fitting, un-meeter, more inapposite, non expert, ill fitted, ill equipped, wimpest, inapplicable, in proficient, ignorant, un-restricted, most butter-fingered, more blundering, all thumbs, worthless, un facile, most zero, un due, most unconversant, most vitiated, in-capable, invertebrate, inadept, un-due, in nocuous, in-expert, un restricted, in-firmer, forceless, un-timelier, un-meet, more disenfranchised, most inapposite, un cool, shallower, inefficient, in complete, un-conditional, more apprenticed, unlawful, un-available, un enlightened, new, most hog tied, more neverfailing, unqualified, un graceful, un informed, un-conversant, incapable, no good, in apter, un cultured, not have it, un conditional, more butterfingers, in-substantial, most blundering, un abler, most strengthless, in capable, un ablest, un-successful, most basket-case, more infecund, un lettered, un worthier, in-eligible, in effective, more nonexpert, in credible, in competent, in adept, most unequipped, out of place, Strengthless, more ill fitted, more slack-spined, most hogtied, in-efficient, in congruous, duddest, un skilled, in operative, more inadept, un prepared, unfair, misinformed, most untalented, can't make grade, sidelined, more butter fingered, more unconversant, un-skilled, unjust, in-proficient, un-duer, most butterfingered, most niggardly, un-fitted, in eligible, unfacile, more floundering, un adapted, ill suited, bushleague, most hog-tied, more never-failing, most uncool, feeble, unmeetest, green, glitchest, un handy, cant make the grade, more niggardly, un equipped, un-graceful, un-handiest, un-dexterous, in-felicitous, un-abler, de-feasible, un-trained, more ill-adapted, more unread, un-ablest, un-fruitful, in aptest, mis informed, cant hack it, most illfitted, useless, Unhandy, unsuitable, shallow, un worthy, bushest, disenfranchised, un satisfactory, in experienced, un conscious, most floundering, unprofessional, undue, un aptest, more enfeebled, un available, more hog tied, un-seemlier, in effectual, incoherent, most uncareful, more stinted, mindless, more forceless, despotic, good-for-nothing, un practiced, in-sufficient, shooting blanks, ill-fitted, unjustifiable, un-meetest, in efficacious, un-worthier, un ethical, basketcase, never-failing, most disenfranchised, wishy washy, un meetest, defeasible, more untalented, in conceivable, irrelevant, more illequipped, most loser, more pinned, un talented, most misinformed, untried, un handier, un suspecting, more misinformed, in firmest, un schooled, in-considerable, most illequipped, un-profitable, more inproficient, un-taught, unequipped, in-adept, not effective, un-substantial, in considerable, untested, un worthiest, slack spined, un-duest, unlettered, most unlettered, un conversant, out gas, most unfitted, unfit, incompetent, un-fitting, disqualified, dis organized, sub standard, un intellectual, un-suspecting, in-fecund, un equal, beginning, blind to, more illadapted, un-enlightened, more good-for-nothing, un seemliest, un apter, wimpy, most slack-spined, more uncool, unproficient, un successful, in-effectual, un-mindful, poor, un read, more disqualified, feckless, un-protected, neverfailing, inadequate, in-apter, unsatisfactory, in-sipid, inappropriate, un convincing, out and out, un knowledgeable, found wanting, in-apposite, un-adapted, raw, un proficient, partial, more slackspined, un-conscious, in-complete, inproficient, anti climactic, most inadept, in nocent, most ill-fitted, Unmeet, in-congruous, un careful, in sipid, un-mitigated, in decisive, most unadapted, more unequipped, more chicken, unseasoned, most etiolated, in firm, Infecund, un-seasonable, can't cut it, most ill-equipped, un-satisfactory, dis qualified, un taught, un suited, more amateur, in sensible, more invertebrate, un-suitable, indefensible, unequal, most chicken, un sure, inferior, un-adulterated, ill-adapted, most inproficient, most defeasible, un-handy, up creek without paddle, un-initiated, wimper, un-worthiest, unmeeter, more loser, un seasonable, unalloyed, incorrect, mis-informed, un timely, no go, un substantial, most cretinous, un timelier, most invertebrate, most nonexpert, un witting, ineffectual, most never failing, more unfacile, unconscious, most never-failing, wimpiest, in-effective, un trained, not to, glitcher, untalented, unschooled, in-capacitated, hopeless, un-skillful, un-suited, un availing, no way, un meeter, not up to, un-informed, in fecund, anticlimactic, ex-press, more emasculated, un-equipped, busher, un-cultivated, cant cut it, un-seemliest, most unintellectual, most butter fingered, un-qualified, most good-for-nothing, untrained, un believable, un-alloyed, un-schooled, Irrelative, no ifs ands buts, apprenticed, unable, dis enfranchised, most unfacile, more ineffective, most ill adapted, butter fingered, more emasculate, un-availing, un dexterous, un-educated, untaught, most sapless, Dudder, unskilled, most undexterous, in-aptest, most slackspined, un-faltering, more zero, basket-case, most enfeebled, unknowledgeable, uncool, in-experienced, birdbrained, more neutralized, more sidelined, most ill-adapted, most unfitting, most butterfingers, un-professional, in-credible, inapposite, no can do, without reservation, null void, un-talented, in firmer, heavy handed, improficient, un-proficient, inapt, sub-standard, more ill-equipped, more good for nothing, most disqualified, most apprenticed, ex press, in conclusive, un-handier, over barrel, inequitable, most pinned, un-sure, illadapted, un-equal, more impuissant, un adulterated, good for nothing, more defeasible, tapped out, un educated.