Pronunciation of Revoke
/ɹ_ɪ_v_ˈəʊ_k/, /ɹɪvˈə͡ʊk/, /ɹɪvˈə‍ʊk/

Antonyms for revoke

laying down the law, send for, ordinate, gave stamp approval, over-bear, inter dict, pre-scribe, gives the go-ahead, Enacting, gave goahead, gives the green light, depute, re pressing, all-owing, de-bar, laying down law, overborne, pro-positions, gave go-ahead, sub-due, give green light, give the nod, renew, taking charge, reigning over, promise, sustain, gives stamp approval, re-presses, catching the eye, laid down law, resorts to, re-pressing, puts foot down, over bears, forcing up on, lay down the law, pre dominated, be-speak, pre scribing, start, calls the signals, gets behind, be-spoken, commission, overbear, gave green light, presides over, gave the green light, gave directions, pre vails, got behind, exercised power, had authority, pre-scribing, up-held, in-ducts, over-borne, continue, accept, holds office, forced up on, de bar, gave the go-ahead, introduce, allow, questions, build, gives go-ahead, confirm, re strained, repair, giving stamp approval, pro positioning, re-quire, over-bears, commence, pre-vails, catching eye, catches eye, takes lead, construct, re quired, forces upon, be-speaks, co ached, be-speaking, gave stamp of approval, dis-patches, calls up on, Deputing, held office, initiate, ex acted, set up, pro claim, co-aching, dis patch, ratify, super intend, Capacitated, de-barring, revive, get behind, calling on, dis patched, in ducts, confiding to, over rode, Over-bearing, up holding, command, gives orders, in ducted, in-vesting, gives green light, pro-positioning, de barring, over bearing, pre dominates, validate, de barred, sub due, establish, haddest authority, gave the goahead, calls upon, takes charge, lays down law, restore, re presses, giving goahead, over-ridden, ex act, calling up on, call the signals, over bear, pre vailing, pro pose, gave go ahead, pro claims, presided over, marked out, super-vise, de legate, super-intend, give nod, be-guiles, Deputed, appeal, putting foot down, dis patches, giving the go-ahead, super-vised, hast authority, forcing upon, ex acting, called upon, calls on, pro positions, in-vest, be-sought, give goahead, re-strains, giving green light, ordinated, pre scribe, super vise, implores, giving the nod, calls signals, give orders, caught eye, be sought, giving directions, support, called on, give the green light, having authority, marks out, have authority, gives directions, all-owed, call signals, fix, ex-act, de legates, admit, deputes, giving the green light, up-hold, pre-dominating, lay down law, claim, pre-vail, super vising, Capacitating, in vest, gave nod, cherish, dis patching, promote, giving nod, super intended, pre-dominate, in-vested, approve, overborn, up holds, inter-dict, re strains, re quiring, remain, pro claimed, give the go ahead, call upon, gat behind, pre dominating, re strain, re-quired, pre dominate, call up on, in vested, pre-vailed, give go-ahead, re-quires, hitting on, called signals, hadst authority, calling signals, re press, over-rides, be spake, over bore, ex-acts, all owing, preside over, dis-patch, corroborate, sending for, forced upon, in-ducting, requisitioned, pass, over ridden, taking lead, put foot down, de-bars, pro-claims, engage, force upon, de-legates, over rides, undertake, in vests, pre-scribes, over riding, pro-positioned, in-ducted, holding office, acknowledge, ordinating, pro-claiming, sends for, up-holds, in-vests, overbears, enact, hits on, took charge, over-ride, up-holding, permit, took over, Privileging, giving the go ahead, in duct, be-spake, calling upon, prohibit, confide to, be spoke, stay, give the goahead, pre-scribed, pro-position, caught the eye, over-born, confided to, inhibits, begin, authorize, pre vailed, catches the eye, laid down the law, pre-dominated, ex-acted, sub dues, keep, de bars, in-duct, pro positioned, de-legate, give stamp of approval, giving go-ahead, give go ahead, pro-pose, pro posed, over born, gave the go ahead, over-bore, re pressed, super-intending, gives the goahead, re quire, confides to, pre-dominates, co aching, de-barred, catch the eye, forces up on, re quires, pro position, take on, be speak, capacitate, super-intended, super vised, create, gives stamp of approval, super intends, calling the signals, call on, over-rode, ordinates, be guile, co-ached, sanction, institute, giving the goahead, giving go ahead, re-quiring, be spoken, ex-acting, up hold, re-strain, giving orders, ex acts, pro claiming, empower, dis-patching, be-guile, affirm, taking over, be-spoke, super-intends, pre vail, resort to, resorting to, reigns over, give stamp approval, sub-dues, force up on, be speaks, green light, super intending, hit on, gave orders, sent for, give directions, gives the nod, up held, take over, reigned over, lays down the law, marking out, in vite, hold office, resorted to, gotten behind, pro posing, take charge, pro-posing, rubber stamped, took lead, gives go ahead, exercising power, takes over, all owed, re-straining, over-riding, re straining, reign over, catch eye, re-strained, enforce, legalize, be guiles, dis-patched, mark out, reinstate, be speaking, called up on, called the signals, over ride, pledge, capacitates, giving stamp of approval, overbore.