Pronunciation of Terminate
/t_ˈɜː_m_ɪ_n_ˌeɪ_t/, /tˈɜːmɪnˌe͡ɪt/, /tˈɜːmɪnˌe‍ɪt/

Antonyms for terminate

dashing off, in-vested, get ball rolling, employ, in-stalling, thinking up, un folded, pro-create, go on, be ginning, in form, got ready, parenting, pro-creating, is born, showing way, pre-paring, ADLIB, being born, revive, accept, co oked, kick off, recruit, be gotten, ushers in, whips out, getting ready, bear, in-vents, gat feet wet, in-ducts, think up, in-ducted, keep on, resuscitate, trailblazes, reinstate, opened up, parented, thinks up, mapping out, Initiating, in-stated, dash off, comes in to existence, tost off, shows itself, came in to existence, pro-duces, de-rives, reemploy, in-duces, generate, opening up, repair, de riving, de-rived, pro duce, setting motion, come into existence, ushering in, bring into being, whipt out, renew, giving rise to, be-ginning, tears off, was born, de-rive, tossing off, coming in to existence, art born, re-produced, un folds, getting ball rolling, allow, took lead, multi-plied, wert born, pro create, pro created, dis covering, in forming, hold, get under way, come up on, trigger, off the cuffed, Winging, went out front, show the way, release, in-forms, un-folding, let go, got under way, in stalled, in duce, co ached, keep, dashed off, gotten ball rolling, de vise, institute, pre pare, de signs, brought in to being, go out in front, dis-covering, de vising, throwing together, tosses off, be-gotten, got ball rolling, de rive, continue, dis-covers, led to, am born, be-getting, de-signs, de-riving, goes out front, pioneer, co-aching, support, commence, show way, be born, tossed off, co-ached, invent, introed, in ducted, in-ducting, intro-duce, draw out, in ducts, re produced, in vested, torn off, get feet wet, encourage, in vest, go out front, in-stating, de-signing, pre paring, engage, in-forming, be getting, originates, in-duct, de-vise, mapped out, give rise to, bring in to being, authored, re-producing, de vised, in duces, in duct, throws together, sets motion, in stated, in-vented, in-duce, in-vesting, taking the lead, in-vent, re-produce, de-signed, intro duce, contract, shows the way, de-sign, legalize, originate, pre-pared, comes into existence, restore, begin, getting feet wet, in-vest, tear off, dis covers, de-vised, gat ready, un-folds, extend, resurrect, usher in, pro creating, give birth to, whip out, co oking, gotten under way, dis-covered, set up, tearing off, pre-pare, showed way, dawn, got feet wet, sustain, dis cover, trailblazed, bring pass, confirm, dis covered, in vented, came into existence, whipping out, create, introduce, kicked off, hire, innovates, de signed, take the lead, gets under way, going out front, in vents, make, Rehire, dashes off, brings in to being, off the cuffing, intro-duces, gives birth to, break ice, in-venting, free, opens up, de signing, map out, kicks off, retain, setting in motion, de sign, gives rise to, takes the lead, re-produces, un-folded, shows way, raise, ratify, throw together, hail from, pro-creates, animate, were born, triggers, off-the-cuffing, multi-plying, triggering, get ready, pro duces, in-states, subcontract, pre pared, sign, re producing, pre pares, ad lib, gave birth to, pro-created, protract, in-state, gets ready, un folding, bringing into being, coming into existence, cherish, gat ball rolling, gets ball rolling, went out in front, authoring, initiate, in-stalled, open up, welcome, in vent, wast born, come with, brings into being, de-vising, take on, be-gun, in ducting, Innovating, introes, prolong, open, gotten feet wet, giving birth to, ushered in, going out in front, intro, un-fold, set in motion, innovate, leads to, restart, are born, in stalling, gat under way, hails from, de rives, lead to, multi plying, in stating, beginning, gotten ready, birthed, re produces, trailblaze, pro creates, permit, hailing from, intro duces, off-the-cuffed, tore off, carry on, start, taking lead, come in to existence, be gun, enact, schedule, co-oked, threw together, kicking off, leading to, sets in motion, brought into being, set motion, co-oking, in state, dis-cover, in forms, introing, in-vests, in venting, showing the way, in vests, hang on, bringing in to being, promote, gets feet wet, authorize, getting under way, de rived, co aching, in-stall, establish, showed the way, off the cuffs, uphold, toss off, un fold.