Pronunciation of Dilate
/da͡ɪlˈe͡ɪt/, /da‍ɪlˈe‍ɪt/, /d_aɪ_l_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for dilate:

sub-sides, shaking hands on it, accepts offer, de creased, grows less, contract, becomes smaller, be ill with, dis order, fell away, works out details, shake hands on it, up-setting, de-crease, its a deals, Indisposing, summarize, reduce, became indebted, being ill with, firmed a deal, syncopates, grow less, become indebted, give one's word, sign for, re-duce, are ill with, signed for, in-duces, sub sides, Waned, ink, takes ones death, drew in, in dispose, become smaller, dis-ordered, becomes indebted, become infected with, gave word, pro-mises, re-duces, retrench, it dealing, firming deal, growing less, pacting, dis ordered, in-disposing, coming around, re cede, became smaller, sware to, de-creasing, in-disposes, swears to, took one's death, succumb to, de ranged, it a deals, shake hands it, re-ceding, syncopate, under taken, de cline, in disposed, its dealing, up set, up-sets, succumbing to, draw in, sum up, took one death, de-creases, diminish, firming a deal, up setting, making terms, swear to, de-ranged, being afflicted with, am afflicted with, lose, grew less, puts writing, fall away, de range, re duces, deflate, come around, shakes hands on it, fall victim to, it a dealing, it deals, signs papers, firms a deal, giving ones word, shook hands it, is ill with, abbreviate, dis ordering, gave one's word, under took, amputate, going down with, its a dealing, signing for, lessen, it dealt, it's deal, de-ranging, taking one's death, re ceded, it a deal, hammers out deal, up-set, it deal, in duce, pro mises, de clines, signed up, take one's death, its a dealt, shaking hands it, hammering out deal, putting writing, fell victim to, de-clines, wert afflicted with, shook hands on it, firm deal, in disposes, in-duce, de-range, gives ones word, hammer out deal, de ranging, taking death, make terms, lower, falls away, recede, take ones death, put writing, are afflicted with, sub-sided, becoming infected with, dis-ordering, syncopated, gave ones word, go along with, decrease, it's dealing, sign up, signing up, in disposing, re-cede, under-taken, art afflicted with, under take, re cedes, give one word, am ill with, in-curring, wrought out details, pro mise, swore to, became infected with, made terms, draws in, accepting offer, wast afflicted with, constrict, sub-siding, becoming indebted, in-disposed, signing papers, up sets, takes death, signs for, de-cline, comes around, it's dealt, signs up, gives word, pacted, indisposes, enter in to, went down with, sub side, its deal, dis-orders, putting in writing, were afflicted with, succumbs to, outline, re-ceded, Syncopating, took ones death, wert ill with, taking one death, it a dealt, narrow, giving word, abridge, dis-order, under-takes, pro-mise, be afflicted with, firms deal, accepted offer, in curred, cut, falling away, takes one death, giving one's word, condense, dis orders, in duces, were ill with, de creasing, wrinkle, taking ones death, was ill with, compress, sign papers, curtail, de-creased, takes one's death, is afflicted with, shrink, de ranges, Inking, sub-side, becoming smaller, drawing in, was afflicted with, falls victim to, go down with, under taking, swearing to, gives one word, art ill with, take death, becomes infected with, re-cedes, de-ranges, came around, de creases, under-taking, under takes, in-curred, work out details, accept offer, shorten, de crease, took death, it's a deals, indispose, initialled, re duce, initialling, Initialing, Inked, boil down, inks, cut down, epitomize, it's deals, sub siding, give ones word, give word, firmed deal, re ceding, it's a dealing, sub sided, take one death.

Usage examples for dilate:

Idioms for dilate:

  • dilate on sth;

Rhymes for dilate:

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