Pronunciation of Diffuses
/dɪfjˈuːzɪz/, /dɪfjˈuːzɪz/, /d_ɪ_f_j_ˈuː_z_ɪ_z/

Synonyms for diffuses:

cast (verb)

aim, bestow, diffuse, direct, distribute, point, radiate, scatter, shed, spatter, spray, spread, sprinkle, strew, train, deposit.

circulate (verb)

bring out, broadcast, disperse, disseminate, exchange, interview, issue, promulgate, propagate, publicize, publish, report, troll.

dilute (verb)

adulterate, alter, attenuate, cook, cut, decrease, diminish, doctor, doctor up, irrigate, lace, lessen, liquefy, mitigate, mix, moderate, modify, needle, plant, qualify, reduce, shave, spike, temper, water, water down, Deliquesce, phony up.

disperse (verb)

banish, besprinkle, circulate, deal, disappear, disband, disburse, discharge, dislodge, dismiss, dispel, dissipate, dissolve, divvy, dole out, eject, intersperse, measure out, partition, rout, scramble, separate, sow, split up, vanish, break up, send off, cast forth, take off in all directions.

disseminate (verb)

advertise, announce, annunciate, blaze, blazon, declare, proclaim, disject.

dissolve (verb)

break down, crumble, decline, decompose, dilapidate, dwindle, evanesce, evaporate, fade, flux, fuse, perish, render, run, soften, thaw, unmake, melt away, waste away, break into pieces, defront, fluidify, liquesce.

distribute (verb)

administer, allot, apportion, appropriate, assign, consign, convey, deal out, dish out, dispense, dispose, divide, divvy up, donate, endow, give, give away, hand out, parcel, pass out, pay out, present, prorate, ration, share, shell out, slice up, Mete, fork out, cut up, lot out.

effuse (verb)

decant, flow out, pour out.

enlarge (verb)

add to, aggrandize, amplify, augment, beef up, blow up, boost, broaden, build, bulk, develop, dilate, distend, elaborate, elongate, embroider, exaggerate, expand, expatiate, extend, grow, heighten, inflate, jack up, jazz up, lengthen, magnify, mount, multiply, pad, pyramid, rise, slap on, snowball, stretch, swell, upsurge, wax, widen, give details, grow larger, make larger.

expand (verb)

bloat, bolster, burgeon, detail, embellish, enlarge, explicate, fan out, fatten, fill out, hike, increase, mushroom, open, outspread, piggyback, prolong, protract, puff up, soup up, stretch out, tack on, thicken, unfold, unfurl, unravel, unroll, open out, bulk up, spread out.

imbue (verb)

bathe, impregnate, inculcate, infix, ingrain, inoculate, instill, invest, leaven, permeate, pervade, steep, suffuse.

instill (verb)

brainwash, catechize, engender, engraft, imbue, impart, impress, indoctrinate, infiltrate, infuse, inject, inseminate, insert, insinuate, inspire, interject, intermix, program, propagandize, transfuse, force in, put in head.

intersperse (verb)

bestrew, interlard, pepper, Interfuse, intersow, intersprinkle.

melt (verb)

disintegrate, flow, go, heat, merge, pass away, smelt, warm.

outstretch (verb)


penetrate (verb)

access, barge in, bayonet, bore, charge, come, drill, drive, encroach, enter, force, get in, go through, gore, impale, ingress, introduce, invade, jab, knife, pass through, percolate, perforate, pop in, probe, puncture, ream, run into, saturate, seep, spear, stab, thrust, trespass, break in, blow in, crack, prick, breeze in, bust in, eat through, filter in, make a hole, make an entrance, sink into, stick into.

permeate (verb)

drench, fill, penetrate, pierce, soak, stalk.

pervade (verb)


propagate (verb)


radiate (verb)

afford, beam, branch out, diverge, emanate, emit, give out, gleam, glitter, illumine, irradiate, light up, pour, proliferate, ramble, ramify, send out, shine, throw out, yield, shoot out.

run (verb)

bleed, cascade, course, drop, fall, glide, gush, leak, leap, melt, pass, proceed, roll, sail, scud, skim, slide, spill, spin, spout, stream, tumble, whirl, whiz, go soft, turn to liquid.

scatter (verb)

cast, derange, discard, disunite, expend, fling, litter, migrate, part, run away, set, sever, shatter, shower, spend, sunder, set asunder, put to flight, throw around.

scatters (verb)

dissolves, disintegrates, separates, evaporates, disorders, dislocates, scatters, detaches, disconnects, distributes, disburses, doles, radiates, refracts, disperses, diverges, breaks up, diffracts, evanesces.

shed (verb)

cashier, disburden, doff, exude, exuviate, give forth, jettison, junk, molt, pour forth, reject, scrap, slip, slough, throw, throw away, take off, send forth, let fall.

slough (verb)

throw off.

spread (verb)

arrange, array, coat, cover, daub, escalate, even out, flatten, gloss, lay, level, lie, overlay, paint, prepare, reach, roll out, settle, smear, sprawl, uncoil, untwist, unwind, Outstretch, branch off, make known, make public, be displayed, be distributed.

transmit (verb)

address, bear, bequeath, break, carry, channel, conduct, dispatch, drop a line, forward, funnel, mail, pass on, pipe, radio, relay, remit, route, ship, siphon, take, transfer, translate, transport, Traject, hand down, hand on, drop a note, give a call, give a ring, put on the air.

Usage examples for diffuses:

Rhymes for diffuses:

  • muses, refuses, ruses, oozes;
  • cruises, loses, fuses, chooses, bruises, uses;
  • misuses, abuses, accuses, excuses, infuses, confuses, reuses, amuses;

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