Pronunciation of Major
/mˈe͡ɪd͡ʒə/, /mˈe‍ɪd‍ʒə/, /m_ˈeɪ_dʒ_ə/

Antonyms for major

bushleague, subordinate, secondstring, petty, most appurtenant, more without, most aiding, secondbanana, off center, re liefer, most accessory, inferior, entry-level, de-pendents, pressed down, featherweight, few and far between, most second string, sub altern, measly, dependent, bottomrung, most nickel and dime, slight, little, more underaverage, more second fiddle, on the nether side, more seldom, trivial, more adjunctive, small fry, less important, more declined, most derisory, co-incident, back seat, minorleague, most purportless, juniors, second-string, governed, undersized, not worth mentioning, junior, more under, more entry level, un-substantial, penny ante, in substantial, un essential, most small fry, de-creased, most rimming, most unsustaining, most sideways, Unfrequent, more adjuvant, more pettifogging, in competent, not the main, second-fiddle, be-longing, in the power of, more satellite, most seldom, wishywashy, most nickel-and-dime, below, more secondstring, most sidewise, re-liefest, most adjunctive, reliefest, more loitering, un critical, below the mark, de based, more backup, more skirting, most substract, most without, lightweight, more decreased, in direct, sub-normal, Picayunish, entrylevel, under-neath, held down, most nether, more confirmatory, small time, un-equal, most bottom rung, more penny ante, be longing, second class, more bottom rung, sub-ordinate, more feeding, third strings, more underneath, more unfrequent, most second-banana, sidelong, most subnormal, shootest, sub ordinate, more bottom-rung, de-pendent, most entry-level, more second-fiddle, diminutive, more fewer, most subaltern, most abased, more nickel and dime, on the underside, most secondstring, most third-string, most secondfiddle, most reserve, peripheral, beside point, most third string, worthless, poor relation, auxiliary, smallish, most thirdstring, a notch under, puny, most minority, nonessential, more thirdstring, less, bushest, derisory, most penny-ante, most assistant, smallfry, most feeding, Non-essential, Deadwood, under average, more small fry, more entrylevel, more substract, shooter, more younger, most satellite, more incident, small-fry, scratchest, underaverage, sub-altern, below mark, meager, piddling, small minded, most subalternate, most second-string, semioccasional, more second-string, most confirmatory, re-serve, sub-ordinates, small, sub-best, more shortened, more minority, scratcher, tiny, in significant, third string, most semioccasional, re-lated, re-porting, more assistant, most entrylevel, un thinking, most adjuvant, under-sized, un necessary, sub alternate, most younger, more subaltern, skin deep, more entry-level, more second string, thirdstring, twobit, un-frequent, un-commoner, pint-size, more peanut, sub best, nominal, picayune, negligible, most pettifogging, unknown, in-effectual, more diminished, branchest, few, more sideward, most decreased, more derisory, in adequate, more third-string, empty headed, adjunctive, most underaverage, in power of, insignificant, co-operative, covered by, shoestring, more subalternate, un commonest, under-average, more curtailed, tied apron strings, more tributory, most incident, most excepting, subber, sub sequent, more purportless, Imponderous, few far between, un-necessary, most imponderous, semi-occasional, most bottom-rung, co ordinate, most featherweight, re-liefer, secondary, extra, in sipid, most under, in-sufficient, not lineal, second-banana, un equal, bottom-rung, secondclass, Unsustaining, in essential, re-mote, sub ordinates, in-essential, on the edge, in-frequent, offcenter, most shoestring, most second banana, under thumb, more small-fry, poor relations, most junior, more secondfiddle, most skirting, non essential, co-ordinate, the bottom, more nickel-and-dime, paltry, more sidewise, nickel-and-dime, more penny-ante, third-string, most perimetric, most unfrequent, concealed by, peoner, most verging, in effectual, more third string, on the bottom, be-neath, more imponderous, un-critical, unimportant, more reserve, most smallfry, un frequent, most underneath, in frequent, in-direct, most declined, un-essential, lower rung, nickel and dime, short, more subtracting, more subnormal, marginal, minute, de-pressed, more humbled, in-considerable, on underside, more aiding, subsidiary, narrow minded, sub-sequent, most second fiddle, more bottomrung, scarcely any, sideward, semi occasional, on nether side, more pennyante, un commoner, most sideward, subnormal, more shoestring, most small-fry, more appurtenant, most fewer, tied to apron strings, most tributory, appurtenant, re-lief, in-substantial, un sustaining, sub-alternate, more smallfry, excess baggage, secondfiddle, insubstantial, inessential, sur-face, anonymous, under sized, de pendents, re porting, in-competent, penny-ante, sidewise, more lessened, most penny ante, co incident, narrowminded, de creased, side, not main, wishy washy, in-sipid, collateral, lower, most sidelong, most lessened, pennyante, dull, more verging, sub normal, most beneath, subbest, pocket, adjuvant, co operative, most second-fiddle, more accessory, Purportless, sub missive, widely spaced, Brancher, be neath, more sidelong, skindeep, de-based, in considerable, un common, in-consequent, de pressed, more rimming, to the bottom, more abased, un-important, most secondbanana, un-common, minor, more featherweight, Substract, tributary, pocket-size, de pendent, most peanut, dependents, most curtailed, re lief, un-sustaining, most deadwood, busher, sur face, more perimetric, in consequent, pared down, outer-most, most straggling, in consequential, confirmatory, more excepting, under neath, most bottomrung, more second banana, Perimetric, in-adequate, reliefer, smallminded, re serve, bottom rung, more deadwood, in-consequential, Rimming, under, most pennyante, more second-banana, inconsiderable, more semioccasional, more nether, out side, humble, Subalternate, un substantial, un-thinking, of no account, emptyheaded, lesser, on bottom, most humbled, no big deal, not too many.