Pronunciation of Flourish
/flˈʌɹɪʃ/, /flˈʌɹɪʃ/, /f_l_ˈʌ_ɹ_ɪ_ʃ/

Antonyms for flourish

out rages, gave ghost, conking out, went soft, quietness, go way flesh, muddies, de-parted, melts away, goes to the dogs, spoilations, with drawing, ex pire, de files, de file, ulcerated, was inert, be soils, fading out, be soiled, go way of all flesh, am neglected, Retrograding, dyings, went way of all flesh, dis grace, running low, washed out, hits rock bottom, de-cline, de mises, downing, ex-pire, fag out, de compositions, be-grime, am impaired, de-meaning, ceases exist, go to pot, fizzles out, DE Form, decay, besoils, de-cadences, de formed, dis-improving, dis-banded, de scends, de basing, retro-grades, goes to pot, Mildewed, dis-organized, de-sired, de scend, hinder, ulcerate, be-grimes, de-composed, dis improving, breaks apart, dis-appears, de-moralizing, dis honoring, fizzling out, dis-figures, co-oking, re-lapsing, casting slur, de-basing, be disregarded, de-moralizes, be-smirches, de-compose, rotted, disimproving, melt away, go the dogs, de based, dis-figure, de-clines, be smirching, fadings, be-soil, taint, breathe last, became rancid, died down, re treats, dis-connect, art inert, be-smirched, dis-solving, de-moralize, be-soiling, fades out, out-rage, dis organized, de creased, mis using, re cedes, re-pined, Mildewing, fester, greased palm, re tired, de filing, Gangrenes, de-face, being no more, dieing down, vegetate, re-duce, dis unites, going pot, be neglected, hits the skids, dis-figuring, breathed one last, fags out, caries, dis credited, was disregarded, resting peace, de-form, mis-treat, gave up the ghost, de-mean, mis-treated, ceasing exist, dis-integrations, de tach, ebb, is disregarded, re turns, were disregarded, dis connect, rottings, re lapse, dis figures, Hungering, goes bad, dis honors, went dogs, de-generating, wert neglected, goes dogs, de composing, recede, de cays, flowed back, fade away, Re-turn, de-spoil, dis appearing, de scended, break apart, dis-improved, de generate, re lapsed, outed, de-compositions, dirty, fell pieces, de forming, go to the dogs, dis united, de spoiling, rot, cast a slur, breathing ones last, hitting the skids, re-treating, de composed, went to the dogs, de sire, gives the ghost, lose, re ceded, wert disregarded, dis-unite, dis improve, reach depths, de generated, de-creased, becomes stale, dis-graces, disco loring, wizening, eating into, wearing away, tuckers, peter out, dry-rot, retirement, be griming, de-composition, de-scending, wizen, de parting, griming, Idled, de ceasing, turning to dust, went way of flesh, mis-using, dis-figured, be smirches, re turning, went to seed, Tarred, died out, went to dogs, de-sire, dis organizes, giving up ghost, encrusts, dis-honoring, dieing vine, re duce, dis-mantling, falling to pieces, co oked, washing away, was impaired, yearn, cast slur, breathing last, dies down, dis-colored, dis appears, is no more, wash out, wert impaired, dies on vine, casting a slur, coming apart, taking apart, dis-credits, give a bad name, dryrots, constipate, dis-colors, dis integrations, be no more, de generates, co oking, goes to dogs, go bad, went pot, de-parts, dis credits, goes pot, besoil, dis-color, dis-graced, dis solutions, dis solution, break down, dis-united, curdled, run low, de-part, being disregarded, dis appeared, de part, dis-appearing, out-raging, dis-repairs, became stale, de-sires, dis-credited, gets worse, dis repairs, de mean, under-mined, going bad, melting away, encrusted, Dulling, de scending, downed, dis honored, Downs, gave a bad name, resting in peace, de-files, ceases to exist, de-tach, art taken, be-grimed, wizens, de facing, Smutching, dis-organize, dis honor, are impaired, reserve, de-cays, make impure, turning dust, retro-graded, dies out, de faced, go pot, re-ceding, being impaired, bite, de spoiled, retro cedes, dis solve, re-pine, de-base, dis connects, dis uniting, de-cadence, Ulcered, am taken, on vine, dis-solution, dis-perse, goes way of flesh, going downhill, dis figure, de-generation, disintegrate, breathes ones last, besoiled, de meaning, de parts, dieing on vine, giving a bad name, dis-bands, de generation, goes way flesh, hit rock bottom, encrust, drying up, dying down, breathed ones last, going the dogs, dis banded, dis-organizing, grimed, with draws, were neglected, de-grade, de-scends, de grades, fall pieces, dis-gracing, flows back, de-ceasing, washes out, dis-repair, de-spoils, eat in to, de cadence, were inert, re-turns, de-scend, Ulcerating, hits skids, breathing one last, re cede, begrimed, being taken, dis-uniting, Tars, dis-connected, relinquishes life, dis improved, dry rotting, begrimes, stagnate, cease to exist, re lapses, begrime, wastings, Dilapidating, disco-loring, dis colors, mis-used, blotched, dis figuring, making impure, dis improves, becomes rancid, stood still, give bad name, dis integration, lost value, went bad, sub-sided, de-generates, dis-unites, re-cedes, Putresce, lay fallow, goes way all flesh, going to pot, retro-ceding, de-generated, dries up, re lapsing, breathe one's last, pejorates, goes way of all flesh, going to dogs, decline, dis-honored, sub-sides, go to dogs, putresced, be soil, dry rot, Trashed, de composition, gives up the ghost, dilapidates, reached depths, conked out, retro-grade, got worse, go pieces, broke down, besoiling, dis-integrating, de-composes, ceasing to exist, de cline, with-drew, de-forming, going soft, casts a slur, dis-mantled, de grading, dying out, relinquish life, dis-coloring, easing off, eats in to, de sired, dis-solve, breathed one's last, under mining, de graded, dis integrated, mis-treats, breathes last, losing value, going to the dogs, becomes contaminated, lost power, running out, disimproves, dis bands, is impaired, not moving, eased off, not moved, was taken, with-draw, de moralizing, re-ceded, wasting aways, went way flesh, cease exist, stunt, crud up, falls pieces, loses power, gives a bad name, gangrene, dis-crediting, giving ghost, decrease, wasting away, mis treat, de-moralized, de parted, getting worse, de-faced, wast neglected, dry-rotting, is neglected, breathe one last, reaches depths, passing time, turn dust, dis-band, de taches, is taken, dis-integration, re tires, go to seed, be grimed, pass time, goes seed, art impaired, re tire, tuckering, de cadences, breaking apart, faded out, flowing back, atrophying, Muddying, conks out, de-spoiling, went downhill, be-smirch, fagging out, OUTS, greasing palm, pejorated, rests in peace, dying vine, dis-banding, sink, dry up, de means, de spoils, de-graded, out-raged, sub-side, runs low, atrophied, go soft, be-smirching, dryrotted, be smirch, dis appear, take apart, going way of all flesh, de-grades, shrivel, cease, dis credit, becoming contaminated, re-cede, timidity, dis connected, die out, dis solves, Demising, fagged out, be grimes, dis integrates, rest in peace, makes dusty, gave up ghost, relinquishing life, de-generate, wash away, de-facing, be inert, rest peace, gives ghost, Hungered, de spoil, ran low, dis integrate, re-tiring, dry-rotted, dis organize, go seed, are inert, dry-rots, am disregarded, re-pines, become rancid, becoming stale, gave the ghost, de creasing, dis-credit, fall to pieces, become contaminated, art no more, brake down, de mise, under-mining, with drawn, retro grades, fades away, cruds up, putridity, faded away, give up ghost, de-parting, dis banding, de sires, de-mise, de-means, FAGS, lose power, de-generations, de creases, fag, perishings, dis-grace, retro-cedes, re-lapsed, wither, be-soiled, de composes, turn, de-faces, pejorate, go way of flesh, re-treat, became contaminated, made impure, ease off, breathing one's last, dis-honor, retro ceding, Tarring, give ghost, dis mantling, eating in to, breaks down, dry rotted, come apart, de compose, de ceases, dis-mantles, falls away, going seed, brake apart, turns dust, were no more, dis-improves, wast impaired, blotching, hitting rock bottom, slackens, mis treats, went seed, giving up the ghost, sub side, decease, goes soft, de generating, dis-solutions, going to seed, retro grading, re-tire, gat worse, putresces, re-turning, de-creasing, being neglected, dryrot, shrinking, dis solving, out-rages, re treating, be soiling, rested in peace, retrogrades, dis-appear, is inert, crudding up, pejorating, de faces, melted away, Begriming, dis coloring, are disregarded, retro graded, dryrotting, re pined, re-treated, constipating, de moralizes, sub sided, with-drawn, de-siring, are taken, waste away, went way all flesh, with draw, out raged, breathe ones last, de-forms, hit skids, being inert, gotten worse, dis mantle, washed away, modesty, dis-honors, crumblings, be taken, dilapidate, flounder, wast disregarded, dis mantled, came apart, de moralized, ate in to, ulcerates, de clines, dis perse, re duces, took apart, eat, comes apart, under mined, re ceding, retro cede, Fagging, constipates, tucker, witherings, pollute, ceased exist, de-filing, goes to seed, dis integrating, re tiring, re turn, re-lapse, kick bucket, dis figured, die down, goes downhill, dis-solves, eats into, de-filed, dis-solved, de-cease, dis-connects, wast no more, Retrograded, breathes one's last, dis band, wast inert, die vine, dis-organizes, making dusty, die on vine, spoilation, de siring, ceased to exist, dis graced, Waned, de-taches, wasted away, tar, unobtrusiveness, fell to pieces, re-treats, passes time, de-formed, dis organizing, dis-mantle, failings, crudded up, eat into, corrupt, dis-improve, mis used, give up the ghost, broke apart, de ceased, de forms, wast taken, reaching depths, re-duces, struggle, going dogs, de moralize, goes the dogs, de cease, rested peace, give the ghost, dis solved, Demised, gives bad name, turn to dust, putridities, de-spoiled, am no more, died vine, wastes away, greases palm, Illtreat, de cay, stands still, disimproved, with-drawing, dis-appeared, de grade, breathed last, mis treating, be smirched, with drew, de-creases, dis crediting, dis repair, dis-connecting, dis-integrates, lied fallow, curdling, get worse, become stale, lying fallow, casts slur, rests peace, art neglected, be-griming, de-ceased, fizzled out, was neglected, be-soils, de filed, languish, muddied, shrink, takes apart, dis colored, wert inert, losing power, de generations, went the dogs, fading away, passed time, dis unite, diffidence, going way flesh, dried up, re pine, retro grade, becoming rancid, retro-grading, dis graces, dulls, hitting skids, smoking, died on vine, go dogs, dis color, blistered, be grime, lessen, ate into, eases off, were taken, de crease, turned to dust, dying on vine, re-pining, wert taken, hide, fagged, de-mises, went to pot, de-based, breathes one last, de-file, de face, fail, petering out, hit the skids, make dusty, grease palm, putrescing, dieing out, go downhill, de-ceases, dis-integrate, dis mantles, fade out, conceal, made dusty, Perished, de base, fizzle out, were impaired, fell away, de-crease, dis connecting, re-lapses, die, re-turned, be impaired, de-cay, de-composing, washing out, conk out, breaking down, dies vine, Disimprove, dis gracing, mis treated, dry rots, de-grading, de-scended, co-oked, sub sides, dis-integrated.