Pronunciation of Nonsense
/n_ˈɒ_n_s_ə_n_s/, /nˈɒnsəns/, /nˈɒnsəns/

Antonyms for nonsense:

Re-presentation, statement meaning, ex planation, coherence, ex planations, horse sense, common sense, gawky, Individuations, bungling, fundamental, ex-pounding, characterization, out lining, characterizations, de limitations, intelligibilities, Cementations, inseparablenesses, de-lineations, hypo thesis, syllogizations, in separabilities, illation, clumsy, generalization, reality, illations, individuation, de terminations, Apriority, rationality, re presentation, axiom, stickage, de-lineation, re-presentations, in-separabilities, discernment, understanding, comprehensibilities, Cementation, clingings, uncouth, concludings, apriorities, pro verbs, settlings, pro-position, sensibleness, de-terminations, hypo-thesis, de limitation, ex-planations, out-linings, wiseness, sensibility, pro verb, pre mise, intelligibility, pre-mises, comprehensibility, definition, boorish, formalizations, de notation, delimitations, ex-plications, clarity, in-separability, pro positions, work, levelheadedness, maladroit, ex pounding, inseparabilities, train of thought, ex-positions, seriousness, pro-positions, de-termination, pre cept, sadness, de lineation, ex-plication, de-notation, in separablenesses, pro-verb, de-notations, exemplification, out linings, pre mises, pre-mise, meaningful, in-separableness, re presentations, standard, out-lining, ex plication, in separability, sense, generalizations, de notations, truth, ungainly, formalization, reasonability, Inseparability, de lineations, in-separablenesses, exemplifications, pro position, train thought, pre-cept, expoundings, ex-position, pro-verbs, Inseparableness, clownish, delimitation, statement of meaning, rationalizings, de termination, reasoning, de-limitations, awkward, in separableness, stickages, rough, de-limitation, judgment, fact, Syllogization.

Usage examples for nonsense:

  • I have no more nonsense to tell you. - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.
  • I have-" " Why, Corinne, what nonsense! - "Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero", F. Hopkinson Smith.
  • " That is nonsense, my dear. - "The Landleaguers", Anthony Trollope.

Idioms for nonsense:

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