Pronunciation of Clumsy
/klˈʌmzi/, /klˈʌmzi/, /k_l_ˈʌ_m_z_i/

Antonyms for clumsy

proficient, Lickety Split, quick the trigger, portable, clarified, lithesome, well-kept, perfected, snappest, easy, fast, in consequential, most distingue, unperturbed, knowing the score, lively, the lead out, easily carried, more close-at-hand, flawless, more wellversed, shining at, most easy moving, urbane, sylphlike, recherche, more gossamery, more lithesome, smoothspoken, adept, Finicking, most phenom, manageable, tuned in, vet, more wellkept, most easy-moving, haulable, end-owed, in-consequential, trained, old timer, like a pistol, suave, slick, finished, facile, most velocious, up to snuff, whizest, more fireball, speedball, most nimble witted, expert, more lightfooted, unheaviest, supersonic, featherweight, more haulable, having good hands, more speedball, practiced, more close at hand, foxy, un-heaviest, super-sonic, most longhaired, knowing score, knowing one stuff, more chop-chop, refined, most eggheaded, knowing one's stuff, more eggheaded, un-substantial, knowing stuff, end owed, diplomatic, Imponderous, on double, streetwise, post haste, nobody fool, nimblefooted, most close at hand, more easy-moving, exact, de-lightful, skilled, handy, gracious, most schooled, more well qualified, more nimble-footed, vetest, Gossamery, quick on the draw, having smarts, close by, like pistol, useful, more distingue, nonsense, Spright, most easymoving, most flashing, more genius, sure-handed, wellqualified, up to speed, head-long, first rate, most streetwise, Expeditive, smart as a tack, most conveyable, most carriageable, chopchop, skullest, masterful, hairtrigger, more well kept, easy-moving, professional, having a knack, assured, phenom, more well-kept, practical, most doubletime, contradiction, oldtimer, Carriageable, neater, hyper-sonic, smoothtongued, more carriageable, sportive, tissuelike, like one-man band, un-heavy, distingue, Hepper, most nimblefingered, palatable, athletic, most finicking, un heavier, near at hand, more streetwise, well qualified, VETER, more lightsome, like greased lightning, most nimble-fingered, more chopchop, more portative, composed, felicitous, secure, having knowhow, most wellqualified, screamin', most gossamery, deft, wide awake, most hairtrigger, agile, more light footed, most harefooted, undisturbed, all there, in-substantial, trans portable, light, most nimblefooted, head long, mercurial, smooth-spoken, most speedball, more nimble-witted, more nimble footed, more finicking, tranquil, more light-footed, smart as a whip, like a one man band, clever, more hairtrigger, most smoothspoken, more old timer, well kept, pre eminent, serviceable, re fined, most tissuelike, long-haired, nimble witted, like one man band, more hypersonic, ex press, dexterous, most utile, near-at-hand, hotshot, wellgroomed, most haulable, ex-press, double-time, ex-act, more harefooted, most portative, most nimble-footed, Portative, more utile, more acute, most imponderous, having the know how, more nimble witted, wellversed, penetrative, most supersonic, more sylphlike, more oldtimer, more wizard, more hotshot, having goods, sharp as a tack, rarest, more smoothspoken, more velocious, most expeditive, more into, trans-portable, most wizard, neat, calm, more conveyable, like a one-man band, most sylphlike, most wellversed, neat as a pin, collected, most light-footed, most hypersonic, placid, Floatable, absurdity, hep, most chopchop, precise, perfect, more recherche, talented, most well versed, demonstration, know stuff, more nimblefingered, cool, super sonic, most into, a hand at, most nimble footed, like crazy, most nimble-witted, hot tamale, sprighter, meticulous, in a jiffy, most near-at-hand, prompt, in substantial, nobodys fool, most exercised, has what it takes, up it, most dextrous, sophism, most well-versed, Sleeky, most double time, wellbred, more long-haired, in jiffy, un-heavier, most recherche, sharp as tack, most smooth-spoken, easymoving, poised, confident, close at hand, really in to, quick draw, capable, softspoken, more schooled, esthetic, most hotshot, more longhaired, most lightsome, dis-criminating, lithe, on hand, debonair, most barreling, fleet, most close-at-hand, most chop-chop, gifted, light footed, like all get out, more nimblefooted, having know-how, in to, having know how, like a bat out of hell, well made, more virtuoso, therer, serene, skillful, most capable, most wellkept, nimble footed, most nimblewitted, de-signing, lead out, sleekier, like get out, nimble, in good shape, un heavy, quick on trigger, quick trigger, cartable, more floatable, neat as pin, skuller, spick and span, Barreling, most well-kept, nobody's fool, long haired, twinkle toes, more dextrous, most near at hand, a move on, like bat out hell, pre-pared, paradox, ex act, most darling, faultless, BLUE STREAK, move it, there, self-confident, eggheaded, more tissuelike, whizer, more crackerjack, quick the draw, in good order, no slouch, more supersonic, most nimble fingered, like oneman band, no dummy, most old-timer, more old-timer, conveyable, re gular, having right stuff, most crackerjack, more smooth-spoken, nimblefingered, self-assured, nimble-witted, unheavier, more near at hand, chop chop, quick on the trigger, more bustling, smooth tongued, more nimblewitted, on the beam, de lightful, having the goods, smart as whip, having knack, like a bat out hell, quick on draw, up speed, self-possessed, un substantial, quick the uptake, doubletime, well-bred, re sourceful, most long haired, has what takes, most sportive, more well-versed, well versed, having the right stuff, more barreling, smooth spoken, artful, dextrous, hypersonic, more cartable, sweeter, most well qualified, screaming, quick on uptake, smart, coordinated, well-made, dis criminating, in nothing flat, wideawake, having the know-how, quick on the uptake, most old timer, most cartable, nimble-footed, limber, close-at-hand, more phenom, able, more well-qualified, couth, light-footed, nimble fingered, accomplished, more double-time, well-done, more easymoving, therest, hyper sonic, having the knowhow, quickest, graceful, more well versed, up to it, most floatable, pre-eminent, de signing, more drilled, soft spoken, most up, most oldtimer, practicable, most bustling, easy moving, really into, well bred, more double time, velocious, like a oneman band, snapper, more wellqualified, quick witted, effortless, most smooth spoken, wieldy, firstrate, well groomed, competent, esthetical, more nimble fingered, most screaming, sweetest, more screaming, more nimble-fingered, quick uptake, most fireball, on beam, wieldier, dainty, adroit, most lithesome, like mad, more up, well-qualified, pre pared, un heaviest, fireball, well-versed, most drilled, most lightfooted, more doubletime, tactful, sprightest, wieldiest, smart as tack, chop-chop, quickwitted, more dynamite, quick, more darling, nimble-fingered, more imponderous, most light footed, more easy moving, wellmade, more expeditive, more exercised, functional, more in to, more near-at-hand, trig, re-gular, more chop chop, more penetrative, more smooth spoken.