Pronunciation of Trivial
/tɹˈɪvɪəl/, /tɹˈɪvɪəl/, /t_ɹ_ˈɪ_v_ɪ__ə_l/

Antonyms for trivial

ex-posed, more plasmic, backbreaker, notorious, superincumbent, bottomline, sub stratal, applicative, mid most, more all-important, most concerning, most ballbuster, more earpiercing, farflung, more ranking, life and death, long-faced, curdled, like is, world-class, meat-and-potatoes, earthshattering, massive, most meaning, more stressful, consequential, to point, more applicative, in-auspicious, A 1, more subaqueous, de pressing, more grimfaced, hohum, more serendipitous, inexcusable, more enervating, uncommon, sur-prising, more axial, most killing, un-derived, more toilful, workaday, aweinspiring, most highup, dis-passionate, most censuring, carrying a child, with child, most unnerving, de solate, more impoverishing, most ear piercing, most unimpassioned, more all powerful, more pretensionless, most carking, more red-blooded, sur passing, most midmost, energyconsuming, more nit-picking, re-strained, imposing, more crippling, most prizewinning, needed, most whopper, hard-won, over whelming, un derived, earpiercing, most heavyduty, un happier, most high up, more uncustomary, reasonable, most meat-and-potatoes, un-commoner, ill starred, organic, most earth shattering, heat on, more meat-and-potatoes, most horrifying, most subaqueous, sub-aqueous, more daunting, page-one, more sustaining, momentous, upperclass, more inaugural, vital, Exceptive, most crippling, prize-winning, hard boiled, most unamusing, most correspondent, more middlemost, un propitious, strong, most lowtoned, most earth-shaking, most expanded, un wieldier, most red-blooded, weighted, more into, most centroidal, centroidal, galling, upper most, sub lime, un-safest, more unexcited, most plasmic, unusual, un-healthy, most two ton, grassroots, staple, most annihilative, under-lying, fruitful, most wellordered, chips are down, most called for, most forever, more surpassing, most high level, more overweighing, re strained, most unmatchable, Rememberable, redblooded, basser, more backbreaker, most frontpage, righthand, pointful, most delphic, most energy-consuming, de tailed, un-safe, more reproachful, most headache, most grassroots, coal-and-ice, more allimportant, majorleague, advantageous, more high level, under-lined, GUNKY, tragic, ballbuster, un-wonted, more far-ranging, highsounding, most syrupy, more all-powerful, more spiring, stretched-out, illustrious, most clear headed, de terminative, distinguished, more climactical, dangersome, un-pretentious, over taxing, influential, under ground, in-dispensable, pre carious, useful, most ear-piercing, in tent, most worldclass, Primogenial, more bottom-line, un-wieldiest, blueribbon, more axiological, most submarine, grueling, most opening, top flight, over-powering, most workaday, most applicatory, historic, gloppy, more congealed, of consequence, in secure, eminent, midmost, yawnest, more forgoing, re-lated, more bigdeal, prestigious, most scopic, most invigorative, most up front, infrequent, more second to none, more calledfor, more full-mouthed, re-quired, out world, most heart rending, re solute, more hurryup, in-valuable, lifegiving, over-shadowing, pageone, most orphic, most cracking, loudvoiced, most allimportant, most daunting, ropier, more substratal, more expressing, most muted, awe inspiring, sur prising, more highpriority, pregnant, in convenient, re-doubtable, more gestating, more apical, more appurtenant, most gestating, Wrackful, principal, a bit much, more up front, prominent, most cellular, more nofooling, dis-maying, fore most, most oppressing, most into, more big deal, most high power, most bigdeal, more meaning, more submarine, most anatomical, out-stretched, on up and up, more heart rending, baritone, most grass roots, most sunk, twoton, more hurry-up, coal and ice, top the list, re served, more monster, first, twenty-four carat, more clotted, more esteemed, of import, strong-minded, up-front, more reasoning, most dreaded, dis-criminating, more drudging, most hotdog, mainline, middle-most, most strongminded, Omphalic, out sight, ex acting, most nitty-gritty, lowtoned, beastliest, more big gun, most gummous, more correspondent, on thin ice, foundational, hard, high up, most foundational, top heavy, co pious, more crushing, fullmouthed, fulltoned, re sounding, more obtaining, fatal, highranking, mindblowing, spread out, most directing, most spread-out, most monster, fabber, more heaton, most two-ton, most compressed, climactical, most plotting, over critical, in-convenient, more second-to-none, tremendous, more downreaching, smoking, most well-built, more weighted, more omphalic, more outweighing, symbiotic, high-falutin', most uncustomary, more ho-hum, insistent, high-profile, most amoebic, most apical, most doomful, carrying child, cellular, dominant, more four star, solemn, first rate, more fathomless, more thickened, downreaching, most prize-winning, skyscraping, Gummous, tough, de liberative, more ballbuster, co-pious, more high up, most congealed, more page-one, full-toned, super eminent, more coal and ice, cold sober, more cavillous, un excited, basic, more boresome, most beginning, deadlevel, more spread-out, rare, most smashing, more far ranging, most energyconsuming, loud voiced, more fulminating, in beginning, right front, out spoken, most superincumbent, more hohum, farranging, more full-toned, Resultful, weighty, more predestined, in auspicious, head the line, most enfolded, most forcing, most centered, ex citing, one for the book, more long faced, high falutin, head most, grim-faced, more forever, renowned, more sapping, un favorable, highfalutin', most underived, all out, helpful, in-escapable, most plodding, more orphic, more grassroots, more murder, ear-piercing, most overbalancing, dis maying, most stretched-out, most expressing, malefic, most page-one, more grim-faced, un-lucky, memorable, more problem, co operative, Toilful, most eschewing, more big-gun, over-cast, Over-bearing, most grim-faced, lead off, most axial, most thundering, most well built, more well-built, more world-class, most blighting, more annihilative, worthy, more forcing, un impassioned, more unhumorous, more resolved, to the point, giltedged, on button, most nofooling, re sonant, most supereminent, more focused, in finite, most toppriority, in-temperate, high sounding, highpower, peakest, more superincumbent, most disciplined, un common, bassest, nuclear, big-wheel, Arrestive, out-spoken, most second to none, the most, most four star, most predestined, most fulltoned, biggun, in demand, hardboiled, most lead footed, most overruling, inter mediate, most high profile, hurryup, two-ton, more in to, more name of the game, more abstaining, more world class, most hurry-up, un healthier, calamitous, super-eminent, de-liberative, de-terminative, most symbiotic, most humbling, more celebrious, more pealing, most serendipitous, most coal-and-ice, most firststring, essential, conformant, numero uno, most embittering, more uncool, most dismaying, most name of the game, great, unamusing, tiresome, on collision course, un cool, hard understand, pre-occupied, in-tenser, most well-ordered, boresome, high power, more primogenial, most bigwheel, most hohum, un safe, more smashing, more worldclass, un customary, ad rem, over-blown, in-comparable, umbilical, in-secure, un-stable, pretensionless, Mega, more full mouthed, more right-hand, most baritone, un stablest, bigtime, more fourstar, in tolerable, un-paralleled, more solidified, most spiring, more four-star, eventful, applicatory, never ending, nofooling, more mainline, more overtaxing, topser, red blooded, un rivaled, four-star, world class, more giltedged, un happiest, more no fooling, uncool, more heat-on, more jelled, instant, ex tensive, most bottomline, serious, more epochal, more invigorative, more heavy-duty, in credible, earnest, more deadlevel, stretched out, most bottom-line, notable, pre destined, philosophic, more big-deal, un-equaled, no joke, gloppier, reproachful, most high-power, high-priority, more wellordered, most caviling, more blighting, more dreaded, most right-hand, un-happy, pro-longed, spread-out, dis tended, more earth shattering, wellbuilt, overriding, long faced, upstream, most jading, Plasmic, full toned, Hardwon, deeply felt, well known, dis-tended, most lifegiving, un-safer, most smoking, more highlevel, exceptional, unjustifiable, un-usual, vast, most upperclass, top-pest, un manageable, more hot dog, most winner, most heat on, most primo, carrying lot of weight, more well built, most calumniatory, more loud voiced, most well ordered, most calledfor, most umbilical, overtaxing, more prize-winning, un stable, un paralleled, un smiling, more stretched-out, more ho hum, more deathdealing, unforgivable, in securest, valid, over weight, more high power, more front-page, most primogenial, un-defeated, more stupefying, hyper-critical, difficult, draggest, dangerous, more constraining, beastlier, unhumorous, un-ordinary, more nuclear, most headmost, competent, matter of life death, most hot-dog, touch and go, fathomless, most high-level, more horrifying, more concentrating, most exceptive, more high-profile, more meat and potatoes, hot-dog, productive, most axiological, highprofile, more parous, more upmost, more ear splitting, pre siding, most celebrious, Perseverant, more critic, abundant, one for book, holding reins, most acroamatic, most earthshattering, far-reaching, more wrackful, allinclusive, gilt-edged, more caked, more racking, high level, de-liberate, top of list, most strong-minded, plausible, out standing, big-deal, effective, most sapping, in family way, most outstretched, all-powerful, more outstretched, something to write home about, toppriority, underived, big gun, most up-front, name game, axial, more serious, most murder, more farranging, gunkier, be neath, more foundational, more bigwheel, more smoking, more caring, impressive, luxurious, pre-dominant, more supereminent, famous, most resultful, more doomful, neverending, most condemning, more climatic, most big-deal, name of game, high ranking, more conformant, more embittering, more upperclass, calledfor, most boresome, hotdog, most far-ranging, more unnerving, over blown, more demanded, most hairsplitting, un-wieldier, more grass-roots, more highprofile, more dragged, more showdown, out of world, earth-shaking, more baritone, Enervative, un-luckier, most hard won, most upstream, un fathomable, more hotdog, valuable, more hairsplitting, importunate, more two ton, more upper class, topsest, de liberate, most heaton, more bottom line, over bearing, most depleting, material, sub-marine, abnormal, more reflecting, wisest, more dilated, more long-faced, Mortiferous, over-weighing, more consolidated, heart rending, most ho-hum, most generative, more spread out, upfront, un equaled, for real, most nitty gritty, most applicative, most malefic, pre occupied, prizewinning, most hurry up, crucial, more overruling, more unmatchable, more righthand, more syrupy, fundamental, Difficile, more ending, de-pressing, out this world, desperate, critical, mid way, more involving, Ear-splitting, more towery, more wellbuilt, most uncool, more front page, incumbent on, more lifegiving, epochal, most undissembled, more killing, most zaftig, subaqueous, un-flagging, most big gun, un affected, champion, de-meaning, powerful, most grass-roots, more jading, super colossal, worthwhile, more grieving, more high-up, on and up, frontpage, most downreaching, blimper, out-weighing, most nuclear, more opening, most brooding, extra-ordinary, wide, most sobering, not easy, pro found, more muted, disciplined, over balancing, onerous, un-duest, heart-rending, unimpassioned, un-limited, matter life and death, un ruffled, more impelling, more unsmiling, top list, more stretchedout, pre-siding, more delphic, un-customary, unexcited, uncustomary, key, un forgettable, apical, pre-destined, heavy, most long-faced, acute, primo, re-gular, worldclass, most minding, on the button, redletter, most belittling, topheavy, no nonsense, more mega, more substrative, most reasoning, most demanded, more exceptive, life death, more challenging, generative, un-excited, more undesigning, tip top, un lucky, most all-powerful, most heart-rending, lowpitched, mondo, most arrestive, most world-class, splayer, most towery, scarce, most nameable, in curable, un welcome, most inaugural, big, be-neath, sure enough, overbalancing, most enervating, un-forgettable, sub-lime, most hard-won, in-ordinate, most challenging, Riveted, more heart-rending, most righthand, more upfront, sur-passing, in comparable, over-ruling, allimportant, more plodding, in-clement, in securer, death dealing, more headache, dire, most hot dog, most stretched out, more censuring, copious, more heavyduty, Towery, more red blooded, well built, most focused, most crushing, de-tailed, most meant, most clotted, most surpassing, up hill, earth-shattering, more humbling, most something, adequate, longfaced, more grim faced, cardinal, fourstar, pre tensionless, more upstream, in-tolerable, over cast, most fundamental, un usual, climatic, having direct bearing on, top drawer, blameable, heavy-duty, top of the list, ex pressing, more enervative, de-noting, more oppressing, re iterative, mortal, dis-approving, more mortiferous, most necessitating, nittygritty, more nitty gritty, more dynamite, laborious, most unmeasurable, un-manageable, dis approving, un safer, important, most dragged, Dead level, over shadowing, more called for, of moment, more denoting, sub marine, over powering, lowkey, profound, un approachable, un-approachable, arduous, axiological, carrying lot weight, more perseverant, wellknown, most consolidated, most twoton, more full toned, more underived, over-critical, Cavillous, hefty, most all powerful, more zaftig, grand, more whopper, more well-ordered, biotic, out weighing, most dead level, more enfolded, in evitable, more thumping, most big deal, low toned, most full-mouthed, bio logical, uni-versal, in-finite, most outspread, in valuable, in dispensable, scopic, most fullmouthed, more centric, earth shaking, right hand, un duest, most front-page, more lead-footed, more earthshattering, more hurry up, more necessitating, most disapproving, good for, de rogatory, most claiming, grave, more life-giving, most reflecting, most appurtenant, deep seated, most denoting, high, large scale, pivotal, more below, most bottom line, un commoner, de signing, un-duer, more called-for, hanging by thread, un yielding, measurable, more bottomline, un-relieved, more dead level, re doubtable, highpriority, clabbered, full-mouthed, vitrified, most spreadout, ex posed, most blustering, more concerning, no laughing matter, in-credible, out spread, elementary, most epochal, most abstaining, right up front, urgent, overweighing, most high priority, illfated, in tense, head of the line, firstclass, most life giving, life or death, more pondering, more loud-voiced, over riding, substrative, pro founder, hurry up, most mondo, risky, un-bounded, unallowable, grimfaced, over-balancing, un-stablest, most chastening, feller, most heat-on, upper-class, most upper class, most highprofile, most involving, matter of fact, un relieved, more pointful, in-tense, hell bent, in-augural, spreadout, un feigned, more anguished, more high-priority, de-signing, more high profile, more energyconsuming, most redblooded, most upper-class, pertaining to, extra ordinary, formidable, most high-priority, in to, un beaten, most full mouthed, pre eminent, un luckiest, energy-consuming, re-sonant, most name-of-the-game, hopeful, out for blood, re-sounding, more clear-headed, most meat and potatoes, un healthy, most rubric, splayest, major, indispensable, most highpriority, bio-logical, first class, nowhere, whalest, Clear-headed, ex act, most life or death, serendipitous, bottom-line, loud-voiced, burdensome, highflown, most beneath, more shattering, most first string, most big-gun, most all-important, under lying, more guiding, unmatchable, more top-priority, re-served, over ruling, most strong minded, second-to-none, more death-dealing, over weighing, super abundant, middle most, more depleting, more frontpage, more malefic, more curdled, in-evitable, un-healthiest, be coming, death-dealing, more difficile, pro-found, more abnegating, nit-picking, nit picking, high flown, more life-or-death, of great consequence, most no fooling, most low-toned, top most, un healthiest, more caviling, predominant, un interesting, highup, more loudvoiced, more foreordained, farreaching, ho-hum, earthshaking, peaker, low-toned, more compressed, far ranging, deepseated, more first-string, most loud voiced, most page one, more spreadout, re solved, substantial, more expanded, fellest, in tractable, matter life death, most toilful, more difficult, life-or-death, tough going, most longfaced, more ear-splitting, most bodacious, most called-for, appurtenant, remarkable, re-solved, pre dominate, most difficile, seismic, more all important, more minding, un-luckiest, mid-way, of substance, dis criminating, most overshadowing, most spread out, more claiming, lost in thought, most top priority, big-gun, more cellular, red letter, capital, in tenser, tough proposition, lost thought, middlemost, more twoton, most high-up, thoughtful, profitable, most parous, up-stream, pre-requisite, strong minded, firstrate, most unsmiling, stressful, most earthshaking, distingue, more energy consuming, be-ginning, most overtaxing, high-up, more bodacious, un safest, over-weight, uphill battle, jellied, most fathomless, well done, most undesigning, demanding, sober, most mortiferous, most shattering, top priority, un-pleasant, hard won, over-riding, un avoidable, un pleasant, most ranking, most mainline, un defeated, rich, un-feigned, Caked, un-measurable, Museful, more hurting, most well-done, more scolding, para-mount, anguished, deciding, most constraining, on the line, more sobering, blimpest, more life or death, straight out, more something, more name-of-the-game, more low toned, mightiest, ear splitting, top notch, fortest, more demeaning, most enervative, more scowling, more humongous, most foreordained, businesslike, splay, carrying a lot weight, second to none, un wieldy, prize winning, disastrous, far flung, most thumping, most middlemost, in-spiring, most reproachful, most doozie, significant, on line, exhausting, most esteemed, un bounded, nitty gritty, un-due, pro-founder, ex-pressing, in-tensest, un-ruffled, un nerving, most cavillous, ill fated, in-tractable, most grieving, sound, taxing, more earthshaking, most clear-headed, most highlevel, awesome, re levant, most world class, in-securer, pre-eminent, well-ordered, un due, most predominate, Undissembled, in-curable, fore-most, low key, in spiring, more death dealing, decisive, most humongous, un-yielding, parous, more no-fooling, solid, over-whelming, up-most, more redblooded, on level, outstanding, un measurable, more prizewinning, name-of-the-game, namest, un amusing, most pointful, most stressful, most nowhere, more anatomical, more longfaced, most scowling, more welldone, more heavy duty, most four-star, heat-on, de voted, super incumbent, un-favorable, more dismaying, most dead-level, most gilt edged, more centered, more up-front, welldone, hyper critical, pre-carious, hard to understand, most wrackful, more acroamatic, more outspread, un-dissembled, de-solate, Requiring, co-operative, most coal and ice, more lead footed, more firststring, un-humorous, no turning back, un humorous, more centroidal, out and out, mattering much, un fortunate, more nittygritty, most jellied, central, pre-dominate, ex-acting, more fulltoned, un-rivaled, superior, real, convincing, un ordinary, most anguished, more beginning, orphic, more first string, re-quiring, having to do with, top-priority, most energy consuming, more disciplined, dead-level, most resolved, more primo, Celebrious, de meaning, most ending, no-fooling, topdrawer, head-most, most front page, sufficient, more top priority, de-voted, more sourpuss, more carking, re quiring, most obtaining, un commonest, most yawning, most vitrified, bigdeal, more gummous, meaningful, head ache, super-abundant, upmost, be ginning, blue chip, deathdealing, clear headed, intent, most jelled, very grave, more nit picking, zestful, most allpowerful, go for broke, more allpowerful, something write home about, most all important, expedient, more well done, more acute, in augural, most zestful, more nowhere, ex-cited, most unexcited, low pitched, most fourstar, in temperate, stretchedout, Supereminent, sub-stratal, most problem, bound determined, un-matchable, easier said than done, most giltedged, un-nerving, more calumniatory, most right hand, most racking, most showdown, more hot-dog, most nit-picking, most below, most idiopathic, nononsense, of note, most underlined, under lined, well ordered, most life-or-death, un dissembled, amoebic, most museful, high-falutin, zero cool, Acroamatic, great big, most critic, upper-most, most first-string, most hardwon, more strong-minded, pre vailing, hurry-up, most stretchedout, life giving, more winner, more life giving, more ahead, more submerged, bigwheel, re-iterative, most anticipating, substratal, more biotic, trueblue, no fooling, largescale, most submerged, more big-wheel, more high-level, re quired, gunkiest, more correlated, more grass roots, more nitty-gritty, most impelling, zaftig, ex-act, more high priority, in-securest, strictly business, hellbent, more underlined, most full toned, efficient, fabbest, most guiding, more anticipating, uppermost, un-avoidable, most no-fooling, most drudging, bigleague, more strong minded, most biggun, more prize winning, up stream, more petrifying, most pretensionless, front-page, first-string, in different, more midmost, un luckier, syrupy, up most, paramount, most unhumorous, most substratal, de noting, heavy number, main, un relenting, over-taxing, most high-profile, most conformant, sobering, touch go, far-ranging, most death dealing, most backbreaker, firststring, most impoverishing, anatomical, un-real, more headmost, more amoebic, most wellbuilt, tall order, pressing, most ahead, re-presentative, more meant, most welldone, carrying a lot of weight, more jellied, uni versal, more cracking, fab, all important, most second-to-none, most pondering, serviceable, more two-ton, most far ranging, well-built, depressive, dis passionate, more necessary, more highpower, unmeasurable, most red blooded, terrible, thick, out-standing, all-important, something else, un designing, most biotic, calumniatory, full mouthed, sub-merged, un stabler, distinctive, more overshadowing, more stretched out, holding the reins, more depressive, pre-tensionless, front page, un-common, more vitrified, namer, most leadfooted, most hurryup, more clabbered, un-fortunate, fateful, most earth-shattering, fore ordained, on up up, most ho hum, far reaching, un matchable, mind blowing, deep, high priority, most deathdealing, relevant, most substrative, primary, noteworthy, life-giving, more earth-shattering, more well ordered, bodacious, un-amusing, twenty four carat, re-solute, more unamusing, allpowerful, in the beginning, real gone, tough job, illstarred, most mega, re presentative, imperative, all inclusive, more thundering, un-stabler, most dangersome, gloppiest, potent, most climatic, monumental, re-levant, more dangersome, most outweighing, centric, de-rogatory, most distingue, dragger, un happy, more low-toned, premier, most caring, un wonted, most earpiercing, un-smiling, in escapable, more brooding, most clabbered, wellordered, more highup, extraordinary, honest god, high-level, Doomful, most heavy-duty, in-different, more symbiotic, ropy, most upfront, more high-power, super-incumbent, sincere, invigorative, ex-citing, more earth shaking, more heat on, bluechip, more rubric, more lowtoned, more coal-and-ice, no picnic, most farranging, ex cited, in most, on up, rough go, most climactical, strategic, pre dominant, most pealing, most upmost, para mount, more hardwon, head, wakes the dead, necessary, un-cool, re gular, forter, most caked, Headmost, most lead-footed, more plotting, more unimpassioned, ho hum, more condemning, be-coming, idiopathic, most big-wheel, most fulminating, up-hill, more predominate, heaton, most nittygritty, more blustering, the point, bass, un-impassioned, most earth shaking, outspread, Carking, beneficial, irreplaceable, wakes dead.