Pronunciation of Immense
/ɪmˈɛns/, /ɪmˈɛns/, /ɪ_m_ˈɛ_n_s/

Antonyms for immense

insignificant, insubstantial, more small fry, simple, pint-sized, calm, most cutrate, penny ante, smallminded, most nickel and dime, most pettifogging, in-sufficient, bitsier, nickel and dime, snubbest, in expensive, scanty, un adorned, un elevated, most uncostly, most small-scale, most nether, most mini, most lowset, little, more below, most junior, cutrate, more compendiary, bittiest, peewee, more pennyante, in considerable, cut rate, most slashed, more low-set, pint sized, more subsided, un-costly, more cut-rate, more low-hanging, more nether, shrimper, trivial, more shoestring, teeny weeny, more rock-bottom, be neath, more lowlying, diminutive, rock-bottom, more rock bottom, uncomplicated, pro founder, hardly any, un-adorned, limited, most low hanging, inconsiderable, most low lying, more slashed, most low set, most rockbottom, unmixed, bounded, junior, uncostly, teensy weensy, bitsiest, smallscale, manageable, slight, more pocketsized, in consequential, more low set, small scale, most smallfry, snubber, small time, most ground level, most beneath, more peanut, most pocket-sized, under sized, shrimpy, not high, most smallscale, more low-lying, more grudging, lowhanging, mere, minute, most shoestring, more smallscale, clarified, most pocket sized, free, in significant, more groundlevel, more pint sized, more small scale, not large, breviloquent, more crouched, most small-fry, un adulterated, pure and simple, more pint-sized, small minded, pocketsized, low-set, boiled down, more pocket-sized, mean, un-elevated, in-effectual, pocket sized, sub sided, scratcher, most lowlying, most ground-level, small, most shriveled, most cut rate, low set, most undersize, most pocketsized, baby, more small-fry, un costly, more shriveled, de-pressed, more lowhanging, most grudging, un-adulterated, lowset, plain, most breviloquent, more breviloquent, more small-scale, squattier, self centered, more undersize, pro found, more peewee, more nickel and dime, pro-found, most nickel-and-dime, most rock-bottom, un-pretentious, non essential, most under, more cut, shrimpiest, shrimp, most peewee, marked down, in essential, sub-ordinate, bottommost, Non-essential, least, to point, restricted, shrimpier, shrimpest, teeny, most pint-sized, ground level, low, more truncated, itsy, the point, pennyante, short lived, under-sized, un essential, most subsided, not big, most small fry, to the point, most pennyante, small-scale, more uncostly, more penny ante, most unmixed, most unelevated, more unelevated, most peanut, low grade, narrow minded, toyest, in-considerable, short sweet, paltry, in-essential, mini, most groundlevel, easy, more lowset, undersize, more low hanging, most pint sized, most rock bottom, penny-ante, minorleague, pro-founder, sub ordinate, in-consequential, miniature, runtier, un mixed, more pettifogging, nickel-and-dime, un-developed, short, thin, most small scale, shortlived, bushleague, bottom-most, more rockbottom, most crouched, in adequate, smallfry, runtiest, in-consequent, most penny ante, unelevated, more low lying, pocket-sized, un-mitigated, bottom most, more mini, shoestring, in effectual, in consequent, bittier, more ground-level, petty, low-lying, ground-level, more button, in-expensive, un-important, narrow, twobit, slender, cut-rate, small-fry, runty, un mitigated, most below, more pocket sized, selfcentered, de pressed, bitty, compendiary, scratchest, most truncated, trifling, most cut, Toyer, most lowhanging, under-size, sub standard, small fry, un-essential, most penny-ante, bitsy, brief, be-neath, in-adequate, un-mixed, teensyweensy, more bottommost, more unmixed, squattiest, more smallfry, lowgrade, tiny, sub-standard, pure simple, more cut rate, teenyweeny.