Pronunciation of Cloud
/klˈa͡ʊd/, /klˈa‍ʊd/, /k_l_ˈaʊ_d/

Antonyms for cloud

Re-present, floodlight, re-paid, made plain, re counted, purify, reenacting, edify, re-states, de-pict, un-ravel, re-presenting, ex pounding, de fining, made apparent, dis closes, figuring it be, re-solving, ex-plains, dis-playing, out-lining, makes sense of, re-porting, commentated, throws light up on, dis-tribute, explicate, lighten, transliterate, out lining, writing up, re-presents, clear, un-tangling, re stores, sur rendering, re stated, gave big picture, ex-plicated, parses, made perfectly clear, paid back, ex-plicating, make vivid, hits with a light, ex press, putting plain english, re-lated, draw picture, drew picture, figuring to be, dis closed, under-stands, throws light on, tell, dis play, educate, put plain english, unveil, makes available, light up, pro vide, de-tail, filter, illuminate, payed back, re-words, de-scribing, de-scribes, de-fines, de coded, brighten, re-produces, made of, understanding, light, ex-press, unfog, re storing, pro viding, tenders, ex plicating, pre sent, throwing light on, lit up, de livers, ex pressed, commentate, give the big picture, give up, un-raveled, goes into detail, diagraming, floodlighting, parted with, trans-lated, para phrased, re porting, de-fine, render, de livering, out lined, de-tailing, figure to be, going into detail, re-enact, ex-pounds, re-solve, re-stating, expound, Enucleating, hit with light, re-solved, under stand, de codes, ex change, up lighted, ex-plicate, make see daylight, divulge, figures be, sur-renders, throw light up on, makes plain, gives insight, re counting, re-turning, puts across, trans late, making see daylight, makes clear, hit with a light, describe, de-livers, Parsed, figured be, de ciphers, throw light upon, up light, brake down, un-folded, figured it to be, de-codes, ex-plained, drew a picture, enlarged up on, re-produce, giving the big picture, dis-closing, re wording, re-solves, ex pounded, interpret, marked out, un-folds, de livered, sur-render, limelighting, re produced, un-fold, un tangles, trans pose, out-line, sur rendered, re-counted, re-turns, floodlighted, ex plicated, Tendering, under-standing, de lineated, putting across, open, uncloak, re paying, de scribe, enlarges upon, de-livering, disclose, part with, pro-viding, breaking down, unmask, transliterates, making perfectly clear, reenacts, re-cites, made available, cognizance, ex plicates, demonstrate, hitting with light, re-produced, make plain, clear up, figured it be, breaks down, told why, para-phrase, broke down, re store, explain, re words, re-stated, gives back, commentates, re-cited, re solves, gives the big picture, going in to detail, ex changes, un-ravelling, re stored, under stands, transliterated, enucleates, re-state, made explicit, re veals, ex-pound, figuring be, enlarges up on, enlarged upon, de-picts, dis-tributes, under-stood, lights up, re cites, up lights, one's best guesses, de scribed, pro-vided, giving big picture, nurture, discover, spell out, re worded, diagramming, make perfectly clear, de-scribe, re-stores, para-phrasing, illumine, ex-pounding, go into detail, ex-plain, de-ciphers, traded, sheds light on, figures it to be, went in to detail, de-liver, re late, make explicit, throwing light upon, ones best guesses, re-turned, de ciphering, re fines, exemplify, floodlit, inspire, lighting up, gave the big picture, re-presented, de coding, ex pressing, un folds, re-word, ex plicate, pro-vides, de-scribed, ex plains, break down, gives big picture, enlighten, made vivid, giving insight, lighted up, de tailing, uplights, pre-sent, diagramed, enlarge upon, re hearses, Imaged, re state, clarify, re producing, figures it be, figures to be, re turns, makes apparent, draws picture, de-lineated, one best guessed, ex-changing, diagrammed, re present, marking out, out line, figure it be, de-livered, re-hearse, Re-turn, un-raveling, de-tails, parse, wrote up, shedding light on, trans literates, making apparent, de-lineate, making plain, re-counts, trans-posing, uplighted, dis-closes, un-tangles, garble, puts in plain english, de liver, de code, up-light, threw light up on, out-lined, sur-rendered, de tail, de picts, one best guess, ex pounds, putting in plain english, de-coded, de fines, un raveled, trans posed, para phrases, re-paying, re-worded, dis-play, de tailed, re solve, re fine, give big picture, de-fining, under standing, re-hearses, re-pays, para-phrases, trans literate, trans-literates, draw a picture, tell why, dis playing, de fine, un ravelled, made clear, make clear, enlarging upon, out-lines, re-veal, giving back, un folded, para phrasing, re cited, untangle, goes in to detail, up lighting, illume, conveys image, de-tailed, throws light upon, re turning, ex pound, commentating, re-fines, one best guesses, de cipher, unbosom, Tendered, ex-changed, telling why, makes explicit, de-code, dis-closed, paying back, makes vivid, write up, pre-sents, give insight, ex plained, un-tangled, de lineate, de scribing, dis-played, expose, re paid, un tangled, ex plaining, setting right, drawing a picture, making clear, para-phrased, enucleate, ones best guess, making available, throwing light up on, illustrate, make available, elucidate, un ravelling, makes perfectly clear, mark out, re counts, de-coding, re-producing, sur-rendering, sur renders, un raveling, re-stored, brightness, de-ciphered, convey image, reveal, de ciphered, ex-pounded, Parsing, uplighting, un ravel, un-ravels, un folding, draws a picture, ex changing, dis tribute, re enacts, floodlights, un fold, up-lighting, one's best guessing, highlighted, pay back, drawing picture, un-folding, re pay, para phrase, de fined, uplight, enlarge up on, re presents, ex-plaining, gave back, dis tributes, pro vided, reenacted, throw light on, dis closing, re-veals, conveyed image, highlighting, dis close, up-lighted, re-fine, re states, de pict, re ported, un ravels, gave insight, figured to be, dis-plays, re-enacted, re-enacts, trans-pose, de scribes, distill, dis played, de tails, threw light upon, un tangling, make apparent, re produces, un-ravelled, one best guessing, re pays, set right, hits with light, get across, dis plays, pro vides, figure be, one's best guessed, re-enacting, re presenting, re stating, one's best guess, making explicit, re-counting, de-fined, re-ported, un tangle, construe, un-tangle, tells why, making of, marks out, out lines, go in to detail, hitting with a light, Enucleated, threw light on, re-pay, simplify, de-cipher, put across, up-lights, re-fining, enlarging up on, ones best guessing, give back, transliterating, conveying image, re turn, re presented, limelighted, made see daylight, de-ciphering, ex-pressing, ex plain, dis-close, uncover, ex-plicates, make sense of, pro-vide, re fined, trans-literate, re-storing, re citing, parting with, shed light on, reenact, under stood.