Pronunciation of Region
/ɹˈiːd͡ʒən/, /ɹˈiːd‍ʒən/, /ɹ_ˈiː_dʒ_ə_n/

Synonyms for region:

Sense 1

anterior, cervical, continent, direction, hemisphere, pectoral, position, posterior, prehensile, thoracic, urogenital.

Sense 2

belt, hyperactive, site, topical.

Sense 12








area (noun)

acre, area, district, domain, hectare, patch, rood, section, sector, territory, zone.

arena (noun)

amphitheater, arena, auditorium, bailiwick, battlefield, beat, campus, circle, circuit, circus, colosseum, courtyard, dominion, enclosure, gallery, ground, gymnasium, hall, hippodrome, locale, pen, precinct, province, realm, ring, setting, stage, theater, turf, battle-ground.

belt (noun)

area, layer, region, stretch.

circuit (noun)

ambit, bounds, circle, circling, circulation, circumference, circumnavigation, circumscription, circumvolution, compass, course, cycle, gyration, gyre, journey, lap, limit, line, orbit, perambulation, perimeter, periphery, round, route, tour, turn, turning, twirl, way, wheel, whirl, wind, winding.

confines (noun)

dimension, edge, end, extent, purview, radius, reach, scope, sweep, term, borders, proportions, limits, purlieus.

country (noun)

citizenry, commonwealth, community, grass roots, homeland, kingdom, native land, people, polity, populace, public, society, soil, state, Patria, citizens, inhabitants, constituents, voters, electors, sovereign state.

direction (noun)

aim, angle, aspect, bearing, beeline, bent, bias, current, drift, inclination, objective, orientation, outlook, path, proclivity, road, set, side, spot, standpoint, stream, tack, tendency, tide, track, trajectory, trend, viewpoint, slant, point of compass, that-a-way.

district (noun)

commune, department, parcel, parish, neck of the woods, vicinage.

domain (noun)

authority, concern, discipline, empire, estate, jurisdiction, occupation, power, slot, specialty, turf, wing, home park, stomping grounds, orbit*.

dominion (noun)

ascendancy, authorization, command, commission, control, dominance, domination, enclave, government, management, preeminence, prerogative, privilege, property, regency, regiment, regimentation, reign, rule, seniority, sovereignty, supremacy, sway, Prepotency, prepotence.

enclosure (noun)

asylum, aviary, bowl, building, cage, camp, cell, close, coliseum, coop, corral, court, courtyard, den, dungeon, garden, hutch, jail, pale, park, patch, pen, plot, pound, prison, quad, quadrangle, room, stadium, stockade, sty, vault, yard.

extent (noun)

acreage, dimension, extent, field, leeway, length, measure, neighborhood, plane, plateau, range, reach, room, scale, scope, space, span, stretch, volume.

region (noun)

arena, bailiwick, belt, block, borough, canton, city, clearing, colony, commonweal, country, county, demesne, district, division, domain, dominion, duchy, dukedom, earldom, empire, environs, expanse, field, ghetto, ground, inner city, jungle, kingdom, land, locale, locality, lot, municipality, nation, neighborhood, parcel, part, place, plot, precinct, province, quarter, range, realm, riding, scene, section, sector, shire, sphere, state, suburb, terrain, territory, town, tract, vicinity, walk, ward, world, zone, stomping ground, neck of woods, turf*.

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  • legion;
  • norwegian, collegian;

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