Pronunciation of Huge
/hjˈuːd͡ʒ/, /hjˈuːd‍ʒ/, /h_j_ˈuː_dʒ/

Antonyms for huge

more shortend, un comfortable, more two by four, most minikin, more pocket sized, half-pint, more scaleddown, pocket-size, infinitesimal, not worth mentioning, not big, most fine-drawn, most halfpint, more small-scale, more abbreviated, sub-ordinate, not large, most minim, more itty-bitty, un-detectable, un elevated, small, more low hanging, in-considerable, teenyweeny, more unconsequential, miniature, itsybitsy, more undersize, bottom-most, de-pressed, most undersize, more peewee, tiny, closed in, narrow, second rate, scratcher, in effectual, cutrate, entrylevel, more pocketsized, more cut-rate, more half-pint, more loitering, baby, in firmest, mitest, pro-founder, most accessory, small fry, microscopic, microbic, un consequential, in-sufficient, more smallscale, mere, Clocklike, in-decipherable, more knee high, short lived, in-conspicuous, more small scale, most uncostly, diminutive, two by four, more low-set, finegrained, in-sipid, more cut rate, lowgrade, pro found, most kneehigh, fine-drawn, pro-found, penny ante, slender, snubbest, most entrylevel, more fine-spun, ground-level, most button, in decipherable, runtier, tucked up, more fine grained, most undetectable, pure and simple, more shriveled, most finegrained, bitsier, more entry-level, most squeezed, runtiest, most half-pint, more low lying, more scaled-down, in-consequent, de-pendent, bantam, more crouched, petty, more lowlying, un mitigated, more unmixed, more groundlevel, more reserve, not long, selfcentered, more penny ante, un sound, in-firmest, more short-end, most knee-high, most breviloquent, hardly enough, in visible, itsy-bitsy, next nothing, Toyer, most low lying, in-visible, scaled down, imponderable, un-adulterated, more nadir, pocketsize, most nickel and dime, scaleddown, Gossamery, sub ordinate, in sipid, compendiary, un-consequential, more fine spun, most below, unimportant, more fine-drawn, more grudging, most fine grained, pygmier, in-adequate, more finedrawn, more minuscular, un-sounder, sub standard, most two-by-four, more pent, shrimpy, bittiest, more entry level, in-audible, minorleague, bitty, puny, more squeezed, shoestring, un-pretentious, not rich, little, small scale, Substract, most minuscular, clarified, more sawed-off, most short-end, most itsy-bitsy, most scaleddown, more truncated, pocket-sized, in conspicuous, knee-high, most small-scale, most fine drawn, more compendiary, most unelevated, re liefer, toyest, Dwarfed, in consequent, scanty, more itty bitty, scratchest, more nothing, zilchest, Minikin, most gossamery, more below, pure simple, shortend, more nickel and dime, most cutrate, halfpint, un-comfortable, most pocket-size, least, more purportless, more breviloquent, hardly any, in-distinguishable, more subsided, most truncated, re lief, more powdered, in sensible, smallish, bitsiest, pocket size, most pee wee, most small scale, in consequential, teensyweensy, small time, most itty bitty, more small-fry, cramped, most quality, most pent, wee, most penny ante, pocketsized, more ground-level, more entrylevel, in-commodious, most low set, squattier, teensy weensy, more pint sized, more pennyante, most shriveled, shrimpier, most nothing, more kneehigh, un adorned, most ground level, most short end, poor, pocket sized, more two-by-four, most cut, most peanut, more fine-grained, most pennyante, minuscule, most scaled-down, micro cosmic, micro-cosmic, more gutter, Purportless, bottommost, more pocket size, un noticeable, more low-hanging, minor, more finegrained, in significant, two-by-four, most reserve, fine drawn, short-end, in-tangible, fine grained, re serve, sawed off, knee high, un-costly, most pulverized, micro, most half pint, rock-bottom, un essential, most sawedoff, more peanut, peewee, more smallfry, minuscular, most gutter, more circumscribed, junior, most abbreviated, in firmer, most rockbottom, more rockbottom, self centered, most unconsequential, most lowhanging, trans parent, fine, more abridged, marked down, de-tailed, short, un-developed, in-significant, more low-lying, bottom most, close ground, most microcosmic, nickel and dime, most sawed-off, most ittybitty, miniscule, most small-fry, midget, Unconsequential, most beneath, lowset, small-fry, most particularized, more microbic, most nether, most itsy bitsy, low-lying, pygmiest, un-elevated, under size, unmixed, ex-act, more sawedoff, petite, more pocket-sized, twobit, most grudging, more fine drawn, most fine-grained, pee wee, to point, trans-parent, more microcosmic, Finedrawn, sub-standard, more shoestring, smallscale, minute, runty, most pettifogging, shrimper, Non-essential, more itsybitsy, more cut, more button, most itty-bitty, most pocketsized, un-important, not high, most knee high, more mini, most scaled down, dwarf, more half pint, more slashed, to the point, sawed-off, sub sided, more pocket-size, most low hanging, most pocket sized, most nickel-and-dime, light, most pocketsize, insignificant, most small fry, most microbic, not much, in tangible, short end, more rock bottom, more undetectable, shrimpest, in-essential, most abridged, most pint sized, more unelevated, pint sized, most epitomized, ittybitty, half pint, be neath, un observable, un-mitigated, un costly, de tailed, in discernible, itty bitty, in commodious, bitsy, most purportless, small-scale, close to ground, un adulterated, shrimpiest, reliefer, teeny, paltry, entry-level, runter, most smallscale, de pressed, more pettifogging, smallminded, re-serve, ex act, secondary, most smallfry, sawedoff, un sounder, bushleague, breviloquent, cut rate, shortlived, in-sensible, most subsided, more particularized, most substract, non essential, boiled down, itsy bitsy, undersize, more halfpint, most minimal, more low set, more minikin, in essential, in firm, teentiest, mean, in-firmer, penny-ante, in-effectual, zilcher, un-adorned, un-essential, cut-rate, undetectable, pocket, dinky, pro founder, most powdered, shrimp, fine spun, smallfry, de pendent, un mixed, scaled-down, nickel-and-dime, low-set, most crouched, close to the ground, short sweet, under-size, more pee wee, runtest, under-sized, small minded, re-lief, no big deal, more bottommost, most unmixed, most pocket-sized, more small fry, re-liefer, bittier, more pint-sized, trivial, piddling, inconsiderable, most pint-sized, most itsybitsy, most rock bottom, more backup, most peewee, brief, most under, more substract, more itsy bitsy, more uncostly, un-mixed, more scaled down, most fine-spun, most pee-wee, most slashed, most mini, more epitomized, reliefest, under sized, in expensive, in considerable, un-sound, more minim, un-substantial, teentier, itty-bitty, in-expensive, low, fine-grained, in-consequential, Fine-spun, uncostly, un substantial, trifling, squattiest, more pocketsize, more gossamery, most pocket size, most junior, most cut rate, un-soundest, un detectable, more ittybitty, teenty, more lowset, narrow minded, teeny weeny, more zero, pee-wee, most shoestring, most fine spun, most nadir, most groundlevel, low set, in distinguishable, blow by blow, more pee-wee, more itsy-bitsy, limited, snubber, be-neath, more nether, close the ground, most lowlying, most lowset, most entry-level, in distinct, low grade, more quality, most ground-level, yea big, most sawed off, most penny-ante, jammed in, most circumscribed, more rock-bottom, in adequate, in-distinct, more knee-high, kneehigh, more lowhanging, re-liefest, most finedrawn, in audible, pint-size, most rock-bottom, most zero, lowhanging, unelevated, the point, pennyante, pint-sized, mini, ground level.