Pronunciation of Core
/kˈɔː/, /kˈɔː/, /k_ˈɔː/

Antonyms for core

re-lief, de brises, more covering, over flow, un eaten, outside, part, nimiety, unconsumed, remnant, this that, too muches, inter ludes, in-sert, over-flows, too much of good thing, scourings, selvages, glume, counter part, over weight, Overfullness, inter lude, over dose, overkills, facet, bottom of barrel, makeweight, carry over, carryovers, spin off, somnolence, surplusage, butt end, covering, Superstratum, more uneaten, accessory, the limits, cutoff, over-stock, incrustations, bellyful, cutises, residue, Plastron, byproduct, bits and piece, re laxation, most minimal, perimeter, most unconsumed, over muches, carapaces, un-consumed, over-stocks, over fullnesses, externals, over-kill, feature, over flows, motleys, ex-cesses, overweights, hangover, makeweights, vellum, over-run, re-spites, in tegument, too much good thing, re-laxations, fulsomenesses, Leavings, epidermis, motionlessnesses, over doses, over runs, most depthless, division, Exteriority, most split, derma, un-wanted, Depthless, superficialities, facial, epicarps, dreaminess, over-weights, redundances, most covering, incrustation, re fuse, teguments, carry overs, bits piece, cutes, tegument, de bris, most rimming, exteriorities, glumes, dermas, on the edge, un-used, re-mains, aspect, most marooned, residuum, post scripts, bottom barrel, skin, sur face, de-brises, shavings, ex cess, dermises, re creation, un consumed, shell, elbowrooms, overkill, super-abundance, un wanted, re-creations, over abundances, over kills, excess, confines, re lief, somnolences, re-fuse, lamina, re-creation, leave, superficies, re cesses, more unconsumed, over supplies, overstock, in significant, carryover, pendant, angle, up here, more depthless, counter-part, miscellaneous paraphernalias, end piece, miscellaneous paraphernalia, roundingoff, over-dose, cutis, carry-over, bark, plastrons, sur plussest, complement, selvage, over-abundances, finishing touches, butt ends, segment, source, over-fullness, in-teguments, over fullness, rounding-offs, epidermises, ingredient, re main, vestigal, bells whistles, over stock, superstratums, appendage, inter-lude, over indulgences, shoaler, in-tegument, encrustation, cause, most facial, more marooned, super-abundances, most uneaten, left, this and thats, over-supplies, surfeit, dermis, crust, re fuses, sundry items, re laxations, this and that, tag ends, superficiality, sur-faces, residual, re-cess, scabs, supererogation, super abundances, cakings, Elbowroom, over-doses, de-parted, post script, over-runs, re spites, something extra, carapace, rounding offs, more facial, most verging, fulsomeness, post-script, in sert, re-main, pro fits, un-eaten, unimportance, over kill, pro-fusions, out-side, roundingoffs, survivor, over indulgence, super-stratum, de-bris, re creations, over weights, in teguments, sundries, Rimming, inter missions, over-weight, over-fullnesses, remains, remainder, over-loads, counter parts, ex-cess, pro fit, Overdoses, Caking, bits and pieces, over-load, vellums, uneaten, residuals, shard, sur plusser, sur-plussest, re pose, overpluses, element, side, over-abundance, residum, re spite, quality, overage, sur faces, recrements, dreaminesses, re maining, oversupply, piece, re-pose, husk, over-indulgence, counter-parts, over abundance, super stratum, inter-ludes, un-touched, over supply, end, motionlessness, residums, super-strata, extension, finishing touch, leftover, overfullnesses, adjunct, Superstrata, component, Subsidiaries, sheathings, externality, overmuch, filler, un touched, pro-fits, pediment, rest, pendants, super stratums, balance, pro-fusion, Recrement, luxuriances, over-muches, carry-overs, too much of a good thing, offshoot, top-pest, bellyfuls, most balance, sur-plusser, over loads, over much, margin, over stocks, this thats, out sides, section, insignificance, super-stratums, surface, encrustations, over-flow, re-laxation, sundry item, shoalest, supplement, constituent, too much a good thing, super strata, pericarp, odds ends, sur-face, exterior, nimieties, more staying, more vestigal, overplus, more rimming, parings, most staying, re mains, rind, overdose, peelings, rounding-off, something extras, marginal, more verging, de parted, over-kills, bits pieces, pro fusions, over-supply, out-sides, up to here, post-scripts, out side, most vestigal, the limit, others, by product, externalities, residua, more balance.