Pronunciation of Tough
/tˈʌf/, /tˈʌf/, /t_ˈʌ_f/

Antonyms for tough

sensitive, unpersuasive, easy-going, kindly, delicate, transient, genial, resistless, soothing, most bleeding-heart, chiffon, forbearing, dove, most rinkydink, un reasonable, most rookie, trivial, most fracturable, more chiffon, in-credible, un-sounder, lamb, rickety, accepting, un believable, temperate, soft, endurable, more fracturable, willing, mortal, broad minded, ungrounded, sheep, wimpy, diseased, easy, hairline, laid-back, house of cards, un-satisfactory, more fragile, fine grained, loose, cut-rate, fracturable, in firmer, de lightful, uncomplicated, lovey dovey, mindless, more caring, achievable, more rinkydink, more cut-rate, pleasant, meager, flexible, most lovey dovey, restful, wishy washy, snug, cut rate, wishywashy, pliant, patient, more lovey-dovey, un healthier, perishable, more shattery, pliable, tender, uncertain, in-adequate, most ungrounded, yielding, most muted, more understanding, most cut rate, worn, un-ripe, frail, un-riper, more fine grained, supple, most shatterable, shatterable, un-soundest, relaxing, in-substantial, weak, comforting, rinkydink, un healthiest, lax, controllable, worn-out, more muted, gentle, loveydovey, flimsy, most hypersensitive, vulnerable, more rookie, crippled, bleedingheart, luxurious, more lovey dovey, more recherche, comfy, un-sound, compliant, most cutrate, more bruised, kind, more bleedingheart, hospitable, most bleeding heart, more shatterable, un healthy, most papery, most loveydovey, bleeding-heart, most recherche, more papery, thin skinned, tolerable, most fine grained, straightforward, under standing, in-firm, indulgent, more bleeding heart, un-healthiest, unresistant, Controvertible, un ripest, more controvertible, amenable, unstable, mild, fragile, most controvertible, more cut rate, fine-grained, compromising, un-believable, more bleeding-heart, complaisant, in substantial, nonviolent, more hypersensitive, manageable, slack, more loveydovey, relaxed, in adequate, most hairline, most bruised, un ripe, more fine-grained, clear, reposeful, lovey-dovey, house cards, in-flamed, more finegrained, all heart, broadminded, exhausted, un-ripest, nice, incapacitated, puny, user-friendly, agreeable, more gossamery, un-healthy, shallower, papery, wimpiest, balmy, most lovey-dovey, charitable, un-substantial, sympathetic, gossamer, moderate, emasculated, doable, clement, shallow, hypersensitive, Gossamery, more hairline, most shattery, most cut-rate, more cutrate, un satisfactory, un sounder, more ungrounded, un-reasonable, merciful, most oversensitive, cutrate, most unpersuasive, peaceful, most caring, un substantial, un-grounded, unproblematic, trans-parent, bearable, trans parent, finegrained, more oversensitive, elementary, friendly, in-firmest, un persuasive, Shattery, accessible, in firm, thinskinned, un grounded, in-firmer, in conceivable, cozy, under-standing, hyper-sensitive, most gossamery, un-persuasive, hands down, wet behind ears, most chiffon, lenient, most finegrained, facile, in flamed, wobbly, calm, de-lightful, easygoing, undemanding, more unpersuasive, in firmest, susceptible, in-conceivable, temporary, recherche, most fine-grained, tolerant, acquiescent, in credible, un sound, angel, responsive.