Pronunciation of Trained
/t_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n_d/, /tɹˈe͡ɪnd/, /tɹˈe‍ɪnd/

Antonyms for trained:

incompetent, un educated, dilettante, savage, dark, more unconversant, un-triedest, inexperienced, uninformed, un-used, congenital, uneducated, un triedest, self-educated, un practiced, helpless, inept, un-initiated, un-trained, empty-headed, jackleg, more rookie, nonprofessional, uninitiated, prentice, Unconversant, unread, most naive, unfamiliar with, most tenderfoot, analphabetic, brainless, un seasoned, dim, un-fledged, un-tamed, dunderheaded, incapable, bungling, dilettantish, dumb, unintelligent, un-enlightened, dull, untaught, slow-witted, bubbleheaded, uninstructed, un tamed, Kidder, dense, un-conversant, un-schooled, naive, lamebrain, un tried, un-worldliest, un accustomed, untamed, un-trieder, most unconversant, un conversant, in-experienced, un disciplined, more tenderfoot, unlearned, un-prepared, un taught, most untutored, unfitted, un qualified, in expert, Unhandy, unlettered, un-qualified, amateurish, un-worldlier, bonehead, un worldlier, wild, un-accustomed, unqualified, natural, un initiated, undomesticated, more naive, softheaded, more prentice, untrained, thickheaded, most amateur, simple, unable, unbroken, un enlightened, clumsy, boneheaded, un-skilled, in-expert, most novice, most rookie, more amateur, illiterate, Chuckleheaded, un acquainted, spring chicken, unfledged, birdbrained, kiddest, un-tried, inapt, most unfledged, lunkheaded, more unfledged, opaque, un worldliest, wet behind ears, unenlightened, un-educated, feral, unprofessional, airheaded, thick, ignorant, awkward, maladroit, untried, unskilled, in experienced, un tutored, un sophisticated, in nocent, born, Sophomoric, un trained, in-nocent, unschooled, raw, un-seasoned, doltish, nonliterate, Weak-minded, un-acquainted, obtuse, un schooled, mindless, inexpert, un skilled, un-worldly, un fledged, benighted, unfit, wilding, un trieder, un-cultivated, oafish, untutored, un-tutored, un cultivated, dopey, more untutored, unprepared, gormless, self-instructed, unsmart, vacuous, unskillful, shiftless, slow, autodidactic, most prentice, more novice, witless, un worldly, un-taught, un prepared, fatuous, soft, brain dead, thick-witted.

Usage examples for trained:

  • Next thing I knew, I was in the Mine Superintendent's house with a trained nurse. - "The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.
  • Amos Brown was not a trained criminal, you see. - "Death Points a Finger", Will Levinrew.

Quotes for trained:

Rhymes for trained:

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