Pronunciation of Prepared
/pɹɪpˈe͡əd/, /pɹɪpˈe‍əd/, /p_ɹ_ɪ_p_ˈeə_d/

Antonyms for prepared

as one thinks best, more oversoon, unable, illconsidered, un conditional, toss out, against the grain, more uneager, off top head, more begrudging, most extemporize, most neverfailing, more against, most predeveloped, ex-press, more demurring, dis-qualified, most uncustomary, un-ripest, un enthusiastic, un commonest, most never failing, dis-obliging, more improvise, in-adequate, more improviso, half-cocked, more overhasty, ADLIB, unqualified, pre-mature, most oversoon, in-eligible, more half cocked, without restraint, un-instructed, Improviso, more unanticipated, in docile, un-restricted, unfitted, in voluntary, most on the spot, Oversoon, most demurring, snappest, in disposed, more unwishful, un-developed, in-competent, un-fitted, pre maturer, more compelled, more unfitted, in-capable, on impulse, more jamming, illequipped, in-experienced, off cuff, un timely, most unready, at first glance, more uncustomary, too green, un cooperative, un-known, more unfledged, tossed off, most half cocked, most halfcocked, sluggish, neglectful, ex press, off the top ones head, un timeliest, in adequate, more unalloyed, un-accommodating, neverfailing, over-hasty, off top one's head, on-the-spot, most on-the-spot, off-hand, in-disposed, most half-cocked, never-failing, without rehearsal, bushleague, un-faltering, un usual, most against, un adulterated, most improv, a bit previous, more disqualified, overhasty, sur-prising, in-docile, unequipped, ignorant, more extemporize, un-alloyed, not used to, most unalloyed, most improvise, most ill equipped, no ifs ands buts, un-eager, on the spot, off the top of one head, be-grudging, more on the spot, more overearly, without preparation, un premeditated, un-informed, out of ordinary, off the top of ones head, most unfitted, disinclined, un equipped, most unaccommodating, most overearly, un informed, off the top one head, unfamiliar with, un-fit, as thinks best, over hasty, off top one head, more neverfailing, un-willing, un-common, indefinite, made up, most illequipped, more illequipped, off the top of one's head, thought out loud, sur prising, in capable, more uninclined, un-skilled, dis qualified, un anticipated, more improvisatory, un accustomed, Improvisatory, most autoschediastic, un practiced, unready, most overhasty, un-wishful, un-qualified, most extemporized, uncheerful, un mitigated, most uneager, more predeveloped, heavy, un-premeditated, off the top head, dis inclined, most improviso, un-conventional, un conventional, most unobliging, most jamming, uncustomary, un-usual, Halfcocked, un trained, un-reserved, premature, un-planned, more unequipped, un-obliging, un cheerful, half cocked, un fledged, un willing, most uncheerful, un timelier, not given to, un planned, un seasoned, ex-temporary, unanticipated, more ill-equipped, un instructed, ex-temporized, bushest, IMPROV, in competent, extemporary, un qualified, more ill equipped, more uncheerful, most unwishful, out ordinary, un-inclined, uninclined, un-riper, overearly, toss off, un-mitigated, tossed out, dis-inclined, in complete, off top of one head, unobliging, un-timeliest, un familiar, extemporaneous, un customary, ex temporize, more never-failing, more unobliging, off the cuff, over-soon, un ripe, ex-temporize, un commoner, un expected, un-prepared, busher, out and out, un-studied, unaccommodating, un-rehearsed, off the top of head, un-cheerful, most unequipped, over early, madeup, un-enthusiastic, pre developed, un taught, ex temporized, un-limited, un-commoner, pre-developed, most novice, more unaccommodating, un-customary, snapper, most begrudging, most newcome, no ifs ands or buts, unalloyed, un obliging, too soon, un fitted, in-voluntary, drowsy, un-cooperative, off top of head, inactive, more on-the-spot, un ready, off the top one's head, more novice, un wishful, not up to, by ear, un-taught, Autoschediastic, taking for ride, pre-maturer, more amateur, ad lib, un-seasoned, in eligible, ill equipped, un acquainted, flat-footed, no catch, ad-lib, in formal, as one wishes, un skilled, more halfcocked, unstudied, un inclined, over soon, un forced, unfledged, un ripest, most amateur, be grudging, ex temporary, un-wonted, Newcome, un prepared, un restricted, dis obliging, un-timelier, more improv, unfixed, predeveloped, un-forced, most laggard, un-fledged, in opportune, more newcome, unused to, most disqualified, more half-cocked, never failing, un faltering, dull, off top of one's head, slow, un-ready, ill-equipped, in-complete, not equal to, half-baked, most compelled, unprepared, as wishes, off top of ones head, most never-failing, pre maturest, without reservation, un common, un-adulterated, against grain, over-early, in-opportune, uneager, not to, unaccustomed, pre mature, un-ripe, most ill-equipped, more extemporized, un wonted, un-restrained, off top ones head, un-equipped, un eager, un known, unversed in, un-conditional, pre-maturest, un-trained, most improvisatory, in experienced, unwishful, most uninclined, most grudging, un studied, more grudging, un accommodating, in-formal, un-expected, un-anticipated, un-familiar, unwilling, spur-of-the-moment, at will, un-accustomed, un-timely, more autoschediastic, un-acquainted, untrained.