Pronunciation of Have
/hˈav/, /hˈav/, /h_ˈa_v/

Antonyms for have

come a close, pass, am down and out, dieing for, haddest an urge for, being deprived, going hungry, was consumed with desire, pushing for, making a buy, insists up on, insisted up on, re deemed, be sought, feeling the necessity for, being out of, fail, having need, ask for, is hard up, not have, eats one heart out, fored, re deeming, are in want, in sufficiencies, hast urge for, eating one heart out, coming to close, wasted away, is want, calls upon, de siring, was down and out, Desiderated, be down and out, could do with, in-vesting, were without, getting hold of, hast no more, ought, hast need of, aches for, being short of, dying for, feeling a dearth of, dis-tress, drove for, suspire, pro cures, itch for, call for, asserted oneself, wast insufficient, wast deficient in, halt, Thirsted, going shopping, ate one heart out, was short of, be hard up, being greedy, hast ambition, depends upon, wert in want, crave, has use for, looks for, falls short in, yen for, are in need of, was in need of, has yen for, haddest ambition, standing need of, be needy, fell short in, thirsts for, wert deprived of, are deficient in, de parting, in-adequacies, were need of, misplace, hath a yen for, having a yen for, in quiring, was deficient in, is in want, Hungered, eats heart out, hath need, de-privation, being inadequate, neglect, were greedy, cries out for, feels a dearth of, wast without, is deprived of, suffer privation, were hard up, art out of, feel pinch, feels a need, pining for, feeling dearth of, came a close, asked for, feels need, am poor, reject, art deprived, eat one heart out, de-siring, feeling a need, be deprived of, died for, payed for, be down out, having yen for, be in want, coming a close, stands need, minusses, hast none left, feel need, die for, are without, stand need, was need of, are greedy, incline toward, being deficient, avoid, have yen for, hadst use for, release, be need of, de-parting, pro-cure, outed, wert without, wert short, stand in need of, sighing for, spend, am short of, shop for, felt necessity for, were deprived of, being want, dis-tresses, wast poor, aching for, be consumed with desire, hurts for, have use for, haddest passion for, coming close, is inadequate, FORS, re quests, dry up, are want, felt the pinch, dried up, went hungry, be out of, are found wanting, hath urge for, be in need of, thirsting for, re-deem, de privations, in-quires, devoir, hath ambition, was hard up, wast short of, wast hot for, pay for, paying for, got hold of, have occasion for, eating heart out, hold, come to close, wast out of, were needy, were cleaned out, tooed little too late, felt a dearth of, re-questing, makes a buy, am consumed with desire, lusts after, bankrupt, dealt in, yearned for, eats one's heart out, pines for, Desiderate, foring, asserting oneself, suffered privation, in-vest, had an urge for, long for, depending up on, wert deficient in, had use for, felt the necessity for, in vest, being needy, came close, hunger for, called up on, desiderates, lust, art greedy, make purchase, felt pinch, goes hungry, drave for, in vested, assert oneself, ex pire, art insufficient, suspiring, had a passion for, Hungering, wast inadequate, pro-cured, hath no more, be without, were short of, de sire, has need of, wanted, art need of, drive for, feel the necessity for, drying up, lust after, wert want, is deficient in, coulded do with, too little too late, hadst need of, shopping for, give out, have need of, maroon, feels the pinch, dealing in, in vests, am short, wast consumed with desire, re quiring, was down out, art deficient in, feels necessity for, minused, making a purchase, feel dearth of, had none left, wast deprived of, art short, shops for, wert cleaned out, deal in, yenned, hast a yen for, depended upon, be poor, longs for, haddest need, art cleaned out, itching for, committal, were poor, offer, art in need of, were in want, re questing, had a yen for, fall short in, were insufficient, hast eyes for, are hard up, desideratum, misunderstand, dies for, wast in need of, were deficient in, be found wanting, itched for, felt need, kill, feel the pinch, hath occasion for, copping, is down out, re-deeming, wast greedy, in adequacy, wert consumed with desire, hath yen for, ate heart out, be deficient, make a buy, feeling the pinch, eat heart out, be hot for, in-sufficiency, re quires, yearn for, am deprived, are hot for, are deprived of, drop, is cleaned out, calling upon, insist up on, minusing, ex acts, art inadequate, had passion for, hast passion for, minuses, giving eyeteeth for, coulds do with, am hot for, re deem, had yen for, having a passion for, haddest a passion for, had urge for, was insufficient, hadst a passion for, be short, ate one's heart out, run out, was without, hadst a yen for, disallow, have a passion for, spoiled for, hast use for, re-quired, haddest a yen for, spoilt for, was want, wanting, have need, call upon, wert poor, de-parts, being need of, be short of, hadst yen for, de sired, makes buy, spoiling for, made a purchase, in-adequacy, de sires, being found wanting, refuse, need, has no more, are insufficient, committals, are inadequate, had occasion to, am cleaned out, let go, hast yen for, asks for, asserts oneself, in adequacies, haddest eyes for, stood need, is down and out, in-quired, stand need of, hadst need, driving for, is in need of, not got, in-vests, wast in want, insisted upon, wast want, had occasion for, being cleaned out, hast an urge for, is poor, de-sire, re quire, makes a purchase, was deficient, being deficient in, re-quires, deals in, making purchase, de parted, art consumed with desire, the urges, was cleaned out, wast found wanting, wert out of, wert needy, is found wanting, re-quire, dis tress, stands in need, wert short of, de privation, ex-acting, being poor, hath need of, had no more, was short, went shopping, demand, am need of, suspires, keep, ex acting, hath a passion for, in-quiring, yens for, has ambition, was in want, mislay, gets hold of, get hold of, depended up on, standing in need, hungering for, was needy, comes to close, pined for, ached for, in quire, hath none left, yenned for, comes to a close, in quired, be inadequate, having passion for, art found wanting, haddest occasion for, having none left, am out of, calls up on, yield, hurtinged for, eating one's heart out, eating ones heart out, lose, have none left, having urge for, are down and out, wert insufficient, depend up on, feels dearth of, wert deprived, want, pays for, re-quests, wert need of, wert in need of, be deprived, are poor, comes close, wasting away, having no more, shopped for, Lacked, feels the necessity for, require, suffering privation, being in need of, is deficient, goes shopping, art without, sigh for, miss, hast need, depending upon, forfeit, art want, ex-act, has none left, lack, are short, wert down out, gives eyeteeth for, insist upon, the urge, de part, standing in need of, being in want, art deprived of, art in want, being hot for, art short of, being hard up, dries up, crying out for, waste away, is insufficient, am without, is deprived, am down out, have eyes for, are short of, were want, was deprived, being down out, insisting up on, suffers privation, having use for, be want, has urge for, abstain, were inadequate, was hot for, feel a dearth of, hath eyes for, have ambition, go hungry, feeling pinch, have a yen for, pass up, have-not, is short, asking for, am deficient, is greedy, re quested, pushed for, has need, having occasion for, is needy, are deprived, haddest occasion to, be deficient in, inclined toward, de-sires, are consumed with desire, be-sought, de-parted, ex-acted, ate ones heart out, in-sufficiencies, give, toos little too late, needs, eats ones heart out, are cleaned out, have no more, ex-pire, pro-cures, hast occasion to, pauper, was out of, hurt for, spoils for, pushes for, wastes away, de-part, insists upon, art deficient, hast occasion for, push for, eat one's heart out, hadst an urge for, pine for, am needy, necessitate, haddest no more, hadst no more, yearns for, were short, art hot for, pro cure, stands need of, are down out, hurting for, having occasion to, pro curing, art poor, haddest use for, free, have urge for, has occasion to, haddest urge for, standing need, wast down and out, hast a passion for, is short of, feels pinch, looking for, gat hold of, desist, starve, feel a need, wast down out, had need of, am deprived of, abandon, haddest none left, have occasion to, has occasion for, in sufficiency, coming to a close, dis tresses, have an urge for, dodge, wast deprived, gave eyeteeth for, depend upon, feeling necessity for, hadst eyes for, wast cleaned out, yearning for, in-vested, was deprived of, hadst ambition, dispossess, is need of, wast needy, pro-curing, lusted after, am want, hath occasion to, deny, being deprived of, come to a close, Suspired, am hard up, running out, re-deems, being consumed with desire, is hot for, starves, were found wanting, having need of, wert inadequate, were down out, being insufficient, was inadequate, being without, hurtinging for, Desiderata, pro cured, wert hard up, wast need of, am deficient in, be greedy, falling short in, wert deficient, cry out for, felt dearth of, in quires, oughts, were deprived, were out of, wast short, thirst for, go shopping, sighs for, had need, feeling need, look for, is consumed with desire, was found wanting, dispute, hadst none left, were deficient, re-quiring, being down and out, come close, be insufficient, surrender, were in need of, cried out for, de-sired, beggar, stood need of, stop, in-quire, be cleaned out, am greedy, throw away, Desiderating, hadst occasion for, art needy, calling up on, stood in need of, de-privations, wast hard up, wast deficient, hath use for, was poor, came to close, have passion for, coulding do with, inclines toward, ex act, de parts, called upon, drives for, was greedy, make a purchase, eat ones heart out, yens, paid for, ache for, purchase, making buy, wert down and out, OUTS, forsake, being short, are out of, ignore, Copped, stands in need of, came to a close, gotten hold of, hungers for, art hard up, is without, wert found wanting, hadst passion for, stood in need, exclude, having ambition, inclining toward, feel necessity for, made buy, depends up on, forget, hadst occasion to, hungered for, haddest yen for, give eyeteeth for, yenning for, is out of, stand in need, looked for, devoirs, sighed for, were consumed with desire, hurtings for, made a buy, are deficient, were down and out, haddest need of, comes a close, call up on, tooing little too late, re quired.