Pronunciation of Qualified
/kwˈɒlɪfˌa͡ɪd/, /kwˈɒlɪfˌa‍ɪd/, /k_w_ˈɒ_l_ɪ_f_ˌaɪ_d/

Antonyms for qualified

heavyhanded, more uncool, objectionable, un practiced, unalloyed, neverfailing, more undeserving, un ablest, dis sonant, un-meeter, unseasoned, not worth, most never failing, un-abridged, unfit, inexperienced, most nothing, re prehensible, unmeeter, most good for nothing, be neath, un equipped, un-promising, positive, no ifs ands or buts, in-effectual, in apter, laid low, in compatible, uncool, dis honorable, more butterfingered, un-due, un-equipped, most unadapted, more disqualified, in effectual, in expert, more clashing, un-restrained, in-proficient, in-dubitable, un healthier, more sidelined, un aptest, Unhandy, unskillful, more ill equipped, poor, in dubitable, in-apter, more butter fingered, un-conditional, most clashing, un promising, un-skilled, un-healthy, more inapposite, un-handy, more good for nothing, un seasonable, raw, ex-press, dis-agreeable, unpromising, Impuissant, good for nothing, out right, unfitted, dis qualified, can't make grade, un available, busher, in-eligible, inefficient, in-sufficient, in applicable, not to, dis agreeable, in-expedient, most disqualified, un abler, un-trained, without reservation, un deserving, most illequipped, in-excusable, un-ambiguous, out keeping, bushleague, un-abler, un-merited, sidelined, re-prehensible, butterfingered, most unfitted, more neverfailing, dis-qualified, incapable, more amateur, untalented, absolute, most hogtied, out lunch, most ill equipped, more inproficient, more ill-adapted, un adapted, unadapted, in-effective, in capable, more unalloyed, un meeter, unequipped, un-suitable, un initiated, un-worthier, most sidelined, ill suited, more ineffective, heavy handed, inexpert, illequipped, unworthy, in efficacious, unsuitable, un-meet, most unmerited, most ill adapted, insufficient, un-likely, un-duer, un conditional, un abridged, most inapposite, unconditioned, in-harmonious, un likelier, in-compatible, in effective, ill adapted, clean, more hogtied, out of character, in consistent, out-righter, in proficient, un-adulterated, unskilled, no catch, cant make the grade, not up to, in efficient, un-seemliest, in operative, un equivocal, more ill-equipped, all-out, un cool, most ill-equipped, un-worthiest, inproficient, un-seasonable, un-faltering, out of place, un handier, un handy, most hog-tied, un apter, in congruous, dis-proportionate, in-efficacious, nogood, in-experienced, un-restricted, more impuissant, un-equivocal, un acceptable, no joke, incorrect, free, in-finite, in competent, no strings, cant make grade, in-admissible, more nothing, un worthiest, all-around, out shape, unprepared, not have it, ineffective, in-appropriate, most unproficient, more hog-tied, most hog tied, open, more never-failing, untested, un-limited, un restricted, categorical, ill-equipped, inept, categoric, de-grading, out rightest, un-reserved, cant cut it, in-operative, beginning, most butterfingered, un-ablest, in-efficient, out-right, Butter-fingered, useless, not good enough, un congenial, most unpromising, un mistakable, ex press, most good-for-nothing, dis-sonant, most beneath, un ambiguous, not deserving, most ill-adapted, un-prepared, un faltering, more blundering, in experienced, un-fitted, no can do, green, in-consistent, inadequate, not able, Out of keeping, noaccount, unconditional, mis taken, unproficient, un proficient, un skilled, most butterfingers, in finite, clear, most unalloyed, un-healthiest, butter fingered, more unfitting, dis proportionate, untrained, unqualified, in eligible, un-likelier, inferior, un meetest, un healthy, un-duest, in-adequate, un prepared, can't make the grade, un-becoming, in-congruous, un skillful, out element, most impuissant, un constrained, more butterfingers, unfitting, unhandier, in appropriate, in-expert, in capacitated, out and out, more unmerited, out righter, in-apposite, untried, more unadapted, no ifs ands buts, more unpromising, unsatisfactory, un likely, ineligible, in harmonious, most blundering, most inproficient, de terminate, more unproficient, dis reputable, in-capacitated, unequal, inapposite, de-terminate, de grading, un suited, straight-out, most uncool, disqualified, un befitting, unschooled, in expedient, un-acceptable, cool, bushest, un fitted, un-cool, ill equipped, no holds barred, un-befitting, un-skillful, no kicker, out character, most unequipped, never-failing, most illadapted, more unfitted, un-meetest, un likeliest, unmerited, un-questionable, most amateur, de-finite, more positive, in correct, unregistered, not fit, un fit, not cut out for, no good, clearcut, un-qualified, un handiest, un suitable, dis-reputable, more illequipped, un-alloyed, unhandiest, ignorant, un fitting, dis-honorable, un-mistakable, un-matched, un qualified, incompetent, most butter fingered, un adulterated, un-apter, un-fit, unable, be-neath, more hog tied, uncalledfor, more unequipped, un-seemlier, cant hack it, most neverfailing, un-suited, out place, more butter-fingered, un-fitting, most unfitting, quack, in apposite, all out, inappropriate, most butter-fingered, illadapted, un desirable, flat, de finite, ill-adapted, un worthier, new, in-competent, can't cut it, most never-failing, straight out, worthless, un worthy, unrestricted, illsuited, no strings attached, clear cut, impotent, not equal to, un mitigated, un seemlier, out commission, un trained, un healthiest, in-capable, un merited, in excusable, unlimited, un becoming, un seemly, un-mitigated, out of shape, un duest, never failing, un-handier, unmodified, un-available, un due, in sufficient, in adequate, dis graceful, un-congenial, un-proficient, no fine print, in-applicable, dis-graceful, un-desirable, in-felicitous, un seemliest.