Pronunciation of Rebel
/ɹ_ˈɛ_b_əl/, /ɹˈɛbə͡l/, /ɹˈɛbə‍l/

Antonyms for rebel

loyalist, dis-charging, Trainable, acted upon, act upon, didst ones bidding, dost one bidding, dis-charged, make peace, bowed to, play second fiddle, agree, obeys, doing one's bidding, doth what is expected, observe, respectful, subservient, didst duty, doth what one is told, toe line, obliging, wert ruled by, didst one's duty, doest ones bidding, dis charge, doing bidding, Responding, doeth ones duty, slavish, obsequious, sur-renders, doth duty, doeth bidding, do as one says, obey, dis charged, doth one duty, doeth what is told, do as says, giving way, doeth duty, doth one bidding, doth one's duty, didst what one is told, didst ones duty, am ruled by, support, didst as one says, is ruled by, take orders, dost as one says, played second fiddle, adhering to, holding fast, do one duty, doth one's bidding, polite, yielding, plays second fiddle, do one's duty, laud, dost ones duty, proper, courteous, did what is told, did one bidding, art loyal to, disciplined, am loyal to, does as one says, doeth one's bidding, doeth one duty, comply, didst bidding, acquiescent, are ruled by, did what is expected, sur rendering, didst what is told, dis charges, mannerly, holds fast, does what is told, gat line, orderly, dost one duty, does one bidding, doest as one says, does duty, being loyal to, adheres to, do duty, kowtowing, sur renders, bow to, did one's bidding, bowing to, approve, does bidding, sur-rendered, doeth one's duty, doth bidding, live by, agreeable, held fast, living by, doing one bidding, gets line, sur rendered, dost one's bidding, didst one's bidding, doest ones duty, doest bidding, be ruled by, doing duty, controllable, sur-render, acts up on, didst one duty, compliant, doeth what is expected, goose step, adherent, lose, doeth as says, well-bred, doeth one bidding, doing ones duty, does as says, dost what one is told, doest what one is told, does ones bidding, did as says, gotten line, doeth what one is told, does what one is told, doing as one says, takes orders, give in, doest what is told, doth ones duty, was loyal to, wast loyal to, endorse, bows to, did as one says, manageable, dost duty, sur-rendering, were loyal to, wert loyal to, doing what one is told, surrender, follow, doest one duty, dost bidding, dost what is told, doest duty, did ones bidding, doth as one says, being ruled by, doeth ones bidding, dost ones bidding, yield, acts upon, doest as says, got line, doing what is told, dost one's duty, do what one is told, doing ones bidding, dost as says, doth ones bidding, did duty, wast ruled by, doing one's duty, doeth as one says, lives by, deferential, acting up on, doing one duty, compliment, playing second fiddle, is loyal to, doth what is told, be loyal to, dis charging, dis-charge, governable, adhered to, gets in line, do what is expected, decorous, was ruled by, ruly, do one's bidding, dis-charges, getting in line, complaisant, adhere to, acting upon, servile, got in line, obedient, art ruled by, dost what is expected, sanction, do ones duty, gat in line, did ones duty, do what is told, doest one's bidding, doth as says, acted up on, getting line, get in line, gotten in line, were ruled by, does one's bidding, does one duty, hold fast, lived by, did what one is told, give way, get line, gave way, praise, act up on, do ones bidding, does what is expected, did one's duty, took orders, didst what is expected, didst one bidding, does one's duty, does ones duty, do one bidding, did one duty, doest one's duty, do bidding, amiable, doest what is expected, doing as says, taking orders, doing what is expected, didst as says, doest one bidding, cooperative, did bidding.