Pronunciation of Bow
/bˈə͡ʊ/, /bˈə‍ʊ/, /b_ˈəʊ/

Synonyms for bow:

curvature (noun)

arch, bend, curvature, parabola, roundedness.

curve (noun)

arch, circle, crescent, crook, curvature, curve, horseshoe, meniscus, parabola, sinus, spiral.

front (noun)

anterior, avant-garde, face, forefront, forepart, front, leader, nose, point, scout, vanguard.

Sense 1 (noun)

aft, amidships, arbalest, arbalist, bay, beam, berth, bilge, blade, boom, bowsprit, crossbow, weapon, Stone-bow, back bow, self-bow, single-piece bow, union bow.

Sense 2 (noun)

arrow, arrowhead, bob, bolt, cower, curtsey, dip, drop, duck, kneel, quiver, rise, shaft, tower.

Sense 3 (noun)

balance, bestride, burrow, crane, double over, hump, hunch, posture.

Sense 4 (noun)

bellows, bridge, buckle, catgut, damper, drumstick, fold, fret, hammer, head, key, resist.

Sense 5 (noun)

granny knot, knot, precede, reef knot, square knot, slip knot.

Sense 6 (noun)

courtesy, genuflection.

bend from waist (noun)

angle, arc, arch, bend, bending, bob, curtsy, curvature, curve, flection, flexure, genuflection, inclination, kowtow, nod, obeisance, round, salaam, turn, turning, Curvation.

bow (noun)

accede, arc, bend, bow down, bowing, bowknot, crouch, curtain call, defer, fore, give in, obeisance, prow, stem, stoop, submit.

curvature (noun)

arch, curvature, parabola, roundedness.

curve (noun)

circle, crescent, crook, curve, horseshoe, meniscus, sinus, spiral.

front (noun)

anterior, avant-garde, face, forefront, forepart, front, leader, nose, point, scout, vanguard.

front of boat (noun)

beak, bowsprit, fore, forepart, head, nose, prow, stem.

bend (verb)

contort, deflect, flex, refract, twist, warp, bend, crook, curve.

bend over (verb)

cower, crook, debase, dip, droop, duck, genuflect, hunch, incline, stoop, do obeisance.

comply (verb)

accept, acquiesce, adhere, agree, assent, bend, capitulate, cave, cede, comply, concur, conform, consent, defer, fulfill, genuflect, knuckle under, kowtow, obey, observe, respect, submit, succumb, surrender, yield.

curve (verb)

camber, hang, hook, round, sag, sweep, swerve, arch, bend, crook, curve.

greet (verb)

accost, acknowledge, approach, curtsy, embrace, greet, hail, hug, kiss, nod, notice, receive, salaam, salute, signal, smile, vociferate, wave, welcome, shake hands with, kowtow.

submit, concede (verb)

accept, acquiesce, capitulate, cave, comply, defer, give in, knuckle, knuckle under, relent, succumb, surrender, yield, be servile.

Sense 1

accommodate, aft, amidships, arrow, arrowhead, beam, berth, bestride, bilge, bowsprit, brig, bulwark, burrow, capstan, catgut, cleat, conning tower, cower, crane, damper, double over, ensconce, escape hatch, fender, figurehead, fo'c'sle, forecastle, galley, gangplank, gangway, genuflection, granny knot, gunnel, gunwale, hawser, helm, hydrofoil, jib, keel, kneel, lanyard, loll, mainsail, mizzen, oakum, oarlock, outrigger, paddle, pillow, plectrum, porcelain, porthole, promenade deck, propeller, quarterdeck, ram, reef knot, resonator, rudder, sail, saloon, sheet, sickbay, slouch, snuggle, spar, spinnaker, square knot, starboard, steerage, stern, stowage, sun deck, thwart, tiller, topside, turret, wardroom, waterline, wheelhouse, crow's nest, muster station, slip knot, tuning peg.

Sense 2

acknowledgment, arm, bay, bellows, boom, cockpit, deck, drape, drumstick, flight deck, fret, hitch, hull, hunch, inclination, mast, masthead, move over, nestle, port, reverence, rigging, stick up, suck in, suffer, tie, waist, soft pedal.

Sense 3

blade, bolt, bridge, buckle, cabin, catapult, funnel, keyboard, move up, neck, pedal, quiver, reed, straddle, superstructure, tuck, valve.

Sense 4

get down, huddle, melt, mouthpiece, mute, peg, pick, pipe, resume.

Sense 5

draw up, duck, knot, shaft, turn over.

Sense 6

fold, key, lie, side.

Sense 7

lean, shift, stir.

Sense 8

stop, throw.

Sense 9

hammer, roll, string.

Sense 11


Sense 13

balance, head.

Sense 14

hold, move.

Sense 16








Usage examples for bow:

Idioms for bow:

Rhymes for bow:

  • giraud, renaud, pow, now, stow, koh, row, whoa, fao, co, rao, glo, plough, gloe, gow, sow, turbot, luo, joh, fro, know, goe, beaux, yoe, defoe, woe, foe, mao, plow, mau, poe, floe, wow, rondeau, toe, thibault, shao, sloe, chateau, rouleau, roe, noh, ro, vo, strow, plough, macau, loew, shao, scow, slow, sgro, lau, lo, kau, ho, papo, hello, gro, cho, rao, bo, crow, tao, sew, stowe, aue, vow, loew, o', frau, rideau, brau, loe, renaud, loe, tao, kayo, kowtow, meow, clough, snow, cow, goe, wo, marceau, tableaux, o', undergo, lo, yao, chateau, vo, rau, forego, clough, xiao, know, rouleau, mo, oh, outgrow, tallyho, ngo, so, rideau, cow, gro, yow, bio, show, gow, dau, bordeaux, so, aux, blow, lowe, nau, beaux, low, noe, tableaux, row, sgro, low, though, inco, escrow, rho, ro, bro, truffaut, noh, poh, yau, snow, kau, inco, sao, yao, flo, mo, bro, scow, marceau, pao, loh, hoe, tableau, frau, margaux, tyo, ko, chau, chateaux, flo, aue, cro, cao, cousteau, poh, yo, outgrow, mow, mow, kayo, foe, vow, jo, escoe, trow, dao, goh, dough, munro, plateau, loewe, rowe, eau, tsao, thoreau, gau, bao, cloe, hau, tso, ow, chateaux, papo, koh, nouveau, tableau, glow, pro, chow, lough, devaux, fro, turbot, truffaut, uno, cho, munro, perot, jo, escrow, cloe, gloe, now, quo, thou, brow, go, cabo, how, dowe, moe, bo, luo, tow, though, loewe, thoreau, pao, monroe, brau, gau, boe, bordeaux, goh, perot, boe, tallyho, chau, nau, tarot, hoh, shough, whoa, so-so, ow, yoe, bowe, blow, forego, poe, crow, bough, co, au, rowe, sow, joe, tho, owe, lao, kowtow, doe, kao, xiao, moe, monroe, coe, mao, ko, thao, dao, rho, how, escoe, ho, howe, stow, tarot, throw, tso, prow, macau, gogh, chow, bowe, meow, kyo, quo, grow, oh, trow, joh, toe, tau, hoh, defoe, doh, dowe, tow, hello, bough, dow, zoh, lau, floe, doh, tho, yow, bao, hoe, plow, uno, sew, sao, joe, giraud, roe, cousteau, pow, lao, tau, aux, mau, kao, bestow, ngo, owe, dow, dough, brow, beau, cabo, zoh, prow, roh, flow, lough, yoh, eau, shough, forgo, doe, hao, undergo, wow, nouveau, hao, below, pough, thibault, yo, margaux, glow, peugeot, devaux, stowe, throw, grow, so-so, forgo, cao, yau, wo, gogh, below, cro, yoh, slow, tsao, coe, glo, flow, bio, go, dau, peugeot, bestow, tyo, thao, noe, loh, lowe, fao, plateau, thou, kyo, pough, pro, howe, beau, strow, rondeau, au, rau, roh, hau, sloe, show, woe;
  • macao, although, pernod, endow, avow, miro, allow, ago, renault, bilbao, renault, arnaud, liao, arnaud, aglow, although, allow, endow, miro, macao, pernod, avow, aglow, bilbao, ago, arnault, liao, arnault;
  • eeo, taekwondo, ivo, disavow, disallow, overflow, apropos, mindanao, apropos, disavow, mindanao, overflow, disallow, taekwondo, ivo, eeo, imo, imo;
  • celo, celo;

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