Give Way

Pronunciation of Give Way
/ɡˈɪv wˈe͡ɪ/, /ɡˈɪv wˈe‍ɪ/, /ɡ_ˈɪ_v w_ˈeɪ/

Antonyms for give way:

hinder, defend, incite, re strained, call the signals, piloting, Shepherding, super-vised, dis-posing, free, disciplined, wast in the driver seat, expect, encourage, wore the crown, were in power, am driver seat, am the driver's seat, pre-disposing, under-lain, wert drivers seat, anticipate, assume command, wear the crown, begin, is in power, forge, were the driver's seat, contradict, holds office, wast in the driver's seat, over seeing, super-intend, fight, help, super-intends, got the better of, heading up, called signals, being driver's seat, art the driver's seat, wert in the driver's seat, prolong, suppress, wert in driver seat, ignore, over seen, over-saw, hold office, wert driver seat, called the signals, fail, art the driver seat, question, were in the driver's seat, are in the driver's seat, re strains, neglect, under lied, getting the better of, leave alone, excite, super intends, gat the better of, animate, miss, pre disposes, being in drivers seat, mutiny, lay down law, have faith, under-lying, were in the drivers seat, hold sway, is driver seat, gotten the better of, overcome, be in the drivers seat, climb, over-rules, am power, reach, over ruling, are in the driver seat, am the drivers seat, super vising, overlook, over sees, re-straining, lay down the law, rebel, laid down the law, holding dominion, praise, held dominion, calling the signals, was in the drivers seat, bear, directionalizes, dis-posed, forget, are in drivers seat, be driver's seat, dispute, enhance, stop, develop, are power, assert, withstand, pulled the strings, disallow, join, mend, served the people, allow, are in driver's seat, be drivers seat, increase, loose, governs, am in driver's seat, were the drivers seat, being in the driver's seat, were drivers seat, being power, over ruled, object, veto, laying down the law, heads up, build up, are in power, over-rule, oppose, be driver seat, was in the driver's seat, wast the driver's seat, serves people, gat better of, re strain, am in driver seat, are the driver's seat, held sway, aggravate, super-vise, be in drivers seat, finish, scale, wast drivers seat, art in the driver seat, accomplish, being driver seat, being the drivers seat, is power, calling signals, were in driver's seat, ascend, activate, sub due, wait, dis pose, super intending, is the drivers seat, take, dis posed, am the driver seat, exercised authority, over-ruling, in-clines, Piloted, dis posing, wert in the driver seat, meet, art the drivers seat, directionalize, deny, wast in power, gotten better of, wearing crown, wast the driver seat, occupied throne, was the driver seat, Disciplining, art power, get better of, is in the driver's seat, energize, art in drivers seat, are driver's seat, re-strained, engage, be in the driver seat, be the driver seat, straighten, compliment, get the better of, hold, pull strings, laying down law, assumes command, advance, go up, underlied, exercising authority, under lain, exercises authority, dissuade, in cline, persevere, holding office, ask, captained, govern, was in drivers seat, strengthen, wast in driver's seat, clean, be the driver's seat, call shots, disobey, close, getting better of, directionalizing, holding sway, was the driver's seat, bulge, worry, directionalized, inflate, refresh, were in driver seat, arrive, are driver seat, aid, counter, art in driver seat, fix, continue, be the drivers seat, pre dispose, be in power, over see, disapprove, serving the people, be in driver's seat, stay, tighten, pursue, under-lay, being the driver seat, being in the drivers seat, holds sway, be power, steady, is drivers seat, pulling the strings, hide, re-strain, sub-due, wast in drivers seat, Shepherded, discourage, re-strains, decline, is in drivers seat, captaining, be born, holds dominion, improve, assuming command, wert in power, super intend, pull together, put together, disregard, in clines, face, come, super-intended, lays down law, being drivers seat, got better of, am drivers seat, wears the crown, being in driver seat, dis-pose, pulls strings, calls signals, prevent, attach, draw up, being in driver's seat, combine, over rules, art in driver's seat, governed, be in the driver's seat, head up, enlarge, over-ruled, permit, occupying throne, pre-disposed, are the driver seat, art in the drivers seat, misunderstand, hope, resist, occupy throne, is in driver's seat, laid down law, sub dues, super vise, in-cline, expand, leave, under lay, succeed, under-lied, pre-disposes, was in driver's seat, serves the people, art in the driver's seat, pre disposing, enter, was in the driver seat, retain, are in driver seat, are in the drivers seat, withhold, create, dissent, serve people, headed up, were power, was power, come in, conquer, wore crown, protest, gets better of, refuse, are the drivers seat, gets the better of, be calm, sub-dues, invigorate, unite, extend, attain, were in the driver seat, rise, is driver's seat, disagree, calls the signals, pulling strings, wish for, wast in the drivers seat, overthrow, assist, over saw, repress, refrain, purify, keep, art in power, call signals, pre-dispose, argue, agree, am in drivers seat, flatten, wast driver's seat, be in driver seat, wast in driver seat, was in driver seat, conceal, reject, wert in drivers seat, serve the people, was drivers seat, is in the drivers seat, is in the driver seat, wert the drivers seat, super vised, super intended, held office, are drivers seat, approve, over-sees, wast the drivers seat, underlain, smooth, wert power, stretch, differ, being in the driver seat, grow, sew, raise, serving people, achieve, wast driver seat, was driver seat, underlie, being the driver's seat, is in driver seat, underlay, remain, over-seen, wert the driver seat, am driver's seat, re straining, assumed command, being in power, super-intending, underlies, liberate, hold up, compose, build, win, is the driver's seat, agitate.

Synonyms for give way:

budge (verb)

bend, change, convince, inch, influence, locomote, move, persuade, propel, push, remove, roll, shift, slide, stir, sway, yield, change position.

chicken out (verb)

avoid, back down, back out, beg off, bow out, cancel, chicken out, cop out, give up, go back on, pull out, recant, renege, resign, scratch, surrender, throw in the towel, welsh, withdraw, worm out, back pedal, have no stomach for, wimp out, weasel out, blow it off, get cold feet, shy from, wiggle out, funk out, make concessions, turn yellow.

collapse (verb)

break, cave in, conk out, crumple, deflate, disintegrate, droop, drop, exhaust, faint, fall down, flag, flake out, fold, founder, give, give in, give out, go, go to pieces, keel over, languish, shatter, subside, succumb, tire, topple, weaken, weary, wilt, belly up, crack up.

crack (verb)

blow up, break down, bug out, collapse, flip, lose it, go crazy, become insane, become deranged, blow one's mind, go bonkers.

crash (verb)

bump, collide, ditch, dive, fall flat, go in, hurtle, lurch, overbalance, overturn, pancake, pitch, plunge, prang, slip, smash, sprawl, tumble, upset, washout, bite the dust, splash down, crash-land, drive into, fall headlong, fall prostrate, plough into.

crumple (verb)

buckle, crease, crimp, crinkle, crush, fall, pucker, ruck, rumple, scrunch, shrivel, wad, wrinkle, Rimple, Crimple, screw.

cry uncle (verb)

put one's tail between one's legs.

despair (verb)

abandon, despond, destroy, relinquish, renounce, take down, lose heart, lose faith, be hopeless, let air out, have heavy heart.

fall (verb)

capitulate, die, go down, go under, lie down, obey, perish, slump, submit, defer to, eat dirt, be lost, be casualty, be destroyed, be killed, be taken, fall to pieces, pass into enemy hands.

give (verb)

cave, cede, concede, contract, crumble, devote, flex, fold up, grant, hand over, lend, open, recede, relax, relent, retire, retreat, sag, shrink, sink, slacken, bow to.

obey (verb)

abide by, accede, accept, accord, acquiesce, act upon, answer, assent, carry out, comply, concur, discharge, embrace, execute, follow, fulfill, heed, hold fast, knuckle under, mind, observe, perform, respond, serve, take orders, toe the line, live by, adhere to, get in line, be ruled by, be loyal to, do as one says, do one's bidding, do one's duty, do what is expected, do what one is told, play second fiddle.

relent (verb)

come around, cool it, die away, ease, ease off, ebb, forbear, let go, lighten up, mellow out, melt, moderate, quit, slow, soften, wane, show mercy, go along with, be merciful, change one's mind, ease up on, give quarter, give some slack, go easy on, have mercy, have pity, lay back, let it happen, say uncle, cry uncle.

retire (verb)

decamp, depart, draw back, exit, fall back, get away, get off, go away, go to bed, go to sleep, hit the sack, part, pull back, regress, repeal, rescind, revoke, run along, rusticate, secede, separate, turn in, take off, deny oneself, seclude oneself, give ground, give up work, go to one's room, leave service, make vacant, sever connections, stop working, absent oneself.

sag (verb)

bag, bow, bulge, curve, dangle, dip, fall away, fall off, flap, flop, hang, lean, settle, swag, drop off, hang down.

snap (verb)

click, come apart, crackle, fracture, pop, crack.

split (verb)

bifurcate, branch, burst, cleave, dichotomize, disband, disjoin, dissever, disunite, diverge, divide, divorce, fork, gape, hack, isolate, rend, rip, rive, sever, slash, slit, snap, splinter, sunder, tear, whack, put asunder, part company, come undone, go separate ways.

submit (verb)

abide, acknowledge, appease, defer, give away, humor, indulge, knuckle, kowtow, stoop, tolerate, truckle, put up with, resign oneself, eat crow, grin and bear it, be submissive, go with the flow, lay down arms.

succumb (verb)

cease, croak, decease, demise, expire, pass, pass away, take the count, pack it in, fall victim to, give in to, give up the ghost, meet waterloo, show white flag.

superannuate (verb)

pension, put out to pasture.

weaken (verb)

abate, adulterate, cripple, cut, debase, debilitate, decrease, depress, devitalize, dilute, diminish, dwindle, ease up, enervate, fade, halt, impair, impoverish, invalidate, lessen, limp, lose, lower, minimize, mitigate, reduce, relapse, sap, slow down, temper, thin, thin out, totter, tremble, undermine, vitiate, water down, break up, lose spirit.

withdraw (verb)

abjure, bail out, blow, book, check out, detach, disengage, draw away, drop out, eliminate, extract, keep apart, phase out, quail, recoil, switch, take leave, take out, vacate, take away, ease out, keep aloof, take a hike, get lost, exfiltrate, make oneself scarce.

yield (verb)

abdicate, buy, part with, call it quits, come to terms, admit defeat, give oneself over, suffer defeat.

Sense 1

interchange, mope, renew, replace, represent, rotate, substitute, supersede, supplant, swap, switch, usurp, despair of, make up for, supersize, sit in for.

Sense 2

change, displace, fall over, relieve, spell, topple.

Sense 3

fall down, subside, succeed.

Sense 4

reverse, trade.

Sense 5


Sense 7


Sense 9

come down.

Sense 10



fall back, yield.

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