Pronunciation of Confront
/k_ə_n_f_ɹ_ˈʌ_n_t/, /kənfɹˈʌnt/, /kənfɹˈʌnt/

Antonyms for confront

skulk, come short, snuck away, steering clear of, seagulling, short circuiting, slough off, am beyond someone, de parted, made quick exit, dis appear, de tours, hastens away, worming one way out of, slip away, circumvent, taking it lam, burst out, flathatted, un burden, hold bay, holding bay, flat hat, hiding out, skirt, get out of, double talking, over state, by passed, fly the coop, mis speak, be lying, be guiles, beg the question, takes it lam, cuts run, turns aside, sits on fence, gets away with, dis-possessing, took powder, suffered loss, drop bundle, dis-possess, mis spends, dis possessing, sur-renders, steered clear of, am noncommittal, puts the move on, takes the lam, burke, pre-tends, be-lying, take on the lam, gave the run around, made a getaway, de-parting, is taken cleaners, wandered from, flipflopping, re coil, ex pended, re-treating, de-camps, being reduced, moves the side, taking on the lam, are worsted, misspeaks, tiptoeing, told white lie, mis represents, coming short, being humbled, be lied, be-reft, be-reaved, re-tire, beating around the bush, ex-pends, co-loring, mis-speaks, kept distance, out wits, coldshoulders, jiving, fore-stalling, taking beating, kept clear of, Girdled, took beating, am humbled, flew the coop, mis-speaking, slipped out, sate on the fence, runs off, dis place, phonied up, art the loser, dis appoints, de part, making scarce, falling short, lam, being sunk, moving to the side, cold-shoulders, goes like the wind, haddest no part of, is sunk, coldshouldering, sur-rendering, giving run around, take a hop, re tires, jets out, misspoken, dis-place, took a hop, mis speaks, short-circuits, kept away from, dis-torts, covering up, be loser, went scot-free, dis-places, out wit, ex pend, pre venting, watched one step, taking a hop, dis appointed, take on lam, cuts and run, ex pending, am the loser, tap dancing, am impoverished, worms ones way out of, out witting, left behind, cold-shouldering, bend throttle, took heat, beat around the bush, hath no part of, in venting, had nothing to do with, remains aloft, running for it, being taken cleaners, made a quick exit, minced words, hasten away, keeping distance, failed keep, getting around, wriggling out, took the lam, failing keep, got away, failed to keep, begs the question, are careless, dis appears, mince words, coldshouldered, gat around, become poorer, cold-shouldered, wast careless, bending throttle, by passes, out-flanks, begged the question, re fuse, kissing goodbye, gave the runaround, out run, bended throttle, de-camped, ducked the issues, are taken cleaners, de toured, turn aside, kiss goodbye, sur-rendered, pre vent, was noncommittal, be careless, playing hooky, getting away, worming ones way out of, get away with, de faulted, escape, de-faults, lied down job, lays low, be worsted, wandering from, re buffed, double-talking, concealing oneself, takes on lam, gat away with, ran from, re-ceding, gat away from, art worsted, co oping, had nothing do with, be reaves, sat fence, takes the count, plays it close the vest, flat-hat, dis inherits, flies coop, covered up, reject, art careless, shortcircuit, re-ceded, bending the throttle, sate on fence, danced around an issue, unburden, dances around an issue, ran away, be-guiles, run its course, unburdens, putting move on, art loser, dropped bundle, flat-hatting, moves side, is worsted, tergiverse, moving to side, de sert, am sunk, wast taken cleaners, dis placed, gives someone the slip, out flank, turn back on, led a merry chase, haddest nothing to do with, begging the question, over-reach, treading warily, fore-stalls, gotten away, tergiverses, falls short, playing it close to vest, being noncommittal, comes short, over stating, detouring, haddest nothing do with, runs for it, is taken to cleaners, watching step, play close vest, moves to the side, double talked, de faulting, co-oped, dancing around an issue, suffers defeat, ducking issues, de-toured, wert worsted, de-tours, makes getaway, is humbled, was reduced, wert the loser, dis-appeared, goes like wind, de-faulting, made scarce, sur rounding, flip flopped, dis inheriting, mis-representing, burked, shuffling off, clouded the issue, sieges, tergiversed, drop a bundle, made getaway, bursted out, de-touring, dis-possesses, taking the heat, move to the side, wast reduced, taking flight, watching ones step, over reaching, lie in wait, put move on, dis possessed, re-treats, flat-hats, cut run, hadst nothing to do with, beating around bush, were beyond someone, cut and run, beat around bush, sur-rounding, de camp, shake off, treads warily, sub-merging, keeps clear of, run off, staid shy of, beats around the bush, flies the coop, sloughed off, remained aloft, de tour, re tired, making quick exit, get away, by pass, moving the side, holding at bay, equivocate, flying the coop, wast the loser, skips out on, take flight, dis torts, sur rendered, suffering defeat, worm ones way out of, avoid, wert noncommittal, re coiled, stayed shy of, beats around bush, mis represent, be reaving, gives the slip, be taken cleaners, taking hop, giving the runaround, wast sunk, re coiling, run out on, lay wait, de-fault, am loser, de parts, fly, de-faulted, has no part of, leave behind, jetting out, phony up, plays it close to vest, wert outdistanced, fore stalling, passes up, barreled, fail keep, piloting, re-ached, give the runaround, re coils, is outdistanced, prevaricate, hem in, hadst no part of, bended the throttle, playing close to vest, sur renders, short circuits, take the lam, give the run around, moved side, leaved behind, surrender, whooshed, elude, re pulsed, Tiptoes, comes up short, taking count, short-circuit, take a beating, blow hot cold, cold shouldering, moves to side, watch one step, pre-venting, gave someone the slip, wast beyond someone, by-passed, play it close to vest, takes count, go like wind, lying in wait, danced around issue, gives the run around, moved to side, doubletalk, weasel, takes it on lam, dis placing, hastening away, hedge, am outdistanced, winging in, in-vented, gets out of, dis-placing, seagull, jetted over, conceals oneself, kissed goodbye, played close to the vest, re-coiled, watches one's step, runs away, slipt away, sate the fence, mis represented, circumlocute, re-treated, Burkes, took hop, be-reaves, plays it close to the vest, dis-inherited, out-wit, mis-speak, flathats, skying out, flat-hatted, begged question, winged in, dropped a bundle, shuffles off, out-flanked, hided out, goes scot-free, art humbled, clouding the issue, worms one way out of, make a quick exit, ran around, shirk, went like the wind, darking, mis-placing, mis speaking, covers up, sieged, giving someone slip, re-aching, give someone slip, give up, with-drawing, making a quick exit, ducking the issues, not touches, are beyond someone, hath nothing do with, were careless, play close to vest, unburdened, pre tending, re buffing, bent throttle, taking lam, tread warily, in vents, proceed, giving slip, gives runaround, sur rendering, hem haw, fore-stall, be taken to cleaners, having no part of, Barreling, shakes off, un-burdened, come up short, re-buffs, sit on the fence, wanders from, using up, was beyond someone, stealing away, are reduced, de parting, lit out, be guile, being taken to cleaners, re-fuse, gives someone slip, ward off, co loring, being outdistanced, becoming poorer, bent the throttle, Careered, takes wing, stays shy of, move, mis-spent, pre vents, giving the slip, doubletalked, got away with, un burdens, stay shy of, go scot-free, dis inherited, wert taken cleaners, gets around, dis appearing, re-fused, re pulsing, circumlocuted, be reft, de-cline, mis-spoke, having nothing to do with, loses out, re-buffed, sit on fence, out witted, go scotfree, migrate, art taken to cleaners, plays close to vest, take it the lam, playing close to the vest, By-pass, flathatting, laid low, give a wide berth, are the loser, dis places, skyed out, suffer defeat, dis possess, flying coop, being beyond someone, de-sert, de clines, plays close the vest, sitting fence, wast taken to cleaners, re cedes, goldbrick, pre tends, gat out of, hid out, holds bay, takes it on the lam, wander from, take hop, wert sunk, playing close the vest, art noncommittal, work out of, conceal oneself, double-talked, flip flopping, dis-inherit, with draws, Fleeted, be-reaving, dances around issue, runs from, suffering loss, sitting on fence, getting away with, sur-rounded, re fusing, mis spent, give the slip, lying down on job, worm one way out of, dis inherit, fore stalls, lead a merry chase, darked, with-drew, de cline, art outdistanced, sub merges, re fused, takes a hop, in vent, flinch, mis placing, bends the throttle, giving a wide berth, un-burdens, shun, getting out of, wormed one's way out of, gets away from, is beyond someone, sits on the fence, pre-vented, jets over, wert careless, juked, lay down on job, art sunk, be impoverished, ran for it, leads a merry chase, be-lied, out flanked, putting the move on, came up short, taking wing, lead on a merry chase, stand aloof from, took it lam, taking it on lam, laying low, re fuses, wert beyond someone, takes a powder, Short-circuiting, pass up, steer clear of, de camped, leading on merry chase, shortcircuiting, unburdening, make quick exit, running from, ducks the issues, running out on, by-passes, put the move on, being impoverished, drops a bundle, played hooky, took a beating, makes a quick exit, played close to vest, be humbled, out-runs, mis placed, be reduced, runs its course, over-reaching, sate fence, slips out, mis representing, skipped out on, works out of, play it close the vest, not touched, are taken to cleaners, lying wait, get around, being loser, be reaved, seagulled, skip out on, keep distance, give someone the slip, re aching, plays it close vest, lied wait, steals away, lose out, make scarce, move side, by passing, Bumming, de-part, worm way out of, becomes poorer, give slip, making a getaway, lay low, ducks issues, gets away, begging question, flat hatted, lose, re buff, be-guile, out-flank, mincing words, re tiring, watches one step, Winging, moving side, coldshoulder, re treating, uses up, play it close vest, stole away, sub merging, tiptoed, dropping a bundle, depart, over reach, sub-merge, shilly shally, over-reaches, are outdistanced, played it close to vest, dis-inherits, de-tour, de-parted, running off, went like wind, dancing around issue, turned aside, de camping, hast nothing do with, circumlocutes, having nothing do with, wrought out of, re strict, dropt a bundle, mis spoken, ex-pended, were loser, wormed way out of, took on lam, making getaway, shuffled off, kisses goodbye, take the count, shillyshally, clouded issue, run from, leaving behind, keeping clear of, dis-appearing, de faults, de-camping, bend the throttle, sneaks away, sloughing off, un burdened, took count, pussyfoot, run for it, skies out, keeps away from, taking powder, was worsted, queers, played it close the vest, was loser, re-pulsing, cloud the issue, taking on lam, pre-vents, giving wide berth, in vented, over reaches, played close the vest, staying shy of, cop plea, makes quick exit, were reduced, Flinched, dodge, shortcircuited, getting away from, jetted out, ran out on, took the count, were worsted, mis-represent, has nothing do with, took on the lam, taking heat, queered, watches step, fended off, take the heat, art beyond someone, gave wide berth to, pre-vent, sur rounded, minces words, fails keep, passed up, is impoverished, sub-merged, art reduced, gotten away from, keep clear of, dis-appointing, resist, taking the count, short circuited, drops bundle, take lam, barrelled, takes the heat, giving wide berth to, fall short, run away, led merry chase, Careering, was sunk, shortcircuits, slips away, stands aloof from, gave slip, gives run around, wast noncommittal, give runaround, out-wits, sub-merges, gotten out of, sit the fence, holds at bay, Forfend, go like the wind, over reached, goes scot free, took the heat, standing aloof from, steers clear of, turning aside, passing up, were humbled, going like the wind, sidestep, led on a merry chase, mis-represents, re-coiling, seagulls, with drawn, took wing, takes hop, were taken to cleaners, wast humbled, gives the runaround, Short-circuited, fails to keep, dance around an issue, whooshes, wert impoverished, sits fence, take heat, leads on a merry chase, going scotfree, running its course, sieging, cutting run, dis appoint, were noncommittal, leading a merry chase, telling white lie, were the loser, pre-tended, mis-place, takes on the lam, Juke, puts move on, de-clines, took it on lam, fail to keep, worm one's way out of, gave run around, jet over, lied down on job, out runs, took it the lam, evade, beg question, take beating, be-reave, sits the fence, out-run, phonying up, eschew, dis appointing, make a getaway, made oneself scarce, sat the fence, were sunk, wormed one way out of, takes powder, became poorer, out-running, sat on fence, out-witting, detoured, slipped away, runs around, was taken cleaners, wast outdistanced, begs question, playing close vest, tap danced, play hooky, lay down job, run around, gave wide berth, art impoverished, gives wide berth to, cutting and run, wert reduced, with-drawn, take count, are humbled, taking a powder, hide out, move to side, taking the lam, dis-appears, dropping bundle, ex-pending, shake, not touch, sky out, giving runaround, jive, pre tend, leaves behind, was careless, wormed ones way out of, was impoverished, taking it on the lam, worming one's way out of, steal away, used up, re-pulsed, tell white lie, clouds the issue, with drew, not touching, played it close to the vest, worked out of, duck out, am taken cleaners, re ached, mis-spending, move the side, hast nothing to do with, fudge, worms one's way out of, hadst nothing do with, leading on a merry chase, flathat, flip-flopping, am careless, in-vents, gives a wide berth, lies wait, parry, flat hatting, cloud issue, came short, play close the vest, un burdening, circumlocuting, re-cedes, being the loser, Piloted, mis-places, de-camp, sneaking away, bursts out, re tire, are sunk, are impoverished, re-coil, back down, be beyond someone, give wide berth to, watches ones step, lies in wait, be sunk, de touring, trod warily, leads merry chase, flip-flopped, were taken cleaners, clouds issue, mis-represented, was taken to cleaners, re-treat, with drawing, mis-spends, re buffs, mis place, dis possesses, suffered defeat, re-strict, phonies up, clouding issue, dis-appear, Misspeak, take wing, un-burdening, dropt bundle, Snaking, wing in, fore stall, am taken to cleaners, moved to the side, re-cede, turned back on, gave the slip, dis-appoint, Shying, re-coils, forfeit, held at bay, makes oneself scarce, ran its course, makes a getaway, got out of, fore-stalled, with-draw, remain aloft, shies, be reave, goes scotfree, sneak away, is the loser, doubletalking, be the loser, Snaked, watched one's step, went scot free, have nothing to do with, cover up, sur-render, suffer loss, co oped, was humbled, sat on the fence, keep away from, suffers loss, dis-possessed, am worsted, sitting on the fence, being worsted, be outdistanced, by-passing, journey, lurch, Parried, ducks out, stood aloof from, turns back on, lurching, wast worsted, makes scarce, get away from, dis-inheriting, lead merry chase, gat away, play it close to the vest, dis-tort, queering, played it close vest, ducked out, giving the run around, dis-placed, coming up short, took lam, mis spoke, jives, concealed oneself, bursting out, over-stated, mis-spend, going like wind, re-buffing, make getaway, En Garde, was the loser, de-parts, fly coop, yield, moved the side, de camps, got away from, hastened away, Jukes, took flight, skied out, over-stating, funk, went scotfree, gave runaround, lies down on job, go scot free, have nothing do with, cold-shoulder, re-tiring, dance around issue, be noncommittal, were impoverished, slipping out, duck, Burking, shuffle off, wriggled out, give run around, being careless, took it on the lam, ex pends, abandon, Barrelling, gotten around, takes flight, tells white lie, re treats, take powder, tergiversing, un-burden, mis spend, sitting the fence, gives slip, flipflopped, art taken cleaners, re-pulses, plays hooky, am reduced, whoosh, worming way out of, de fault, ex-pend, fending off, flew coop, plays close to the vest, sneaked away, dis-appoints, takes beating, mis spending, ducked issues, juking, use up, co-oping, sit fence, takes it the lam, jet out, with draw, re pulses, had no part of, duck the issues, in-venting, dis tort, Bummed, out-flanking, over states, running around, pre-tending, dis appeared, bends throttle, is noncommittal, in-vent, misspeaking, skipping out on, watched ones step, whooshing, re ceding, cold shouldered, ducking out, dis-appointed.