Pronunciation of Obedient
/əʊ_b_ˈiː_d_iə_n_t/, /ə͡ʊbˈiːdi͡ənt/, /ə‍ʊbˈiːdi‍ənt/

Antonyms for obedient:

more iron-handed, self-willed, in-corrigible, pig headed, more declining, most estranged, re probate, tumultous- tumultuous, contrary, more overthrowing, most objecting, most ructious, by fiat, more recusant, more anarchical, un-civilized, un bridled, beastlier, insubmissive, most storming, most termagant, more self willed, in disciplined, ill-mannered, opinionative, in-solent, most undermining, anarchic, reckless, in-subordinate, perversive, contumacious, most indisciplined, off-base, low down, helter skelter, more foaming, lockedin, most off base, Impliable, most locked-in, peremptory, dis ordered, un-complying, in flexible, dis organized, cross grained, ex cathedra, ex-cathedra, most rascal, most insubmissive, out lawest, dis solute, un faithful, muler, un-controlled, dis-solute, ex-asperating, most uncomplying, more excathedra, more rascally, un cultivated, more withstanding, un-governable, as a matter course, ex cited, most terrorizing, uncomplying, under-ground, more crack-the-whip, un-righteous, untraditional, more strong minded, fascistic, gladiatorial, more attacking, dictatorial, rowdy, cat and dog, Ultraist, lacking self control, locked in, peevish, most sabotaging, onesided, un yielding, in-decent, fractious, as matter course, most untraditional, most cross-grained, in-evitable, most unreformed, most crossgrained, most freethinking, more amoral, more off-base, disorderly, more cat and dog, de based, recalcitrant, most ultraist, dis loyal, dis-obedient, most opinionative, in curable, subversive, more uncomplying, in tolerant, mis-behaving, un ethical, pettish, more moiling, more crack the whip, stubborn, more resolved, more blustering, de-ranged, un-easier, most attacking, by natural law, mischievous, ex-acting, self indulgent, as a matter of course, disloyal, Crossgrained, ill behaved, more ill-behaved, more ill behaved, non conformist, locked-in, more roughhouse, most lockedin, mis behaving, most loser, helterskelter, rebellious, more hard nosed, out line, beastliest, wayward, in evitable, in-submissive, more stiffnecked, un compliant, deductive, more schismatic, more selfwilled, inconstant, most challenging, most impliable, on-a-tear, Over-bearing, cross-grained, rude, more out-of-line, out-lawer, offbase, lowdown, high mighty, ex-cited, un correctable, riotous, most nonobservant, overweening, over weening, impish, in corrigible, un stablest, dogmatic, more estranged, under mining, re-fusing, more self-willed, more anarchic, in submissive, un-restrained, un-realistic, dis orderly, in-exorable, renegade, restive, more objecting, most wrongheaded, dis-affected, over-throwing, more low down, narrowminded, most amoral, most anarchic, un flinching, re-probate, dis-ordered, unruly, un restricted, pre carious, raucous, un-stable, more refusing, most dissentious, more dissentious, most leftist, most cat-and-dog, most pettish, in-flexible, un-willing, by nature, more unpeaceful, dickens, out-of-line, un-predictable, hard core, more compulsatory, Stormful, strong-minded, doctrinaire, in-disciplined, dis-orderly, most excathedra, most unpeaceful, more apostate, more backsliding, irredeemable, more rascal, un-controllable, one sided, un qualified, ironhanded, disobedient, most uncorrectable, un-traditional, excathedra, most strongminded, un disciplined, most ruffled, more storming, in-curable, illbehaved, most stormful, head strong, more undisciplinable, resistant, ex citable, most anarchistic, un complying, more stiff-necked, most anarchical, ill-behaved, out-of-order, most roughhouse, un stabler, most rioting, pre-carious, more offbase, firm, unpeaceful, ex-citable, more unreformed, more cross grained, anarchical, errant, in-constant, most stiffnecked, in decent, most moiling, insurgent, more challenging, most illbehaved, de finite, on a tear, most undisciplinable, un-stablest, badly behaved, un governable, in subordinate, hardshell, most fascistic, in-consistent, un easiest, more insurrectionary, unfaithful, most crack-the-whip, un traditional, in temperate, rascally, more insubmissive, outlawer, un-compliant, un-bridled, un predictable, in solent, under ground, revolutionary, un reformed, most overthrowing, more infringing, Compulsatory, dis-loyal, undisciplinable, stirred up, tumultous-tumultuous, un equivocal, non compliant, more undermining, leftist, offcolor, dissentious, un peaceful, lacking self-control, un willing, as matter of course, most declining, ill-bred, most wrong headed, more strong-minded, un-responsive, more piratical, most on a tear, uncorrectable, more locked-in, un civilized, crack-the-whip, pro fane, Refusing, more dictative, most out-of-line, more loser, un-restricted, lacking selfcontrol, more extremist, unrighteous, more strongminded, un manageable, recusant, more misbehaving, on faith, more opinionative, in-docile, un-stabler, in decorous, most apostate, wrong-headed, non-conformist, most intransigent, most rampageous, off color, most deductive, insubordinate, most brawling, most self-willed, most compulsatory, un-ethical, termagant, more unrighteous, more perversive, most extremist, non observant, highhanded, most ill behaved, most recidivous, insolent, have chip shoulder, warrer, non-observant, incorrigible, most irredeemable, more leftist, un-dependable, more off base, in consistent, un disciplinable, unreformed, un compromising, more wrong-headed, in-tolerant, re-quired, most reasoned, un-easiest, dis-organized, neglectful, disrespectful, un-principled, most crack the whip, more stiff necked, strong minded, up tight, dictative, dis obedient, freethinking, more rioting, in tractable, more exasperating, under-mining, more irredeemable, most refusing, more uncorrectable, more locked in, refractory, most blustering, most out of order, un realistic, most strong minded, narrow minded, more wrong headed, over-weening, pro-fane, over throwing, ructious, iron-handed, most cross grained, un dependable, opinionated, more vexing, more stormful, re quired, un-compromising, most vexing, impudent, un stable, most iron handed, more fascistic, more iron handed, in-decorous, out-lawest, de-finite, more deductive, thinskinned, un-disciplinable, more cross-grained, more on-a-tear, rebel, with standing, mule, un controlled, teasing, ex acting, stiffnecked, most schismatic, most swirling, more recidivous, most self willed, most withstanding, most howling, wrongheaded, low-down, more out of line, most infringing, most exasperating, outlawest, head-strong, most misbehaving, more untraditional, badtempered, tumultous tumultuous, most doctrinal, most dictative, most perversive, in-tractable, more lockedin, un-manageable, self willed, more cat-and-dog, more terrorizing, most recusant, more howling, selfwilled, strongminded, throwing weight around, un principled, un-faithful, hard shell, most ironhanded, more swirling, Misbehaving, de generate, un changeable, more ironhanded, un-peaceful, un-cultivated, quarrelsome, undisciplined, unsubmissive, resolute, iron handed, un-equivocal, naughty, wrong headed, Declinatory, most backsliding, amoral, un-changeable, most resolved, radical, dominant, thin skinned, more ruffled, un-tamed, inflexible, more declinatory, un trained, selfindulgent, un-yielding, defiant, tumultoustumultuous, with-standing, stiff necked, more pettish, un responsive, un-limited, more ructious, most off-base, more anarchistic, de-generate, un-correctable, un-flinching, un-trained, mutinous, crack the whip, rampageous, up-tight, most lowdown, unamenable, un tamed, pro vocative, obstinate, most unrighteous, de-based, un-governed, most stiff necked, indisciplined, farout, lawless, de ranged, un alterable, nonconformist, more out of order, most murder, out of line, hardnosed, pigheaded, more dickens, non-compliant, dissident, most insurrectionary, over bearing, more brawling, more termagant, un-reformed, re fusing, nonobservant, mulest, Recidivous, dead set on, most stiff-necked, imperious, in-temperate, impolite, un erring, more lowdown, warrest, hard nosed, more low-down, most cat and dog, turbulent, piratical, re-solved, un-alterable, headstrong, most dickens, more crossgrained, high handed, more impliable, un controllable, most foaming, stiff-necked, un easier, determined, more ultraist, more wrongheaded, un-qualified, un easy, out control, inconsiderate, out lawer, anarchistic, wild, most locked in, ex asperating, cat-and-dog, in docile, most strong-minded, most declinatory, most selfwilled, more sabotaging, noncompliant, dis affected, pro-vocative, most ill-behaved, more murder, bad tempered, in-clement, hard-nosed, more gladiatorial, more nonobservant, most wrong-headed, doctrinal.

Usage examples for obedient:

  • The citizens also of Mitylene came out to salute and invite Pompey into the city, but he refused, advising them to be obedient to the conqueror, and fear not, for that Caesar was a man of great goodness and clemency. - "Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans", Clough, Arthur Hugh.
  • My own son, above all others, shall be obedient to my commands! - "Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930", Various.
  • The children, he says, are fond and obedient, the parents affectionate and kind towards their children. - "The Eventful History Of The Mutiny And Piratical Seizure Of H.M.S. Bounty: Its Cause And Consequences", Sir John Barrow.

Rhymes for obedient:

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