Pronunciation of Independent
/ˌɪndɪpˈɛndənt/, /ˌɪndɪpˈɛndənt/, /ˌɪ_n_d_ɪ_p_ˈɛ_n_d_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for independent

bondservants, with hands tied, more interconnected, interdependent, Bondmen, Bondservant, inside, most pinned, intrinsic, collateral, most interrelated, homogeneous, un original, most give-and-take, more associated, subject, pre-disposed, most mated, iffy, most give and take, adjuvant, granted on certain terms, regulated by, most humbled, prisoner war, subbest, inter-connected, single, pre disposed, most beguiled, confined, decided, most accessory, most enthralled, subservient, most concerning, at one's feet, incidental to, Incarcerated, un abler, inter-changeable, most adjuvant, Prevented, ex-posed, most companion, tied apron strings, compulsive, basket-case, most basket-case, more beguiled, provisional, sub altern, un-inspired, political, inter relating, conditional, in custody, most depending, re lying, more penned, liable to, suppressed, more ensnared, internee, most reciprocatory, similar, uniform, slavish, confirmatory, de pendent, most basket case, de-based, more under, under thumb, more pinned, more confirmatory, de lighted, more besetting, more hyped, most completing, Unsustaining, interrelated, in expert, more enslaved, more substract, inter related, tapped out, subdued, Completory, weak, most incarcerated, most attached, most unsustaining, more incarcerated, most appurtenant, most adjunctive, appurtenant, in-valid, more interrelating, subordinate, more enthralled, sub-ordinate, in valid, de voted, subjugated, most imbued, un-controllable, in-conclusive, detainee, inferior, de-voted, over whelming, more depending, given over to, internees, complementary, dis-posed, interconnected, tied to apron strings, more basketcase, reciprocal, more mated, identical, inter-dependent, un-protected, de based, more appurtenant, bondest, more satellite, shared, more codicillary, unchanging, most handcuffed, relative, in-efficient, with grain salt, in conclusive, at one feet, nonautonomous, de-lighted, more subjugated, inter dependent, over barrel, un-original, in firm, in-expert, un-ablest, more correlated, most besetting, more relying, be-witched, more imbued, bound, with respect to, insufficient, inter changeable, more humbled, most subaltern, be-setting, more completing, at feet, over-whelming, most enraptured, most fanatic, most correspondent, pure, more incident, more companion, most penned, most confirmatory, most tapped, un fit, un inspired, more unsustaining, re-lated, more basket-case, sub-best, partizan, most caged, barred, wedded to, in-firmer, most substract, sub-altern, up creek without paddle, inter connected, with grain of salt, unlimited, more handcuffed, most basketcase, irresistible, restrained, de-pending, most codicillary, Commutual, most interrelating, re-lying, more basket case, prejudiced, un ablest, inefficient, helpless, internal, most incident, not absolute, locked up, under control of, fettered, most commutual, more interdependent, Bonder, more counting, un controllable, hyped, in firmer, basketcase, more fanatic, more interrelated, more give and take, impotent, reciprocatory, adjunctive, at ones feet, Hindered, sub best, bondwoman, be witched, sub missive, more reckoning, un sustaining, de pending, more concerning, most associated, Bondwomen, co-ordinate, more caged, prone to, more reciprocatory, more adjuvant, bondman, most interdependent, sub ordinate, in efficient, like, fonder, inter-related, strung out, correlative, sustained by, unrestricted, partial, most under, in regard to, ex-changeable, ensnared, give and take, inadequate, more subaltern, ex posed, Codicillary, divided, more completory, not lineal, most enslaved, more commutual, under lock key, most fellow, together, dis posed, conquered, more give-and-take, more fellow, pro-visional, pro-nest, de-pendent, with reservations, incompetent, pro visional, compatible, captive, interrelating, inter-relating, biased, co incident, most hyped, co ordinate, un-sustaining, most completory, most subjugated, detainees, more abased, partisan, imitative, under influence, more adjunctive, be setting, dependent, in danger of, more tapped, ex changeable, controlled by, un-abler, under lock and key, most ensnared, with strings attached, co-incident, enslaved, more correspondent, leechlike, in-firmest, part, Substract, most counting, more attached, bound by, in firmest, most relying, un-fit, most abased, limited, reliant, more enraptured, most reckoning, granted certain terms.