Pronunciation of Fabber
/fˈabə/, /fˈabə/, /f_ˈa_b_ə/

Synonyms for fabber:

considerable (adjective)

big, consequential, distinguished, dynamite, essential, fab, fat, influential, material, meaningful, momentous, noteworthy, renowned, significant, something, substantial, super, unreal, venerable, weighty, super-duper, to the max, doozie, mondo, solid gold, something else.

extraordinary (adjective)

amazing, bizarre, boss, curious, exceptional, fantastic, flash, gnarly, heavy, inconceivable, incredible, marvelous, odd, outstanding, particular, peculiar, phenomenal, rare, remarkable, singular, special, strange, stupendous, surprising, terrific, uncommon, unfamiliar, unheard-of, unimaginable, unique, unprecedented, unthinkable, unusual, unwonted, weird, wicked, out of the ordinary, off beaten path.

fabulous (adjective)

a-ok, astonishing, astounding, awesome, best, breathtaking, cool, extravagant, fictitious, greatest, groovy, immense, legendary, mind-blowing, outrageous, peachy, primo, prodigious, rad, spectacular, striking, superb, tops, unbelievable, Aces, 10, first-class, out-of-sight, out-of-this-world, top drawer, turn-on, a-1.

grand (adjective)

admirable, ambitious, august, awe-inspiring, dignified, elevated, eminent, exalted, excellent, fine, first-rate, glorious, grandiose, haughty, illustrious, imposing, large, lofty, luxurious, magnificent, majestic, monumental, noble, opulent, ostentatious, palatial, pompous, pretentious, regal, rich, smashing, splendid, stately, sublime, sumptuous, very good.

great (adjective)

able, absolute, adept, adroit, bad, brutal, cold, complete, consummate, downright, egregious, expert, good, masterly, number one, out of sight, out-and-out, perfect, positive, proficient, surpassing, total, tough, transcendent, tremendous, unmitigated, unqualified, utter, wonderful, hellacious, crack, out of this world.

high-grade (adjective)

nice, select, superior, world.

majestic (adjective)

ceremonious, courtly, grand, imperial, royal, sovereign, stunning, Magnific.

marvelous (adjective)

agreeable, colossal, divine, dreamy, enjoyable, fabulous, hot, keen, neat, pleasant, pleasurable, prime, rewarding, satisfying, sensational, solid, supreme, swell.

primary/prime (adjective)

capital, cardinal, chief, crackerjack, dominant, first, highest, leading, main, paramount, stellar, top, world-class, state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line.

prodigious (adjective)

abnormal, impressive, miraculous, preternatural, staggering, startling, utmost.

ripping (adjective)


splendid (adjective)

baroque, beaming, beautiful, bright, brilliant, costly, dazzling, elegant, flamboyant, glittering, glowing, gorgeous, lavish, lustrous, mad, ornate, plush, posh, radiant, refulgent, resplendent, splashy, splendiferous, swanky, Magnifico, Splendrous.

stupendous (adjective)

enormous, gigantic, great, huge, mind-boggling, monster, overwhelming, radical, too much, vast, wondrous, titantic.

thrilling (adjective)

electrifying, enchanting, exquisite, frantic, gripping, hair-raising, mind-bending, rip-roaring, riveting, rousing, shivering, stimulating, stirring, swinging, trembling, wild, blood-tingling, zero cool.

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