Pronunciation of Small
/smˈɔːl/, /smˈɔːl/, /s_m_ˈɔː_l/

Antonyms for small

full-bosomed, un-divided, front-page, in-convenient, most super duper, more altitudinous, super colossal, most steamroller, in saner, up heaved, most top priority, bushy-tailed, magnificent, un broken, in-computable, un-real, gargantuan, offcolor, more primo, more well-proportioned, full grown, broad, un commonest, in-numerous, no catch, scraggy, godawful, most consolidated, bodacious, enough, solid, most beanstalk, bustier, overriding, dis quieting, most hurry up, hefty, hulking, more full-bosomed, colossal, paunchy, overpriced, skyscraping, most wideranging, more stretched, overflowing, oxer, Asperous, uppercase, more skyscraping, most echoing, most well ordered, more luxury, overbearing, leviathan, more fullfledged, bulky, most spheroid, unexclusive, upper most, ex-cited, in-delicate, more above, shuddersome, immoderate, reverberant, munificent, most shuddersome, most orbiculate, far reaching, most bovine, most strong arm, famous, more uncalculable, most outstretched, highflown, exceptional, in-dispensable, welloff, in-discriminate, most high-power, more leviathan, most fullfigured, redletter, monstrous, blimper, more spread-out, most two-ton, lead-footed, more globose, thriftless, more soft-touch, de liberate, more highpower, well-dressed, of substance, over bearing, powerful, more well kept, more applicative, in expressible, un-fettered, High-reaching, de tailed, more well-kept, most calledfor, more unreckonable, more bigdeal, re-levant, clunky, unspeakable, full bosomed, distinctive, weatherbeaten, mobier, wellproportioned, wiry, extravagant, grand, more super duper, most dismaying, most unamusing, more stretching, most soft touch, un-wieldy, whaler, twenty four carat, muscular, loud-voiced, most scopic, kind, Over-bearing, well-proportioned, unsparing, ascertainable, un countable, un predictable, tidy, un-manageable, more open handed, more twoton, more nonspecific, more pleasure-loving, most highrise, most growling, frillier, most full mouthed, Strengthy, up raised, most unnumbered, phenomenal, high minded, most big deal, extensive, blue chip, right as rain, bushy tailed, more lifted, more outstretched, large order, over shadowing, fit for king- queen, more illbred, most jillion, highranking, over flowing, more cracking, more far ranging, more wellconditioned, splendiferous, un told, wellconditioned, more sky scraping, most demanded, more ear splitting, most surrealistic, all out, farout, inter minable, clunkiest, more zillion, more muscled, fullgrown, pointful, fit as fiddle, cavernous, world class, out-stretched, more high-power, outstanding, spheroid, most allembracing, un likelier, ways means, un wieldy, fullbosomed, orbicular, in fine feather, most well conditioned, more underlined, terrific, de finite, queenliest, more upholstered, pumped up, in convenient, chief, more centerfold, allout, more ill-bred, frilliest, more lead footed, most recognizable, thick, un-limited, more super-duper, Domical, more bodacious, top priority, more well-dressed, significant, most chasmal, zillion, most mondo, more deep-set, strongarm, most spendthrift, hundredproof, more pealing, more upperclass, most multitudinal, most unbroken, be-coming, most back slapping, re sources, broad-minded, un-detailed, more all encompassing, more good sized, in computable, un fathomed, most murder, most blustering, un-even, hurry-up, pre-eminent, whalelike, ox, most well-proportioned, harsh, most thick bodied, more good-sized, un-duer, most highlevel, un confined, most muchpublicized, most something, more all powerful, pro-longed, un stinting, more shuddersome, up-setting, un due, toppriority, most softtouch, goodsized, Thewy, most king-size, de-tailed, objective, rockest, most agitating, scraggiest, re-cognized, most dropdead, most unnumberable, more card-carrying, un-refined, un limited, in spotlight, un-canniest, grody, un-countable, noticeable, un-handier, in-tense, high falutin', out for blood, in-temperate, chockfull, most epic, most out-of-this-world, most longish, clean cut, more much publicized, ginormous, un-known, most frontpage, hurryup, hard as nails, more compacted, more oversize, stretched-out, brawny, most high level, un-likelier, excellent, un-counted, most wellproportioned, more well-built, dis-tensible, more big deal, un even, more superincumbent, most steller, lavish, back-slapping, eminent, un-restricted, up-risen, unsmoother, more all-powerful, in famous, over-size, welldressed, more heavy duty, un handiest, most embellished, most spiring, most fourstar, behemothic, incalculable, altitudinous, more robustious, pre dominant, most pleasure-loving, ropiest, loud, un commoner, back slapping, well conditioned, more disk shaped, up-lifted, more cardcarrying, carrying lot of weight, more growling, in human, fatal, most monster, handsome, ear splitting, most well-dressed, in finite, most weighted, shapely, mind blowing, highfalutin', sizeable, more impelling, more bright-eyed, un-measurable, prominent, cosmogonic, more chasmal, nonpartisan, rocker, carrying a lot of weight, fundamental, more frontpage, more much-publicized, more lengthened, most out-of-sight, out spread, more unfixed, cats meow, spread out, more lulu, in the lap of luxury, upper-most, top-priority, over weight, extra ordinary, most stretchedout, most applicative, over powering, more lead-footed, more miscreated, most covering, more well-conditioned, well known, more hurryup, strong, most hurry-up, ex-tensive, highup, over whelming, highrise, easy eyes, more spendthrift, of note, more mondo, far flung, un-confined, without limit, more outspread, lead footed, more orbicular, sumptuous, overmastering, unstinging, most tiger, openminded, in the pink, a whale a, most zillion, importunate, mostest, most bushy tailed, high-rise, ill bred, catholic, most deep-set, un cannier, scopic, most big-deal, more grieving, most whopper, most king size, unlimited, more whaling, more top-priority, in tenser, heavy duty, co pious, most heavy-duty, most centerfold, full figured, king-size, ad rem, allembracing, most antic, robustuous, most bragging, enormous, more innumerous, unnumbered, paunchier, out sight, more expandable, material, imposing, un-usual, stretched out, more ginormous, ample, full out, uncial, top drawer, clearcut, most high-up, most all embracing, high, big, un conscionable, un-bounded, more wide ranging, allinclusive, un defined, most four star, un-wonted, towering, pre eminent, in-tensest, very big, impressive, unnumberable, more scopious, bustiest, full-figured, unheard of, cyclo pean, in good health, de-cent, more overshadowing, political front, Unhandy, un-crowded, decent sized, superincumbent, more heavyduty, neat as a pin, more behemothic, most ear-piercing, easy on the eyes, high-falutin, leadfooted, all encompassing, twoton, herculean, more loudvoiced, un-calculable, un-believable, chambered, formidable, firstclass, most sizeable, fabber, most discoid, un-speakable, deep-felt, Whaling, more comprising, mammoth, more bushytailed, in different, in good shape, more pointful, super abundant, more jelly belly, more world class, most high rise, more multitudinal, most primo, more fluctuant, no nonsense, hulker, first-rate, ex tensive, most aplenty, more filling, more smashing, more roughhewn, most superincumbent, well dressed, more worldclass, ex-act, most chambered, whopping, out size, worldclass, over priced, more hellacious, sky high, mis leading, most ringed, stretchedout, un-likely, in ones prime, heartiest, more aplenty, in sanest, Open-handed, far-reaching, smoking, more decent sized, robustious, under-lined, in vestments, sure enough, more orbiculate, un-fathomed, over-cast, all inclusive, Ear-splitting, more high-up, most rocklike, most wide ranging, un numberable, Dilatable, more softtouch, un-selfish, cumbersome, high falutin, barn door, most full fledged, more well done, most disk shaped, most pealing, more highfaluting, more strong arm, himalayan, wellheeled, para-mount, under lined, rich, un-disguised, in-credible, more bushy-tailed, more stretchedout, de lightful, un thinkable, all-embracing, un smoothest, no end of, most whaling, bulbous, most unstinging, thick-bodied, strengthiest, uncrowded, stouter, more ripened, out-spread, most upper-class, deepfelt, un-numbered, across board, largescale, ex-tended, rolypoly, jellybelly, beyond number, un-commoner, more something, most fullout, fullout, un-numberable, well, well off, superior, phantasmagorical, most potbellied, super duper, more backslapping, uni versal, most much publicized, most strongarm, most fluctuant, more jellybelly, more nubile, more swelling, in-terminable, more full-mouthed, pleasure-loving, beastliest, more predominate, mattering much, more high-reaching, most forever, more applauded, large, fullblown, unhandier, more reasonable, benevolent, most high-rise, most heavy duty, grandiose, firstrate, more beanstalk, unamusing, un-cultured, rugged, outspread, more scopic, valuable, more undisguised, more deepfelt, more stretched-out, roomy, most ascertainable, more calledfor, un-due, diskshaped, more hovering, card carrying, more asperous, prodigious, carrying lot weight, furrowed, in terminable, highsounding, mindblowing, chasmal, un reasonable, un-thinkable, in-vestment, zappier, most all powerful, more clunker, powerhouse, in decent, most astronomic, most terrorizing, most swelling, grodier, highpower, more strong-arm, more card carrying, clumsy, more ripped, of moment, un-paralleled, pleasure loving, most nubile, pro longed, essential, most roughhewn, most comprising, wieldier, more full fledged, more unbroken, squat, un qualified, most fulminating, in-expressible, red letter, more upper class, most welldone, most super-colossal, in credible, most unmeasurable, re-source, more top priority, more hundred proof, wellfounded, more exceeding, topheavy, most jelly belly, most smashing, un-mitigated, most stretched, most wellconditioned, more clunking, un-wieldier, unbiased, oversize, kingsize, beefcake, built last, more loud voiced, more out-of-sight, most whalelike, most surpassing, more earpiercing, de formed, more orbed, more beefcake, heavy, over-weight, un canny, un-level, weighty, most splendiferous, more thick-bodied, monumental, gorillalike, most galumphing, most front page, frilly, most brighteyed, fab, more sobering, farflung, more million, beyond measure, receptive, un-broken, most well built, un level, most high reaching, more well ordered, far off, decentsized, re-sources, most smoking, more horrifying, more furrowed, most fullbosomed, re cognizable, worthwhile, re-splendent, well rounded, bright eyed, mobiest, more murder, more supercolossal, more dynamite, most lengthened, top heavy, more out of sight, more front page, most deep set, more latitudinous, more bovine, most mega, more whopper, more high up, strapping, fantastic, more knockout, most reverberant, out standing, un humorous, most miscreated, be coming, sub stance, fit as a fiddle, fine, most lifted, more monster, butterball, ropier, palatial, no joke, more king size, most godawful, more upheaved, more wellproportioned, fit for a king queen, most superduper, over-priced, most well-done, most hellacious, adequate, un-wieldiest, un fathomable, more humongous, great big, more powerhouse, un disguised, freethinking, majorleague, most page one, un-reckonable, thickbodied, in-commodious, more unexclusive, unmodified, unprejudiced, in limelight, farreaching, more hundredproof, re-cognizable, most much-publicized, wellrounded, un likely, more bruising, in comprehensible, more welldressed, un wonted, giving, full-mouthed, re levant, more drop-dead, in definite, more four-star, Mega, more antic, more smoking, more unamusing, more longish, unmatchable, sur-realistic, more surrealistic, stalwart, good sized, most wellbuilt, ablebodied, full fledged, wellordered, more strongarm, sky scraping, dis tended, more four star, healthy, well made, one for book, heavy-duty, more muchpublicized, of great consequence, un-feigned, considerate, life and death, more cosmogonal, more blustering, most thick-bodied, deep set, more brighteyed, sobering, un common, generous, more bright eyed, most earpiercing, tough proposition, ex act, most overpriced, more rocklike, more ungrudging, superduper, wieldiest, most undisguised, un-fixed, front page, fellest, round, very large, more goodsized, skyhigh, most uncluttered, life death, in-comparable, highminded, well groomed, most globose, blunt, more full-figured, more twenty four carat, increased, hearty, most good sized, strong as ox, un-balanced, over-shadowing, in numerous, sur prising, most lead-footed, most altitudinous, wideopen, most behemothic, lulu, more open-handed, re-sonant, up par, most challenging, un-imaginable, most ginormous, un-reserved, more deepset, un-sparing, most upscale, more wide-ranging, longish, un expressed, over-whelming, all-powerful, loudvoiced, more robustuous, up holstered, full mouthed, most cracking, large scale, zappy, in sane, more steamroller, most full-bosomed, more reverberant, most asperous, Muscled, un-equivocal, untrivial, nonspecific, scraggier, highreaching, busty, fourstar, most uplifted, epic, macro, solid as a rock, more zaftig, un yielding, out this world, hundred proof, staggering, good, most wide-ranging, bullest, major, more chambered, most exceeding, best ever, majuscules, most hundred-proof, most hundredproof, un-foreseen, unhumorous, cleancut, more covering, more heavy-duty, dreamest, most bright eyed, most paying, over-flowing, more profusive, uni-versal, cosmopolitan, over-powering, most ripped, more highrise, para mount, un forgettable, more full bosomed, more allpowerful, in dispensable, more expanded, more sizeable, galumphing, most allencompassing, more all embracing, more butterball, frontpage, much-publicized, unmeasurable, good-sized, more big-deal, off color, out-spoken, two ton, un crowded, wrapped tight, illbred, buller, cleanliest, noble, mis-created, jumbo, full-out, urgent, Fluctuant, most unhumorous, most humongous, more unmeasurable, more high rise, un measurable, most acroamatic, applicative, more high reaching, spacious, first-class, most uprisen, nononsense, principal cities, Rememberable, heavyduty, most page-one, wellbuilt, stretchest, innumerous, more page-one, most upraised, up-scale, in spiring, bushytailed, nubile, Supertemporal, upperclass, unheardof, most continued, more paying, no strings, more fullfigured, brighteyed, in-congruous, dreadful, ill-bred, highly regarded, most innumerous, most oversize, un-conditional, in fine fettle, most called-for, more outsize, un-shakable, bluechip, un stinging, wide open, serious, more bragging, strictly business, in discriminate, old, topsest, most latitudinous, most full-mouthed, spread-out, principal city, most spreadout, high-falutin', more world-class, un equivocal, beastlier, wakes dead, more forever, opulent, un likeliest, most powerhouse, decisive, Towery, un grudging, more rubric, in describable, cat meow, most high-level, most lulu, more fulminating, more continued, one for the book, in-describable, un-forgettable, key, most goodsized, most diskshaped, most full bosomed, Teratoid, most sky-scraping, un biased, paunchiest, in-human, most rubric, most super-duper, most toppriority, first class, in-different, steller, chock full, most scopious, no end in sight, most massed, un sparing, world-class, in-estimable, more extensive, bigdeal, remarkable, ex citing, most robustious, more uplifted, most above, vast, most ripened, un refined, more unnumberable, wieldy, alive kicking, more loud-voiced, most full-figured, most skyscraping, more all-embracing, weather beaten, prestigious, un restricted, most unmatchable, more well dressed, most ear piercing, most uncalculable, out-size, sub-stances, most highfaluting, most orbed, unsmoothest, more phantasmagorical, rocklike, De Luxe, in the lap luxury, in exhaustible, most undetailed, more epic, splendid, curved inward, thumping, more high level, well-conditioned, dominant, most robustuous, useful, long, in-clement, blimpest, more embellished, master, more domical, inter-minable, un-restrained, most outspread, humongous, jelly belly, sur-passing, splay, most mostest, pro founder, out of world, most killing, gorgeous, primo, notorious, astronomic, tolerant, super-abundant, most disk-shaped, statuesque, more thriftless, more far-ranging, spick and span, un-reasonable, un-flagging, in-numerable, neat as pin, more teratoid, more hurry-up, over cast, something write home about, expandable, bigleague, surrealistic, most filling, most world class, strong arm, most out of sight, un-cannier, sub-lime, more two-ton, un cultured, most suppressed, wellgroomed, more full out, in-tenser, more jelly-belly, more stretched out, more decentsized, up setting, super-colossal, no laughing matter, most thickbodied, no picnic, most called for, most muscled, sufficient, meaningful, political fronts, most high up, something else, super incumbent, highfaluting, more acroamatic, de-finite, un detailed, un conditional, more jillion, most deepfelt, up lifted, small caps, more wellbuilt, stout, to max, ear-piercing, un smoother, un canniest, more fourstar, whalest, most bodacious, more unstinging, Latitudinous, de-luxe, undisguised, re solute, ex-acting, most all-embracing, more uncluttered, more curled, more ringed, cardcarrying, fullfledged, most bushytailed, pro-found, greathearted, hale, more disk-shaped, more blubbery, well kept, capacious, sub stances, lousy with, well heeled, more sky-scraping, far-ranging, impartial, open minded, A 1, most ballbuster, most stretched-out, most well proportioned, pre-dominate, full bodied, de-formed, pro-fuse, fore most, more ear-splitting, high up, most titan, un compromising, most nonspecific, non specific, initial, most stretching, most bruising, more all-encompassing, more out-of-this-world, most front-page, most towery, bigtime, most well-kept, considerable, wonderful, fateful, in-finite, un usual, burly, Spiring, most lionized, immense, fore-most, most unreckonable, un exclusive, most grieving, most highreaching, most farranging, well ordered, soft-touch, principal, more lionized, more king-size, a whale of a, un-exclusive, up-raised, wealthy, fit for king queen, more potbellied, mightiest, more spread out, sizable, high flown, preeminent, most upholstered, more front-page, most world-class, more hundred-proof, deep-set, upheaved, most decentsized, farranging, more mega, dis tensible, fabbest, more diskshaped, most pointful, rude, more ascertainable, supercolossal, most cardcarrying, high level, re-sounding, tall order, sur-prising, un counted, more demanded, of consequence, without number, un paralleled, out-of-this-world, un wieldier, most impelling, un-matchable, most upperclass, ponderous, limitless, most billowing, rough go, most distensible, big-deal, Orbed, un cluttered, un handy, more thundering, most well-ordered, more unmodified, queenlier, first rate, wellknown, talked about, more elongate, more wellkept, un-stinging, innumerable, Cosmogonal, dropdead, most well-built, more towery, re-quired, un duest, more bushy tailed, most twenty four carat, pageone, fullbodied, wall wall, most back-slapping, un fixed, outsize, scopious, disk shaped, dis-graceful, more superduper, more distensible, re quired, CDS, open handed, strengthier, more full-out, most zaftig, most loud voiced, un matchable, sur realistic, dis maying, backslapping, up-heaved, giant, in numerable, fullfigured, un speakable, well-made, out-standing, cat's meow, distinguished, more drop dead, well-built, un-common, re sounding, more upraised, over size, super-duper, small cap, most ill bred, well proportioned, more recognizable, un numbered, Bunyanesque, out spoken, most expanded, most cosmogonic, un-predictable, more titan, un-handiest, more well built, wellmade, the hills, awe inspiring, undreamed of, over-sized, more deep-felt, more whalelike, pro fuse, more deep felt, more high-rise, more called for, most fullmouthed, far ranging, numerous, in commodious, more wellordered, most deep felt, more alveolate, touch and go, all-encompassing, huge, discoid, more decent-sized, loud voiced, un handier, calledfor, grotesque, most deepset, in tolerable, most twenty-four-carat, most full figured, pre-dominant, out and out, most lead footed, re-solute, beauter, most wellkept, multitudinal, more mostest, more hurry up, centerfold, un-ending, most leviathan, more fullbosomed, most profusive, un known, open-minded, un constrained, more highreaching, un-smooth, out world, substantial, un-conscionable, cosmic, distinct, beaut, well appointed, scadser, untold, allpowerful, topser, luxurious, across the board, neverending, ex tended, in-saner, most supercolossal, un-cluttered, robust, twenty-four-carat, most well-conditioned, majuscule, most worldclass, more socketed, deepset, dis-tended, most domical, voluminous, up to par, grownup, four-star, basic, alive with, unhandiest, spreadout, more unnumbered, more pampered, most bright-eyed, un modified, drawn out, un-qualified, uncials, most illbred, most overshadowing, most heavyduty, most hovering, spun out, more consolidated, consequential, more unmatchable, high sounding, up risen, most dilatable, in estimable, more super-colossal, important, ex cited, dis-maying, deep felt, selfindulgent, most out of this world, beanstalk, more out of this world, cyclo-pean, jelly-belly, pre dominate, more terrorizing, great, topdrawer, touch go, disk-shaped, most far ranging, in pink, all embracing, pre sumptuous, most ill-bred, upper-class, most curled, more well-ordered, large-scale, most pleasure loving, un-yielding, dime dozen, in lap of luxury, more discoid, un-natural, un-grudging, most thriftless, in prime, most drop dead, re-mote, full blown, over blown, no end, grown up, more high power, more full figured, most outsize, plumping, welldone, un selfish, most underlined, most pleasureloving, wide ranging, super-incumbent, high power, ex acting, grave, most ungrudging, in congruous, alive and kicking, general, uncluttered, hulkest, un bounded, most sky scraping, well-kept, super-human, two-ton, self indulgent, unfixed, easy the eyes, never ending, more weighted, more dilatable, extra-ordinary, more convenient, most applauded, most unexclusive, high-level, no strings attached, solid as rock, upscale, most spread out, clunker, earpiercing, more thick bodied, more fullout, more allencompassing, over-blown, un ending, oxest, in-decent, most crushing, more gorillalike, un mitigated, husky, brick wall, buxom, able bodied, most leadfooted, high-up, in-spiring, more leadfooted, tremendous, enlarged, liberal, wellappointed, un feigned, more undetailed, well done, carrying a lot weight, most twoton, up-hill, more supertemporal, most esteemed, to the max, more highlevel, clear cut, tall, more spiring, in delicate, most deep-felt, more spreadout, thewier, most gorillalike, drop-dead, more well conditioned, fatter, more back slapping, more dismaying, de-lightful, un surpassed, massive, more ill bred, un wieldiest, muchpublicized, allencompassing, more suppressed, splayer, scadsest, blubbery, most two ton, more esteemed, immenses, most unlevel, in temperate, mis created, beautest, most luxury, cleanlier, most unfixed, non-specific, most kingsize, aweinspiring, zaftig, most well dressed, most beefcake, wakes the dead, all-important, most bigdeal, page-one, most doozie, undetailed, most thundering, forter, mighty, wide-ranging, un-smoother, in one prime, sturdy, far fetched, globose, heavy sledding, of age, stately, un-told, most uncrowded, re cognized, un believable, prodigiou, in-tolerable, most horrifying, un manageable, alveolate, un-duest, more echoing, in-definite, ungrudging, fullmouthed, in tense, appreciable, un-smoothest, much, uncalculable, de-liberate, wideranging, most predominate, more billowing, most orbicular, distensible, pro found, more welldone, card-carrying, more surpassing, weighted, re sonant, most wellordered, un-compromising, un-expressed, fit for a king- queen, most stretched out, un-defined, splayest, in comparable, mis-leading, fortest, pleasureloving, hunkest, un-surpassed, most super colossal, in one's prime, wide, un-handy, more uncrowded, sub-stance, more ballbuster, most four-star, mondo, sky-scraping, more kingsize, whale of a, more deep set, most high power, in-vestments, more high-level, roly poly, most good-sized, well-ordered, more full mouthed, more astronomic, gigantic, most card carrying, aplenty, bright-eyed, potbellied, most expandable, more massed, Acroamatic, in-ordinate, most unmodified, in-sane, sub lime, capital, super-temporal, well built, re source, egg shaped, illustrious, unsmooth, decent-sized, more thumping, most all encompassing, un fettered, un polished, un imaginable, more two ton, more well proportioned, most drop-dead, clunkier, most card-carrying, fat, coarse, more wideranging, more super colossal, for real, commodious, un calculable, up hill, stinking with, boundless, most decent-sized, dis graceful, most upper class, dis-quieting, plush, whale a, un divided, pro-founder, high ranking, most high-reaching, solid gold, most spread-out, ropy, renowned, ballbuster, astronomical, unrestricted, de cent, worthy, most thumping, most decent sized, built to last, the max, most elongate, in vestment, most yawning, Profusive, unlevel, more agitating, more called-for, co-pious, more dilated.