Pronunciation of Helpful
/h_ˈɛ_l_p_f_əl/, /hˈɛlpfə͡l/, /hˈɛlpfə‍l/

Antonyms for helpful:

unimportant, un easiest, in estimable, most festering, dis affected, grodier, un becoming, most suborned, dis honored, more overtaxing, more chastening, most sapping, dis-criminatory, most foreboding, most cussed, non functional, ex acting, most vexing, most annihilative, noxious, un-promising, most septic, de-composing, mean, in sensitive, de generate, un cleanest, nonessential, more lethiferous, trivial, more headache, most hard-won, more exasperating, selfish, in flexible, prejudicial, most libeling, toxic, pernicious, pricey, extremely bad, out luck, more unfunctional, in-hospitable, disobliging, more loss-making, in-salubrious, dis-appointing, head ache, in convenient, dis-pleasing, most good for nothing, maleficent, unsuited, scrappest, more putrescent, more shattering, alienating, more nocent, vindictive, in famous, most corroding, most nocent, more torturing, clunky, un appetizing, un luckiest, most lossmaking, most unhelpful, torturesome, hard hearted, more lossmaking, most fecal, feculent, in-decent, in-appropriate, dis honorable, most decomposed, un wieldier, most unlucrative, most lethiferous, Spleenful, unprofitable, un substantial, detrimental, most depleting, un-trustworthy, Unpurposed, easier said than done, un-ethical, in tenser, most moldering, un suited, un workable, most polluted, Miasmatic, un-luckier, most torturing, in-salutary, most malefic, unconducive, dis composing, un-cleaner, strong-minded, down side, disturbing, un welcoming, un-handiest, of no use, hindering, in appropriate, more moldering, unkind, pre judicial, un loveliest, most intransigent, nonfunctional, most saddening, most miasmic, in-competent, in curable, unwelcoming, minor, de-spiteful, in decorous, most headache, most badsmelling, unwieldy, un willing, un godly, more low down, dis gusting, inimicable, cold, more debit-side, more wreakful, toxiferous, estranged, debit-side, demoniac, most hardwon, in hospitable, more counterproductive, in auspicious, uncomplimentary, more discomforting, ineffectual, more unlucrative, no effect, un-seemliest, most harassing, more grudging, torturing, up-stream, most nothing, most loss making, more mortuary, most shattering, un wholesome, most opposed, un lovelier, self-willed, dis-integrating, arduous, hardtime, more unrewarding, unhelpful, unfavorable, un flinching, badsmelling, most wreakful, un-manageable, cruel, more septic, on take, most unrighteous, un-lucrative, more discrediting, good for nothing, lossmaking, un-juster, vexatious, out window, un healthier, un luckier, dis-agreeable, dis-comforting, un seasonable, most exasperating, in competent, most troubling, de-testable, de pressed, un complimentary, most torturesome, ornery, bad smelling, in utile, dis crediting, coldhearted, un conscionable, un timely, super-incumbent, more problem, more discommodious, frustaneous, more unusuable, in commodious, ruinous, bad-smelling, more polluted, de testable, un-cleanest, more throbbing, most overripe, Eradicative, un-likable, in-curable, un lovely, in-sufficient, more undermining, de-pressed, in human, opprobrious, un-wholesome, Cher, unconstructive, un favorable, most feculent, dis tasteful, most dishonored, un-purposed, most disintegrated, in-consequential, most jinxed, un conducive, most resultless, more unwelcoming, more suborned, more mortiferous, most nonfunctional, in-opportune, un purposed, more pigpen, starcrossed, troublesome, un-godly, more unremunerative, most bad natured, de grading, dis-tasteful, un holy, unsuitable, more embittering, in-advisable, Unhandy, Discommodious, un-rewarding, dis-composing, most spleenful, un-forgiving, more contaminated, un happier, non-profit, un-righteous, un-cool, in-humane, most murder, greeneyed, more ill-disposed, in salutary, more corroded, in-estimable, bribable, in corrigible, un essential, baneful, most pustular, inimical, dis-advantageous, dis appointing, more anti, most unprosperous, un helpful, corrupt, uncharitable, in-decorous, more saddening, more blighting, re vengeful, more impeding, more vexing, illfated, most extirpative, in effective, more insalutary, most infective, in-festive, un settling, un-successful, dis-integrated, more exploiting, hard use, more dishonored, more unlikable, un-lovelier, more uncool, non profit, most blighting, un-safer, most debitside, badnatured, illstarred, most hard-time, un-real, more viperish, no purpose, un suitable, most unpurposed, inconvenient, most carking, un-easiest, de rogatory, malevolent, dis solute, snide, most self willed, most chastening, un-handy, most impeding, more debitside, most strong-minded, most aggravating, star crossed, un safer, hard time, in festive, up-setting, un-governable, more discomfiting, un availing, un easier, more shattered, in-felicitous, more badsmelling, in sufferable, most ruining, most discommodious, cherrer, lowdown, de graded, under mining, more malefic, wastest, unfunctional, most shooting, un likable, in-tenser, pre-judicious, re-vengeful, un-availing, more downside, more backbreaker, un-justest, most eradicative, most splenetic, most wounding, most undermining, opinionated, in-validating, most oppugning, un-needed, most invalidating, more oppugning, most difficile, more hard hearted, un-favorable, more bad-smelling, most avenging, more upstream, un-pleasant, most crumbled, un-suitable, out the window, un scrupulous, un charitable, un-conscionable, more abased, most miasmatic, un manageable, un easy, un-happy, brutish, unusuable, ill-timed, purulent, feller, un-friendly, most dismaying, more hard-time, un-attractive, more agitating, un fruitful, more pestilent, damaging, no picnic, de pressing, most racking, un-productive, over taxing, to no purpose, most unfunctional, un-appetizing, un-holier, de filed, de composed, more superincumbent, down on, cool, dis commodious, un rewarding, un healthful, more cussed, in-convenient, disagreeable, futile, infective, most putrified, allergic to, most unrewarding, dis approving, more detracting, un forgiving, most unpromising, in-fertile, disastrous, un satisfactory, most opinionative, more impracticable, de-generate, anti pathetic, Carking, un-holy, un-acceptable, un-substantial, more low-down, most amoral, strongminded, in fertile, most agitating, re probate, most crushing, most afflicting, low down, more ill disposed, un-easier, ill disposed, in-sensitive, un-functional, most hard won, un controllable, un cleaner, super incumbent, more clunker, anti, more infected, in-tense, more prejudicious, malefic, onerous, beastlier, more infective, gone to dogs, un profitable, un-natural, un principled, most encumbering, un remunerative, Wrackful, Double dealing, adverse, worthless, dis-gusting, illtempered, save one breath, Extirpative, more nonprofit, out-standing, more unpromising, un-essential, more overripe, deadly, more toxiferous, un-settling, dis concerting, useless, most bad-smelling, most counterproductive, more selfwilled, most detracting, most rattling, un wieldiest, vile, in tractable, evil, inappropriate, in effectual, un bearable, monstrous, superincumbent, most killing, bummest, malign, clunkiest, most corroded, more maleficent, unadaptable, more opinionative, dis-quieting, embarrassing, more unpurposed, overtaxing, nasty, burdensome, more gainless, dis-concerting, un-yielding, harmful, Infestive, un just, in flamed, un productive, most hurting, hurting, more strongminded, un happiest, more uncomplimentary, Wreakful, un handier, more resultless, selfwilled, un-seemlier, pro fane, un-bearable, un-flinching, costly, un safest, most uncool, de spiteful, more slaying, most good-for-nothing, rotten, un-godliest, two faced, retaliatory, fore-boding, most perished, more tearing, un-kind, un-lucky, most carcinogenic, dead set on, cold blooded, more evil, most inimicable, fore boding, un-becoming, upstream, counterproductive, priciest, un successful, in-sufferable, unpromising, more bad natured, more difficult, in bad way, more corroding, un-profitable, most wrackful, loss-making, un safe, most brutish, un endurable, most backbreaker, bad natured, un-wieldier, high priced, miasmic, un sound, clunker, most grudging, most exploiting, most destroying, un clean, upsetting, more crushing, in opportune, un-wieldiest, most distracting, most disconcerting, de-filed, in expedient, more death-dealing, dis integrating, twofaced, un-usable, virulent, cankerous, de-moralizing, Hardwon, dis-honored, un-conducive, most death dealing, most insalutary, most toxiferous, de based, Lethiferous, most debit-side, most abased, un godliest, poisonous, Oppugnant, more invalidating, more bad-natured, in-valuable, dis integrated, more unrighteous, un attractive, Gainless, suicidal, more discomposing, not easy, illadvised, de-rogatory, re-solved, dis quieting, un cool, more unconducive, un-important, most viperish, have no use for, more killing, un-faithful, backbreaker, un-suited, un-lovely, more extirpative, un-sociable, venomous, most unremunerative, more rending, most hard-hearted, dis graceful, un holiest, ex asperating, more fecal, unhandier, most hard hearted, save one's breath, most plodding, strong minded, unsupportive, more lowdown, an arm leg, most resolved, un timelier, unfortunate, most discommoding, more necrotic, most upstream, dis-maying, Hard-hearted, more self-willed, on treadmill, dis-affected, un-healthy, in validating, un wieldy, x rated, top-pest, painful, under-mining, greedy, most wreckful, over powering, un timeliest, un-holiest, deleterious, unrighteous, Mortiferous, most problem, in-expedient, more frustaneous, unprosperous, most demoniac, head-strong, un-timeliest, unhealthy, vicious, over ripe, un-friendlier, most infestive, un lucky, fellest, more unprosperous, un friendly, un-safest, un propitious, more afflicting, most debit side, in decent, more hurting, racket up, un functional, over-taxing, unsociable, most self-willed, more racking, de stroying, more illdisposed, out standing, un relenting, up stream, under handed, most differential, injurious, Wreckful, most bad smelling, most overtaxing, excruciating, most impoverishing, un-desirable, on debit side, de-composed, ill natured, more strong minded, un-kinder, un gainlier, profitless, un godlier, most lowdown, Harassing, in-tractable, un lucrative, in vain, gone to the dogs, un yielding, more murder, most mortuary, obstinate, most ill-disposed, be wildering, un handiest, hardnosed, re-mote, in evitable, de composing, rebarbative, more ruining, un kinder, up setting, save breath, un pleasant, un-cleanlier, un-workable, nocent, pre-judicial, most illdisposed, most maleficent, mischievous, in significant, most challenging, in-corrigible, more infestive, grody, unproductive, most mortiferous, in operative, Irksome, more brutish, un-civilized, more aggravating, erosive, xrated, bothersome, most downside, more crippling, inessential, un seemlier, un-timelier, un-remunerative, un-scrupulous, un kindest, un-welcoming, more erosive, no avail, Resultless, bad-natured, inhumane, unhandiest, un-helpful, dis maying, objectionable, dis-commodious, un-endurable, over-ripe, thorny, un sounder, most throbbing, most rebarbative, un-charitable, ex-acting, highpriced, unpleasant, more debit side, un-satisfactory, more pustular, hard-won, highly priced, more disintegrating, no dice, un-healthful, more foreboding, more perished, de-based, most unconducive, more sapping, deathdealing, un acceptable, more discommoding, most rending, un happy, under-handed, in a bad way, un fortunate, profiteering, most uncomplimentary, dis agreeable, more miasmatic, ex-asperating, more amoral, unlikable, unsympathetic, in-human, dis comforting, non-functional, un-caring, un gainliest, be-wildering, more loss making, re-probate, more hardwon, more hard-hearted, un handy, un feeling, in-delicate, dis-crediting, most pigpen, to no effect, more harassing, most disintegrating, un-wieldy, more self willed, more death dealing, pro-fane, de-grading, in consequential, no good, on a treadmill, un promising, in salubrious, uncool, nagging, more troubling, un seemly, un-gainly, infamous, un-complimentary, un friendlier, more sullied, in-ordinate, de moralizing, in-famous, in-constant, more torturesome, un-handier, more dismaying, over-powering, most erosive, dis criminatory, more resolved, counter-productive, in-flamed, un-kindest, un usable, most unwelcoming, most discrediting, un-fruitful, most hard time, Difficile, anti-pathetic, un cleanly, more unhelpful, in-evitable, dis-approving, necrotic, un holier, un-sounder, ill timed, un kind, hard won, un cleanliest, un-safe, un-principled, un comfortable, more carking, ill starred, corrupting, un-controllable, nogood, most retaliatory, un caring, putrified, un healthiest, prejudicious, in advisable, most prejudicious, most backbiting, putrescent, to no avail, more profitless, illnatured, noaccount, nonprofit, un-friendliest, more miasmic, un-cleanly, un seemliest, in-exorable, most disapproving, un gainly, wicked, more destroying, un prosperous, more smelling, most oppugnant, most strongminded, on the debit side, hard to use, un-healthiest, un desirable, un-timely, most strong minded, un sympathetic, un faithful, most anti, Viperish, more putrified, more difficile, more strong-minded, more retaliatory, un justest, un civilized, ill-disposed, dyslogistic, wide open, more crumbled, most bribable, most dyslogistic, hurtful, dis-solute, unrewarding, more avenging, un-godlier, debitside, counter productive, un juster, up hill, more good for nothing, un-luckiest, more hard time, more spleenful, galumphing, out of luck, un-seasonable, disadvantageous, more festering, in-tensest, more nonfunctional, evilminded, more mortifying, more eradicative, septic, yecchiest, Unuseful, beastliest, clunkier, un ethical, most loss-making, most superincumbent, most discomfiting, up-hill, un healthy, destructive, most smelling, un-just, most slaying, most sullied, more wounding, more annihilative, un-available, more decomposing, inopportune, dis-graceful, an arm and leg, un-alterable, discouraging, more good-for-nothing, ill fated, unlucrative, un-fortunate, dis-honorable, amoral, in-utile, carcinogenic, more clunking, fatal, insignificant, illdisposed, low-down, pre judicious, in-tolerable, most crippling, in-auspicious, hard nosed, un-comfortable, cherrest, more bewildering, de-graded, unremunerative, more rebarbative, most necrotic, scrapper, in delicate, most unlikable, most deathdealing, most unusuable, cumbersome, un-fit, spiteful, most profitless, self willed, in tolerable, most frustaneous, most ill disposed, more wreckful, most infected, death-dealing, bad, un-soundest, most selfwilled, in-flexible, in-commodious, unfriendly, dis advantageous, awkward, un-willing, in-effectual, locked in, lethal, more nothing, malignant, more rattling, more depleting, un-sound, un friendliest, in-operative, in-effective, in tense, murderous, evil minded, most bad-natured, Insalutary, opinionative, malicious, most discomposing, doubledealing, un needed, de-pressing, more deathdealing, calamitous, more bad smelling, more impoverishing, un alterable, most tearing, death dealing, more wrackful, un-palatable, un-cleanliest, in valuable, debit side, coldblooded, de-stroying, most galumphing, more dyslogistic, hostile, most opposite, more plodding, more distracting, illtimed, gone dogs, overripe, most embittering, difficult, more purulent, more libeling, un available, differential, yecchy, dis pleasing, un-sanitary, loss making.

Usage examples for helpful:

  • " Her presence," the doctor added, " has had a singularly helpful effect upon him." - "Emerson's Wife and Other Western Stories Emerson's Wife -- Colonel Kate's Protégée -- The Kid of Apache Teju -- A Blaze on Pard Huff -- How Colonel Kate Won Her Spurs -- Hollyhocks -- The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Johnson Sides -- A Piece of Wreckag", Florence Finch Kelly.
  • " Well, you're all very helpful," said Archie. - "The Holiday Round", A. A. Milne.

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