Pronunciation of Minor
/mˈa͡ɪnə/, /mˈa‍ɪnə/, /m_ˈaɪ_n_ə/

Antonyms for minor

more wellbuilt, queenlier, high caliber, self governed, topsest, name-of-the-game, highclass, more high up, bottom-line, un amusing, go for broke, crack, most resolved, inherent, more necessary, super-human, more high and mighty, un beaten, more middlemost, out-size, Supereminent, lead off, most all-important, most grass-roots, card-carrying, more biotic, unpardonable, most super excellent, outstanding, overmastering, out-right, super human, critical, radical, incumbent on, holding reins, nitty gritty, downtown, bulliest, more something, crucial, more super excellent, in solent, grand, under lined, sub lime, un-real, more ranking, most upstage, most fourstar, more sobering, adult, illustrious, top list, magnificent, ex-press, in-tensest, top most, in-dispensable, worthwhile, more four star, most apical, first-string, stuckup, more unhumorous, out size, topser, re cognizable, in grain, toppriority, most applicative, radder, most cellular, in all conscience, outsize, in beginning, unhumorous, most finer, cellular, under-lined, more first string, most crackerjack, in-dependent, carrying a lot of weight, with straight face, the max, most ranking, in comparable, super colossal, most famous, pre-requisite, long faced, more hurryup, old fogeys, superduper, of consequence, un wieldier, most recherche, most hurry-up, smoking, all-important, most fundamental, clear cut, un surpassed, fore bearer, exceptional, more nonpareil, more super-eminent, in-tenser, more humongous, strong, most called-for, strictly business, more all powerful, more cardcarrying, more goodsized, heinous, life-or-death, more climatic, Superexcellent, most umbilical, most obtaining, most well-built, most predominate, in valuable, cut comedy, underivative, most division, egregious, sobering, majorleague, more monarchial, regrettably, pre siding, first rate, more upstage, more fraction, a cut above, un-evolved, more axial, fore bearers, most frontpage, most four-star, more whaling, more substrative, vintage, re gular, most preponderating, essential, most surpassing, most name of the game, top pest, in bred, royal, most axial, in most, all joking aside, over-powering, in built, ex pressing, un commonest, wanted, more called-for, distinctive, symbiotic, more demanded, Towery, most wiseguy, first, substrative, super abundant, in-bred, unrivalled, of substance, high power, un alienable, re-presentative, wiseguy, most supereminent, red letter, A 1, more heavy duty, good-sized, more card carrying, weighty, more super-duper, fivestar, with forethought, most outweighing, more long faced, more nuclear, most monster, in-born, more foundational, fabber, greater, Omphalic, bound determined, urgent, more unrivalled, more longfaced, well-built, prizewinning, most telling, over-weighing, most above, most big-deal, unequalled, allpowerful, high-grade, more nitty-gritty, more called for, apical, second to none, in the grain, most bottomline, out for blood, more inwrought, Plasmic, more spiring, more, in-solent, pointful, more centroidal, pre-dominant, out side, next higher, un usual, most unmeasurable, hurryup, up holstered, more bigdeal, no nonsense, blimper, pre-carious, world class, more monster, front page, most nuclear, redletter, most firststring, more nitty gritty, prima, centroidal, de noting, pre-dominating, biotic, top-priority, most highcaliber, de terminative, Unacquired, firststring, most demanded, most portion, second-to-none, most substratal, middle-most, more unamusing, old fogey, most high-hat, head most, more ascertainable, most inwrought, un-amusing, head, farreaching, un-measurable, fore-bearer, leviathan, para mount, most anatomical, worldclass, perilously, in tolerable, most high and mighty, super-incumbent, more grassroots, re-solute, most allpowerful, most allimportant, right hand, life and death, part parcel, mainline, carrying a lot weight, most implanted, more leviathan, deeprooted, better, straighten out, most second to none, bottomline, more anatomical, more factor, more opening, tip-top, super-abundant, un commoner, most unparagoned, more preponderating, leadest, uni-versal, most smoking, inwrought, sans pareil, in wrought, most towery, towering, in-sufferable, in style, indispensable, good for, five star, prize-winning, most super-duper, natal, ex tensive, axial, overbalancing, more super eminent, most five-star, high-priority, be-ginning, out righter, un-commoner, most bigdeal, in-comparable, unlimited, pro founder, most earmarked, most right hand, more life or death, aweinspiring, more monarchal, most long-faced, ad rem, most caring, most fraction, most well built, more pointful, more bottom-line, substantial, high, most resident, super excellent, more obtaining, more fivestar, out this world, overriding, most middlemost, for real, more omphalic, more big deal, high-caliber, most pointful, de-fined, good sized, highfaluting, Whaling, most substrative, most high priority, substratal, more handpicked, in tent, unmeasurable, carrying lot of weight, un-limited, more firststring, un due, un-due, more preferred, beyond compare, stellar, most foundational, hanging by thread, bio logical, nononsense, most first string, most big deal, re solute, more world-class, most self governed, cardinal, most meat and potatoes, three r, more coal-and-ice, name the game, un equaled, re-gular, more big-deal, overbearing, in conscience, more forming, over lying, more unsmiling, more first-string, useful, more front page, worldwide, most spiring, up-stage, most selfgoverned, firstrate, central, major, un rivalled, out-weighing, in-tolerable, most unmatchable, monarchial, threateningly, premier, more card-carrying, re served, grassroots, co pious, top of the line, more midtown, over balancing, most high-priority, seriously, more caring, cut the comedy, pre eminent, most overruling, most exceeding, un-acquired, most primogenial, pre dominant, momentous, pre-vailing, most longfaced, unmatchable, appreciable, more exceeding, be ginning, most twenty-four-carat, predominant, wellknown, in dispensable, most allembracing, more highfaluting, more right hand, most cracking, cool it, un paragoned, actively, highcaliber, to max, highpriority, second none, un derivative, pre-eminent, most unacquired, more well built, precariously, more five star, more resolved, more all embracing, un-alienable, un-developed, more unequalled, most top-of-the-line, more portion, most thumping, un-rivaled, more all-powerful, mid-most, most skyscraping, most idiopathic, over bearing, on thin ice, unequaled, centric, out-righter, native, sub-lime, more tip top, superordinate, most world-class, anatomical, most high-up, mondo, in-wrought, more underlined, most toppriority, top priority, fabbest, more name-of-the-game, most high-and-mighty, cold sober, monarchal, in tense, more high-caliber, principal, more unacquired, foundational, most leviathan, sur passing, more axiological, nubbest, more sustaining, purposefully, more ingredient, fore most, cardcarrying, more highpower, impressive, more hurry up, most superincumbent, mid way, un-rivalled, un-humorous, four-star, most top priority, ex press, most self-governed, more self-governed, in-built, most all important, top flight, pro-found, prestigious, more constituting, head of the line, out world, bigleague, in-augural, nittygritty, most axiological, ancients, Over-bearing, good, over-sized, coal-and-ice, most front page, selected, starring, five-star, most all embracing, high minded, de liberate, primo, more underived, pivotal, veteran, capital, nubber, blue chip, chief, most goodsized, more designated, more heavy-duty, grievously, three rs, deepseated, re-quired, more twenty four carat, more headmost, adequate, super-excellent, most biotic, most impelling, more overlying, most good-sized, mattering much, more recherche, most sobering, name of game, best, mid most, most nonpareil, ascertainable, elementary, over-balancing, pro found, most predominating, un-defeated, more esteemed, more outweighing, most heavy-duty, mid town, un-usual, more recognizable, in tenser, most serendipitous, more towery, super-eminent, most high power, higher, most primo, co-pious, most all powerful, considerable, most super-eminent, more well-built, more apical, un approachable, un-matchable, more bottom line, most showdown, most super duper, most natal, long-faced, elder, top of list, most card-carrying, more cellular, nuclear, tip top, most ascertainable, de-lightful, all important, most unamusing, highpower, up to snuff, main, sub stratal, most fivestar, more overshadowing, most nitty-gritty, more high power, re-solved, more meat-and-potatoes, sub-stratal, big, more grass-roots, most nitty gritty, recherche, more unmeasurable, golden ager, touch and go, more hurry-up, de terminate, more unalienable, more surpassing, fateful, giant, no laughing matter, Unparagoned, most meaning, deep seated, righthand, most cardcarrying, more life-or-death, more overweighing, most handpicked, allimportant, most top of the line, more allpowerful, more prize winning, more finer, more plasmic, well built, more second to none, un-avoidable, overlying, more predominating, un-duest, most composing, more high caliber, un forgettable, over-size, overweighing, more symbiotic, up stage, more good sized, most nittygritty, in-imitable, whale a, more frontpage, with a straight face, more good-sized, pre-siding, most esteemed, prize winning, all-embracing, in augural, over-ruling, most smashing, most undisguised, distressingly, re presentative, most coal and ice, over-lying, right up front, more right-hand, more high-power, firstclass, cyclo pean, Primogenial, most exceptive, more predominate, most grassroots, more second-to-none, twenty-four-carat, right-hand, inter-mediate, running the family, more defined, most upholstered, umbilical, staple, grandest, de-noting, most defined, well off, built in, champion, of higher rank, goodsized, super duper, more highpriority, most amoebic, with sobriety, twenty four carat, fatal, most underivative, most superduper, gravely, de-terminative, cyclo-pean, out weighing, most outsize, high up, most called for, feller, sur-passing, more righthand, pre dominate, most twenty four carat, meaningful, most tip-top, most super eminent, first class, extra ordinary, valuable, more composing, re-served, re-cognizable, most overshadowing, most high-caliber, calledfor, pre dominating, more resident, un equalled, eminent, more smashing, fellest, big-deal, most wellbuilt, more amoebic, Spiring, harmfully, bigdeal, more overruling, wellheeled, flyest, deplorably, most inbuilt, monumental, upper most, most denoting, de lightful, running in family, midtown, most primary, more self governed, more impelling, re-levant, prevailing, head the line, un evolved, un wieldy, name game, in-ordinate, all embracing, most five star, blimpest, most prizewinning, out of world, more selfgoverned, up pity, more crackerjack, large scale, most front-page, most meat-and-potatoes, necessary, high-up, un paralleled, most high caliber, important, more implanted, most underived, most recognizable, more dynamite, in dependent, extra-ordinary, co operative, out rightest, pre requisite, de-terminate, more name of the game, to the max, handpicked, de fined, up-pity, over shadowing, in all seriousness, un derived, in earnest, pro-founder, most doozie, without equal, un-wieldiest, un surpassable, deciding, something else, meat potatoes, wellbuilt, un humorous, special, more out of sight, most tip top, top of the list, top, most coal-and-ice, De Luxe, axiological, skyscraping, most righthand, most all-embracing, most centroidal, de-liberate, oldster, gigantic, right front, most business, the most, de finite, eventful, oversize, most centric, selfgoverned, touch go, more worldclass, welloff, Headmost, heavy-duty, most hurry up, upper-most, most oversize, most highpriority, vital, un-approachable, ex act, more primo, un-derivative, idiopathic, super-duper, most midmost, out of ordinary, un-smiling, paramount, in seriousness, more top priority, un-forgettable, re levant, over powering, coal and ice, un-surpassed, un defeated, renowned, un-equalled, bigtime, most inaugural, most overlying, most underlined, organic, in famous, clearcut, bio-logical, most four star, first-rate, over-riding, more four-star, most super-excellent, prominent, stuck up, un-common, good quality, more prizewinning, massive, more heavyduty, most bottom line, whale of a, more highcaliber, head-most, more serious, over-shadowing, pre carious, senior, more top-priority, more calledfor, serious, in born, master, more superduper, bullier, fundamental, in-grained, most first-string, more unevolved, most mainline, well known, most designated, unamusing, no joke, well heeled, bluechip, highminded, un acquired, limitless, more long-faced, most humongous, more high-and-mighty, most right-hand, over riding, holding the reins, more high-up, more out-of-sight, top-pest, top the list, in dividual, prevalent, material, more meaning, in sufferable, more skyscraping, notorious, most symbiotic, most whaling, un smiling, acceptable, most directing, sufficient, superior, famous, superincumbent, uni versal, un measurable, more division, in-dividual, distinguished, card carrying, more nittygritty, highhat, more front-page, super eminent, menacingly, prime, most good sized, more unmatchable, more tip-top, most world class, superhuman, determinedly, carrying lot weight, basic, applicative, most guiding, huge, middle most, in tensely, supreme, blueribbon, more beginning, top notch, in-tense, rad, deep rooted, out standing, more supereminent, all-powerful, under-lying, more prominent, more fourstar, more inaugural, un-matched, life or death, meat-and-potatoes, un common, sure enough, uppermost, arch, most out of sight, allembracing, more showdown, more serendipitous, more grass roots, hurry-up, choice, fore-most, un duest, longfaced, out-standing, over weighing, topdrawer, ex-act, pre vailing, most ideal, co-operative, more ahead, un matchable, inter mediate, most life-or-death, most life or death, de-finite, high class, consequential, more upholstered, most highfaluting, numero uno, most expressing, most prize-winning, most overbalancing, more mainline, most high up, in the beginning, most plasmic, barn door, remarkable, midmost, queenliest, far reaching, un disguised, behemothic, over ruling, more superincumbent, constituent, leading, underived, most worldclass, out sight, un-derived, largescale, select, un avoidable, top-of-the-line, of note, potent, un-duer, most midtown, frontpage, more guiding, primary, life death, more unparagoned, more top of the line, pre-dominate, more all important, more telling, most heavyduty, more exceptive, stately, key, awe inspiring, ruling, builtin, most unrivalled, decisive, most opening, inbuilt, more thumping, more smoking, more meat and potatoes, highly regarded, most something, un-disguised, most unhumorous, de-luxe, more earmarked, significant, highup, most ahead, front-page, most all-powerful, re quired, more midmost, old-timer, most beginning, amoebic, large, most out-of-sight, by numbers, climatic, more bottomline, more centric, preeminent, undisguised, un-wieldier, more all-embracing, middlemost, in imitable, un-equaled, dominant, most calledfor, most unsmiling, in-valuable, more super duper, under lying, most behemothic, ex-pressing, more world class, most high-power, fab, un-paragoned, para-mount, palatial, more prize-winning, fourstar, namer, world-class, most card carrying, worthy, re-splendent, more denoting, more winner, serendipitous, more applicative, in demand, more above, premium, most ingredient, most bottom-line, super incumbent, most mondo, most factor, more natal, Exceptive, most headmost, more undisguised, running family, more cracking, un-paralleled, out ordinary, more five-star, running in the family, more primogenial, more substratal, star, most first rate, most grass roots, un rivaled, most omphalic, thoughtfully, out right, mid-way, solid gold, most monarchial, most high hat, great, raddest, most constituting, more umbilical, helpful, top drawer, oldests, un-surpassable, more expressing, most second-to-none, more top-of-the-line.