Pronunciation of Obstruction
/ɒbstɹˈʌkʃən/, /ɒbstɹˈʌkʃən/, /ɒ_b_s_t_ɹ_ˈʌ_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for obstruction

pre-eminences, help, shot arm, synergisms, road, righthand manwoman, load one mind, re presentations, helping hand largess, anti-dote, stimulus, fore-warning, teamings, co actions, hired people, hired persons, re-dresses, artificers, metacarpus, Counter-irritant, give and take, healing agent, counterirritant, pre eminence, Temps, restfulness, backing, ancilla, domestics, assist, temporary worker, pro tractions, load off one minds, re mission, ex-tensions, wageearners, restora-tive, patronage, egg one's beer, taking parts, counteractants, pro traction, righthand persons, be quests, handmaiden, re commendations, re-commendations, de-fenses, taking part, paraprofessionals, load one minds, goad, restora-tives, behalf, calligraphy, benisons, re turns, way, right-hand manwoman, re presentative, elixir vitaes, worker, prentice, phalange, succor, rank file, ministrations, promotion, physic, reliever, righthand manwomen, re lease, donation, be-quest, pharmacons, word the wise, Re-presentation, pro-positions, stand by, be quest, pro positions, in junction, counter irritants, counteractant, pro-motion, proprietary, facilitation, re cognition, liberation, therapeutics, MITTS, ace hole, wageearner, load one's minds, egg one beer, paraprofessional, egg in beer, shot the arm, continuation, Tradespeople, Coadjuvancy, in-junction, re leases, restoratives, counter-measure, ministration, catholicons, shakers, abetment, re lief, re cognitions, co-operation, succorer, right-hand people, right-hand person, recourse, re-leases, re-mission, giftings, re spite, time saver, load off one's minds, counter agent, calligraphies, serviceabilities, wage-earners, re-lease, instrumentality, white collar, doing business with, re missions, re presentation, championings, leg-ups, facilitations, benefit, sales helps, sub-ordinate, participation, kindness, go, leg up, do one part, dissuasions, palms, jobholder, pre-sents, co-actions, co operations, working persons, handclapping, break, palliative, re dresses, confunction, metacarpi, peace, staff member, be-quests, egg beer, co operation, symbiosis, including fingers duke, in-junctions, re-missions, do parts, dissuasion, ace in hole, thunderous receptions, egg ones beer, re-commendation, anti dote, write offs, egg in ones beer, advantage, healing agents, secondment, helpfulness, correctives, counter-irritants, admittance, re-course, input, writeoffs, anti-dotes, perpetuation, egg in one's beer, right-hand manwomen, Gifting, pro-fits, pro-traction, writeoff, nine to fiver, co adjutants, cerates, hired person, stimulant, fore-warnings, salve, extrications, assistance, pre valence, leg ups, coadjuvancies, do one's parts, Counterirritants, pre eminences, blue collars, stiffs, pre sent, egg in one beer, mollifications, in puts, load minds, thunderous reception, impetus, logrolling, mollification, medicant, shot in arm, cooperation, including fingers dukes, beginning, para-professional, boost, in-formations, pro position, co-action, continuance, para professionals, Symbioses, mitt, longhands, counter agents, re-spites, re commendation, meta carpus, entrance, re-sources, phalanx, advice, nine-to-fiver, hand, allayments, tip off, ace the hole, meta-carpi, meta carpi, tradesperson, nine-to-fivers, artificer, helping hand largesses, re-cognition, working stiff, Pharmacon, Subsidiaries, comfortings, sub ordinates, stand-by, nine to fivers, time savers, re-turns, synergism, ex-tension, do part, in-puts, crutch, dis suasions, counter irritant, convenience, wage-earner, load off one mind, load off mind, emolient, two cents' worth, co action, pink collar, re spites, joining ins, medicament, shaker, palliation, pre-sent, fore warnings, re-lief, co-operations, catalyst, pre-valence, ancillas, pro fits, restora tives, counteragents, handclappings, employee, opening, in-put, co adjutant, playing balls, re-courses, staff members, counter-measures, re-sorts, right-hand persons, right-hand man-woman, spur, thoroughfare, company people, re courses, telltales, opportunenesses, Re-turn, load mind, perpetuations, meta-carpus, counteragent, pre-eminence, working people, re-source, temporary workers, start, company persons, logrollings, opportuneness, doing business withs, white collars, confunctions, co-adjutants, contentment, de fenses, healings, palm, prentices, in formation, dis-suasion, re source, blue collar, standbyes, pro motions, countermeasure, load ones mind, pro motion, ex tension, a hand, company person, co-adjutant, in formations, pink collars, fellow workers, re turn, re-sort, re-presentative, righthand people, in junctions, combined effort, fellow worker, sub ordinate, combined efforts, gooses, counter measures, pro-tractions, medicants, aid, emolients, Allayment, do ones part, working peoples, legups, countermeasures, benison, legup, do one's part, cure, load one's mind, right hand manwomen, dis-suasions, right hand person, re-presentations, Phalanges, in-formation, proletarians, re dress, right hand man woman, right hand people, re-dress, operatives, counter measure, passage, transit, tipoff, working stiffs, Catholicon, restfulnesses, a hands, support, re sources, dis suasion, shot in the arm, Teaming, stand-byes, pro-motions, do one parts, labor, anti dotes, serviceability, load off minds, sub-ordinates, pro fit, load off one's mind, incentive, extrication, counter-agents, pre valences, right hand persons, load off ones mind, re course, cerate, right hand manwoman, trump, Counter-agent, palliatives.