Pronunciation of Restriction
/ɹɪstɹˈɪkʃən/, /ɹɪstɹˈɪkʃən/, /ɹ_ɪ_s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for restriction

dis engagements, leg ups, de-livery, re-cognitions, good fortune, overfamiliarities, stamp of approval, unconstraint, pro fit, re quiescences, laissez faire, stamp approval, passivities, dis charges, leave taking, re source, unemployment, one's own sweet time, re spites, ministration, successfulness, idle hour, leaf, one sweet time, re-quiescence, pre-eminence, directness, spare times, sufferances, east streets, in-dependences, in-creases, own accords, one own sweet times, goahead, dis-imprisonment, way, elbowrooms, re-leases, in-dependence, un-restraint, pre eminence, dis patches, over familiarities, spare time, out look, leave-taking, time saver, citizenships, unreservednesses, re-cognition, directnesses, dis charge, easygoingness, field reference, transit, life of luxury, ex pertnesses, one sweet times, re pose, unreservedness, out looks, the good life, Re-turn, re-laxations, ex-tents, wealth, comprehensiveness, legup, un restrictedness, ex-tent, enlargement, un constraints, re-lief, dis respect, ingenuousnesses, ataraxias, re spite, overfamiliarity, help, one's sweet time, re laxations, un restrictednesses, child play, un employments, dis-patch, one's own sweet times, smooth sailing, un-constraint, pro motions, leg up, un-restrictednesses, representative governments, dis engagement, Freedoms, entrance, scope, leave absence, simplicity, dis-charges, dis-engagements, dis-respects, out-looks, admittance, pro-motion, one own sweet time, in-formalities, re-cess, in activities, release, leave takings, passage, CLOVERS, peace mind, re-creations, condonances, insouciance, dis imprisonment, lack restraint, high on the hog, clover, liberation, pre valence, disimprisonment, ease, over-familiarity, re creations, pro-fit, insouciances, relaxednesses, re turn, ones own sweet time, re sources, prosperity, restfulnesses, co operations, de-liveries, wideness, ex pertness, in-formality, supinities, latitude, dis-engagement, ex tension, canonization, full plays, welfare, one's sweet times, sanctifications, restfulness, in-activity, high the hog, sufferance, ex-pertnesses, rampancies, in-crease, liberty, run ofs, pro-fits, full play, wellbeing, un restraints, de livery, unrestrictednesses, well-being, own accord, opportuneness, re-sources, de liveries, re-pose, east street, high on hog, leg-ups, in crease, un-reservednesses, in-activities, Self Determination, lack of reserve, run of, ex-tension, re quiescence, easygoingnesses, dis patch, widenesses, un-ceremoniousness, allowance, well being, ingenuousness, abolitionisms, leave, re-laxation, license, pro-mises, pre eminences, do's, pro fits, pogeys, forthrightness, leavetakings, re-turns, in dependences, re cesses, lack of restraint, smooth sailings, leavetaking, influences, sanctification, pro mises, re lief, unaffectedness, un restraint, re leases, extriction, over familiarity, dos, canonizations, un ceremoniousness, un-employments, legups, condonance, thoroughfare, re-quiescences, bed roses, privilege, skillfulnesses, Familiarity, protection, selfgovernment, convenience, self government, childs play, comprehensivenesses, relaxedness, re cognition, serviceabilities, re creation, empowerment, re turns, plenty rope, time savers, dis imprisonments, leave-takings, ex-pertness, idle hours, out-look, Elbowroom, un-ceremoniousnesses, un-affectedness, abolitionism, high hog, spare moment, un ceremoniousnesses, re-source, dis-patches, co operation, re-spites, leg-up, dis-imprisonments, re-lease, un constraint, pogey, re cognitions, un affectedness, dis-respect, the good lives, requiescence, pre-valence, unconstraints, good times, passivity, ataraxia, un affectednesses, ex tent, un-restrictedness, re lease, lack reserve, dis respects, flexibility, extrictions, un-constraints, forthrightnesses, opportunenesses, enfranchisement, skillfulness, co-operations, expansion, un reservednesses, pre valences, in formalities, road, over-familiarities, opening, un-affectednesses, pro-mise, un-reservedness, in dependence, co-operation, inter missions, unaffectednesses, advantage, pre-eminences, ex tents, full swing, ex-tensions, representative government, citizenship, re laxation, disimprisonments, freedom, serviceability, unemployments, ones own sweet times, requiescences, unrestrictedness, re-creation, life luxury, dis-charge, entitlements, permission, in activity, lead, pro mise, un reservedness, in creases.