Pronunciation of Burden
/bˈɜːdən/, /bˈɜːdən/, /b_ˈɜː_d_ə_n/

Antonyms for burden

dis guising, burnt off, dis-engaging, put on band aid, took load off chest, giving a break, stuck up for, dis-guise, wiping slate clean, un-leashed, dis-enthralled, offloads, brake bulk, un burdens, unburden, re duce, un loose, dis-commodes, attending to, un load, un-burdened, loophole, Gloze, de-creasing, re lease, clears the way, Bailed, dis-embarrassing, de contaminated, quench, un-shackles, giving a rest, become light, anesthetized, un does, becoming light, lets off hook, go bat for, benefacting, re-leased, dis imprisoned, Whites, sticks up for, let off hook, whiting, force to resign, lets out, off loads, disenthralled, re fine, taking load ones chest, burn off, putting street, dis-guised, un-fettered, Disenthrall, give a break, de-mobilizing, re lieve, put bandaid, re fines, un binds, un-lading, Succoring, be-friended, gave rest, anesthetizing, option, dis engage, clear way, dis-guising, off load, further, stand in for, dis-missed, lent a hand, clears way, calmness, lend hand, gave a rest, re-fining, un-fixed, un-pack, sub-due, disencumber, un fetters, cleared the way, took the place of, discharge, letted the hook, putting on a band-aid, make bright, putting a bandaid, Glozed, made bright, un shackles, un-clogging, divest, puts on band-aid, dis-missing, de creased, unshackled, forcing to resign, dis imprison, gives a break, encourage, letted out, made lighter, making bright, up-lights, taking load off mind, dis entangled, re moving, take load off one mind, take load off, un-clogs, gave a hand, up raised, de-contaminating, take load off one chest, forces to resign, breaks bulk, un clogs, de-contaminates, take over from, waiver, putting a band aid, un leashes, dis-burdened, dis missing, light up, un chain, unload, un-lade, preference, dis-encumbered, pro-mote, puts the street, up-lighted, unshackles, dulls, give break, glozes, taking over, sub due, dis-burdening, comfort, de livers, made less, poured out, putting on a bandaid, disburden, dis commodes, bringing aid, letting upon, lets the hook, dis enthralls, attends to, all-owed, soothe, de contaminate, de-livers, lends hand, unchained, lying by, dis embarrass, dis gorging, dis-charges, dis encumbering, open the door, stick for, Unfix, opening door, making less, dis guise, taking load mind, lets up on, un fetter, offloaded, dis embarrassed, dis-enthralling, dis-charge, dis gorges, dis charged, selection, dis-gorges, took load chest, de creasing, take load one chest, dis burdening, dis guises, takes load chest, takes the place of, takes load one chest, re-deems, de-contaminated, pours out, run interference for, dis embarrasses, Succored, dis-embarrass, taking load one mind, de-creased, cheer, pouring out, lie by, exoneration, un-blocking, assist, de livered, promote, pick, gave break, gives break, take load off one's mind, extricate, quick fixed, straightens out, up-lighting, facilitates, gave hand, prettify, brought aid, make less, un fixt, de-creases, took a load off, tranquility, un burdened, un tightened, pro-moting, un fixes, unburdened, opening the door, lends a hand, dis-burden, taking load off ones mind, letted off the hook, permit, dis-enthralls, take a load off, dis-imprison, benefit, grace, letted upon, un clog, took load mind, un-burdens, de livering, dis-entangling, clearing way, took load off one's chest, un looses, let up on, apologizes for, re leases, dis-imprisoning, gives a hand, burned off, breaking bulk, taking load chest, puts street, giving break, un burdening, benefacted, benefacts, dis-encumbering, disengage, taking load off one mind, be friend, letted off hook, quick fixt, un-packing, off-loads, ex cept, un-blocked, took load one mind, wipes slate clean, disimprisons, unchains, putting on a band aid, dis engages, exemption, de liver, un-doing, lent hand, Unlade, un-chaining, dis gorged, re-moves, happiness, be friended, put on bandaid, wiped slate clean, de mobilizes, make lighter, un-fix, un-tied, cleared way, un-fetters, un-did, give rest, be friending, un cages, sticked up for, un fettering, un-blocks, stick up for, dis-encumbers, let upon, unfixed, taking load off chest, benefact, release, letting off the hook, up-light, up lighted, un chained, de-mobilizes, ran interference for, disentangle, sticked for, take over, disimprisoning, un leashed, dis commode, dis-entangled, put on band-aid, up-raises, jettison, un-cage, de-mobilize, takes load off, sped up, stay, let hook, re deemed, put on a band aid, puts on band aid, ease, lights up, dis-gorging, takes load one's mind, facilitate, assistance, un block, re-deeming, un clogging, gave a break, puts on a band-aid, takes load off ones chest, puts on bandaid, substituting for, took load one's chest, un pack, force resign, substitutes for, apologize for, all owing, puts on a bandaid, puts a bandaid, dis-engage, palliate, makes bright, un-caged, make light of, unfettering, un-tighten, de contaminating, takes a load off, sticking up for, forcing resign, taking a load off, makes light of, aid, un-fixes, open doors for, un clogged, un bind, makes less, takes place of, made light of, takes load one's chest, giving a hand, taking the place of, apologizing for, attend to, taking load off one chest, turned loose, burning off, off loaded, un caged, takes load off one mind, pro moting, de-contaminate, un lading, irresponsibility, re-fines, put a bandaid, blessing, dis-entangles, took over from, letted up on, took load ones mind, off-loading, putting on bandaid, delight, stood in for, making lighter, un loads, putting band aid, opens the door, puts a band aid, de-livered, take load off ones mind, dis engaged, un-cages, dis embarrassing, straightened out, took load off mind, be friends, Uncage, de mobilized, becomes light, dis-charged, letting up on, make easier, forced resign, brings aid, ex-cept, re moved, take the place of, gives hand, take load one's mind, lets hook, took load one chest, de-crease, dis enthralled, Glozing, stands in for, re-leases, un leash, takes over, unburdening, puts a band-aid, up-raising, exculpation, un-burden, pour out, un-packs, uplighting, takes over from, give hand, re-lax, puts band aid, speeding up, running interference for, uncaged, dis charges, letted hook, un done, re-duce, dis-imprisoned, take place of, take load ones chest, opening doors for, taking load off one's chest, take load one's chest, put a band aid, makes easier, putting on the street, turns loose, taking load ones mind, dis-guises, un blocking, quick fixing, uncaging, disembarrass, un loosed, sticks for, relieve, de-mobilized, up light, dis enthrall, uplighted, un shackling, lighting up, un-tightens, unburdens, un chaining, spell, put on a bandaid, putting a band-aid, up-raise, let out, please, re-moving, praise, put band aid, be-friends, re-deem, put the street, takes load mind, un-bind, un fixing, de-livering, un blocks, up-raised, takes load off one's mind, dis imprisons, un did, turn loose, un fettered, Unfetter, un loosing, broke bulk, un-does, re fined, un bound, dis-gorge, un-shackle, took load off one chest, re duces, make happy, forced to resign, dis-engaged, break bulk, unclogs, putting on street, dis burdened, un tightens, became light, alternative, puts on the street, up lights, lets upon, unfixes, put street, up lighting, pro-motes, re-lease, put on the street, un-caging, re-move, un-leashes, dis burden, take load chest, takes load off one chest, taking load one's chest, be-friend, unclog, re lax, go with, burns off, dis-enthrall, un-shackled, un-lades, un-bound, exonerate, put a band-aid, accommodate, un lade, sub-dues, un shackle, dis-burdens, postponement, dis-commode, un-load, lending hand, prettifying, lighten, putting bandaid, dis encumbered, un loaded, letting loose, unchain, un loading, un shackled, de contaminates, substitute for, let loose, dis gorge, un-fixing, dis entangling, lets off the hook, gives rest, taking load off ones chest, dis-embarrasses, took load off ones mind, dis-gorged, re-fine, un-burdening, take load mind, sub dues, prettified, un-binds, unclogged, lay by, takes load off one's chest, puts band-aid, anesthetizes, un-clog, dis-engages, be-friending, speed up, un tying, anesthetize, making easier, give a hand, lit up, dis-imprisons, let the hook, taking load one chest, straighten out, un tighten, taking load off one's mind, putting on band-aid, relief, disenthralling, re-lieve, opened doors for, uplights, re deeming, un-loosed, free, letting off hook, took over, de crease, liberate, unblock, dis-charging, un-chains, lied by, putting on band aid, dis entangle, dis burdens, dis-encumber, dis-entangle, un-clogged, oblige, peace, un-tightening, un laded, off-loaded, disimprisoned, clearing the way, gives a rest, un-packed, taking load off, dis imprisoning, take load one mind, un fix, de mobilizing, making light of, opens door, Dulling, dis missed, unfetters, up raising, un packed, uplight, dis encumber, take load ones mind, de creases, puts bandaid, speeded up, dis entangles, un-chain, dis-embarrassed, clear the way, allow, all owed, dis engaging, un-loads, un lades, un cage, un-leashing, bring aid, un-loose, Unshackle, made easier, un fixed, promotion, un-fetter, advantage, took place of, dis charge, dis enthralling, sets free, up raise, taking place of, de-liver, unclogging, runs interference for, un-looses, contentment, untangle, un burden, speeds up, disimprison, lending a hand, help, takes load off ones mind, un-fixt, prettifies, took load ones chest, taking over from, setting free, re-duces, offload, disenthralls, un-tying, letting the hook, standing in for, un-tightened, opens doors for, un-loosing, dis encumbers, take load off chest, un packs, letting out, un-shackling, giving hand, all-owing, choice, un packing, encouragement, un tied, giving rest, re deem, apologized for, set free, un-fettering, re move, dis charging, took load off, give a rest, substituted for, dis guised, putting the street, makes lighter, un caging, Bailing, attended to, un doing, de mobilize.