Pronunciation of Penalty
/pˈɛnə͡lti/, /pˈɛnə‍lti/, /p_ˈɛ_n_əl_t_i/

Antonyms for penalty

counter claim, hand-out, counter-claims, re takings, re-funds, pourboires, re mission, goodie, stipendium, reparation, Replevy, condonation, defrayal, fee, Reanimation, purse, contentedness, Re-turn, plum, recovery, giveup, rectification, write-offs, re-establishment, re animations, win, counter-claim, re habilitation, ex chequers, pre-sent, counterclaims, victory, tip, be line for, happiness, re-institutions, re-formation, Recoupment, ministration, re-venue, spiffs, Fairing, re workings, re pair, re-fund, re-working, over compensations, re-novations, golden parachutes, Offertories, re-source, re visions, fairings, de lights, defrayals, shot the arm, making good, sweetener, re-instatements, re sources, remittal, expiations, counter claims, pay, compensation, re lief, feedbag, give back, re-gard, unfairness, offsettings, re-invigoration, Recompensation, hand me down, immunity, benefit, writeoff, re placements, pre sent, lifesaver, de-lights, shortcoming, return, forgiveness, honorarium, co-operation, reinvigorations, Sweeteners, re-possession, accruement, hand me downs, write offs, indemnification, Solatium, pardon, acquittances, corrupting gift, Redintegration, pre-sents, re-novation, re-construction, bribe, re turns, re captures, sweetenings, largesses, be-quests, reward, payment, present, feather in cap, re novations, money backs, release, Reestablishment, feather cap, re-lief, acquittance, redintegrations, be quest, over compensation, retrievements, re formations, dis charge, restitution, lawlessness, re-vivifications, re-placement, re animation, wellbeing, in heritance, re-mission, re-formations, re leases, co operation, special compensation, re payments, rake-off, indemnity, advantage, instauration, balancings, recoupments, re compensation, de light, shot in arm, re vivifications, one-ways, re-patriation, in-come, re-pair, give-back, defrayments, giveups, disregard, buyoff, re-workings, instaurations, disadvantage, setoff, re calls, overlooking, over-compensation, pro-visions, re construction, out-lay, pay-off, payings, corrupting gifts, corrupt monies, satisfaction, bus fare, bus fares, pro vision, re-dress, giveaway, give-backs, vindication, re-habilitations, re-modelings, re-missions, award, re instatement, peace mind, leg ups, re venue, golden parachute, stipendiums, reanimations, rakeoff, re dresses, lifeboat, re couping, take home, contentednesses, pro-fits, giveaways, numina, in-heritance, payback, re-bate, shot arm, repayment, re patriation, reworkings, re-taking, give up, re-constructions, hand-me-downs, money back, re-captures, re gards, takehome, repatriation, re-sources, Prem, re establishment, re-couping, in come, limitation, re vision, over-compensations, re solutions, gift, re-payments, re-possessions, overcompensation, one-way, re-animations, pro-motion, entitlements, re-call, amortizations, guerdon, reinstatement, re-animation, aid, re-leases, unethicalness, accusation, corrupt moneys, influence peddling, give-ups, exculpation, restoration, pay offs, parole, impunity, writeoffs, dis charges, re-takings, Carrots, commutation, offertory, rectifications, takehomes, re-dresses, piece the action, premium, re invigoration, piece of action, remitment, re habilitations, re-habilitation, injustice, re invigorations, leg up, re-modeling, reinstatements, hand-outs, making goods, prems, re-pairs, re-visions, re funds, accruements, re possession, rake-offs, give ups, overcompensations, piece action, re-compensation, re taking, reinvigoration, propitiation, spiff, de-posit, write-off, re pairs, ex-chequers, re-lease, refund, quittance, take homes, illegality, re-establishments, rake off, feedbags, Replevin, boon, partiality, lifeboats, pro-vision, additional compensations, re working, impairment, remittance, re-instatement, Remittances, carrot, re-turns, lifesavers, squaring things, ex-chequer, re novation, re lease, re modelings, reprieve, replevins, expiation, give-up, de posit, give backs, restriction, dis-charges, takings, re-placements, re-venues, re patriations, shot in the arm, buyoffs, take-homes, squaring thing, re bate, out lay, de posits, price, givebacks, in heritances, be quests, bonus, solatia, re venues, pourboire, corrupt money, pro visions, re-vivification, amortization, be-quest, bounty, acquisition, delight, exchequers, re-invigorations, good fortune, re-calls, re vivification, numen, Downs, charge, winnings, recompense, drawback, remittals, de-light, reinstitutions, re turn, reinstitution, replevies, de-posits, in comes, re missions, co-operations, be in line for, re-vision, exemption, one way, additional compensation, healings, co operations, re-compensations, re-patriations, redress, pro fit, re institution, propitiations, re fund, pro motions, re source, re bates, one ways, counterclaim, in-heritances, well being, re-capture, blessing, re dress, re capture, dis-charge, largesse, exoneration, take-home, satisfas, cause, re payment, satisfa, pay-offs, defrayment, hand outs, re-solutions, takein, giveback, re-payment, re-solution, gain, honor, pro fits.