Pronunciation of Condemnation
/kɒndɪmnˈe͡ɪʃən/, /kɒndɪmnˈe‍ɪʃən/, /k_ɒ_n_d_ɪ_m_n_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for condemnation

de-gree, KUDO, big idea, goahead, up-shots, hypo thesis, re-missions, glorification, hokum, joyousness, homage, sanctification, joyousnesses, pat on head, approbation, glory, high ranks, making holies, high rank, favorings, de-grees, hokums, commendation, dis-section, exaltation, out come, pre-eminence, encomium, gramercies, sycophancy, de-signs, re-solutions, appreciativeness, godspeeds, hypo-thesis, in-cense, re dress, kneelings, kudos, pro-motion, thanks, obsequiousness, Nobleness, worship, the nod, exoneration, re cognition, recommendation, de signs, cheerings, in vocations, felicitation, big ideas, brain child, vindication, re-venge, grandiosity, in-corruptibility, un ravelling, high esteems, ingratiation, peerages, warm fuzzy, jives, up grades, pre ferment, sorting outs, pretty speeches, up shots, honor, strokings, praise, beatifications, canonizations, in-corruptnesses, honeyed word, two cents' worths, upliftings, consecration, beatification, over-statements, in-corruptibilities, out comes, unctuousness, in cense, benediction, pre-ferment, pro fit, up shot, up-lifts, re missions, re-dress, canonization, pro-positions, re citations, dis-charge, ex planation, clearance, over-statement, flummeries, ruling class, appreciativenesses, lionizations, re-dresses, immortalizations, memorializations, approval, trucklings, jump up, honeyed words, re-minders, incorruptions, Bravoes, tipoff, laurels, worthiness, incorruption, apology, be-lief, permission, release, buttering ups, re solve, endorsement, pre eminence, eyewash, re citation, in toxication, pro-fits, PRS, in corruptness, stateliness, good word, trustworthiness, resolution, shot the arm, favorable mention, up-shot, re-solution, worthinesses, re mission, sub mission, public esteem, working outs, public esteems, pretty speech, dis charge, obsequiousnesses, de-light, orchid, say so, re-solve, divine sanction, pro position, shot in arm, hot leads, good words, pro positions, eulogy, eyewashes, up-grading, in corruptions, de-termination, in junctions, de terminations, de-lights, fulsomenesses, in-corruptness, re commendation, re-lease, de lights, re-commendation, proposal, lionization, un-ravelling, in-censes, de grees, re-gard, deification, cajolery, grandness, ingratiations, in censes, reverence, pre mise, statelinesses, jump ups, absolution, re-commendations, up lifts, honestnesses, discharge, source of pride, up-lift, hallowings, promotion, thank you notes, freeing, in corruptibility, fawnings, renowns, de fenses, re spects, divine sanctions, sublimity, de light, re solutions, thank you note, preferment, high esteem, eulogizings, shot in the arm, fulsomeness, flattery, panegyrics, pro-position, sorting out, high standing, re-spects, up rightnesses, sense obligation, re cognitions, big hands, up grading, pre-mise, stroke luck, church service, de sign, re-solves, telltales, up-rightness, re-minder, re-citation, out lines, bending of the knee, lifeboat, Prelation, un-ravellings, bending the knee, letter of support, over statements, suggestion, re-spect, pat the back, tribute, out line, in junction, up rightness, softsoap, toadyisms, acquittal, pat on the head, repute, up-rightnesses, preferments, ex-planation, making holy, sub-mission, memorialization, move ups, move up, COMPS, bootlickings, bending knee, sneaking suspicions, honestness, name, pat head, re-citations, in-vocations, obeisance, re venges, solvings, compliment, re leases, in-toxications, Gramercy, pre ferments, re minder, softsoaps, in-corruptions, incorruptness, Benedicite, good opinion, up lifting, Amore, premise, re gards, re venge, adoration, source pride, lifeboats, dis-sections, incorruptnesses, pre eminences, sycophancies, gratitude, in toxications, ruling classes, lifesavers, noblenesses, Extolment, pre mises, out-come, blessing, dis-charges, benedictu, dis charges, in corruption, high standings, bravo, de-sign, upgradings, up-lifting, in-junction, sub missions, tenders, deifications, pardon, COMP, idolization, dis section, re spect, de termination, un ravellings, re-mission, magnification, Immortalization, jive, re solves, noblesse, sayso, be lief, re nown, de-fenses, pro fits, big hand, re dresses, in-corruption, worshippings, fawning, pre-eminences, in-junctions, ex planations, up grade, dis sections, flatterings, pre-mises, ex-positions, sanction, up lift, pashes, up-grades, testimonial, ex-position, clappings, in corruptnesses, re-leases, bravos, Toadyism, pre-ferments, pumping ups, re-nown, brain children, unctuousnesses, two cents' worth, pat back, shot arm, letter support, sense of obligation, out-lines, de gree, proposition, flummery, Cajoleries, bending of knee, re lease, re-cognition, de-terminations, in corruptibilities, church services, out-line, prelations, benison, Pash, tip off, amores, benisons, good opinions, credit, ex-planations, benedicites, good fortune, soft-soaps, in vocation, trustworthinesses, sub-missions, soft-soap, unravellings, out-comes, Benedictus, pat the head, pro motions, re commendations, ORCHIDS, sanctifications, lifesaver.