Pronunciation of Exaggerate
/ɛɡzˈad͡ʒəɹˌe͡ɪt/, /ɛɡzˈad‍ʒəɹˌe‍ɪt/, /ɛ_ɡ_z_ˈa_dʒ_ə_ɹ_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for exaggerate

dis-counting, mis reckoning, vilipended, poormouthing, cut to the quick, cuts rate, over estimates, dropt the ball, under estimates, throwing stones at, under value, turning up one's nose, under prizing, over valued, under estimating, curled lip, disses, puts hooks in, dis crediting, cutting to the quick, mis-reckon, held contempt, mis construing, sold short, mis-construed, dis heartening, mis-prizes, cut rate, overestimating, de-cry, doeth number on, downcried, de-fames, under-state, dis-praises, under-rate, under-prizes, underrate, make light of, finding fault with, sells short, de-valuing, do number on, made light of, turning ones nose, doest a number on, under states, de-moralized, under-price, dis-credits, DISES, mis-estimates, with draws, mis interpreting, dis-countenances, cuts the quick, dis-regarding, re probate, mis-judged, Overvaluing, de-tracts, cutting quick, dost number on, clamor against, clamored against, hold in contempt, giving bronx cheer, missing by mile, de-faming, de-ride, dump on, taking down peg, turning up one nose, under-prized, mis-interpreted, shooting full holes, dis countenances, downcry, turned up ones nose, Dispraising, curl ones lip, de values, cutting down size, over-estimating, take a swipe at, dost a number on, deprecate, under-valued, didst number on, ranked out, turn ones nose, turns ones nose, mis-prize, mis-reckons, dis courages, took away, scoffing at, mis-construe, shoot full of holes, cut the quick, under rate, dis regarded, mis counted, Squashing, dis graces, drop ball, de-creasing, over-valuing, slipt up, de riding, taking swipe at, held up to ridicule, dis-crediting, overestimates, poormouths, gat signals crossed, under-estimates, over-looks, de cries, poor-mouthed, disparage, dissing, subtracts from, did number on, mis understood, taking away, de valued, mis prize, de-valuating, re duce, dis counts, dis-missing, mis judges, finds fault with, dis regard, re-duces, miss by mile, de-crying, misprizes, dropt ball, opprobriate, cutting rate, over-estimates, thinks too little of, Faulted, under estimated, dis-courages, mis construed, shooting full of holes, opprobriates, de-crease, dropped the ball, de-moralize, de valuated, slips up, with draw, dis heartens, de fame, de tract, be-littles, hold up ridicule, dis-esteemed, mis estimate, de-value, poor-mouthing, over looks, missed by mile, understated, throws stones at, mis-counted, doing a number on, Caricatured, dis-countenance, dropped ball, dis credits, mis judging, under estimate, mis carrying, dis heartened, held to ridicule, held up ridicule, miscounted, de-cries, thought too little of, over look, curling ones lip, dis countenanced, underrated, de-values, getting signals crossed, got wrong, re duces, cut to quick, dis countenance, sneer at, de moralize, shoots down, rank out, drawing away, undervalued, de famed, sneers at, turned up one's nose, dis-credited, cutting to quick, re-vile, dis esteemed, turns up nose, dis-heartens, take swipe at, takes a swipe at, dis regards, de-valued, over-rate, dis esteeming, found fault with, over estimate, doing number on, mis-calculating, over estimated, de-fame, dis-esteeming, turned one nose, misprized, belittle, downcries, getting wrong, dumped on, dis-missed, mis counts, under values, holds in contempt, holding to ridicule, lessen, mis read, dis-credit, not do justice, de grading, Caricaturing, re-probate, does number on, takes down a peg, turning one's nose, cut quick, curls ones lip, de-famed, shooting down, dis-praise, overvalues, curled one lip, cuts quick, mis prizing, mis-carry, miss by a mile, cuts down size, over-rating, overestimated, under pricing, turned ones nose, dis-esteem, misprizing, decrease, under rated, vilipending, Underprize, shoot full holes, mis interprets, with drawn, under-priced, de crease, drew away, turn up one's nose, missed by a mile, Fleering, dis countenancing, ranks out, mis-reading, Fleered, mis estimates, cry down, de rides, slipping up, de cried, mis judged, de-valuates, holds ridicule, dis grace, mis calculating, play down, with-drawing, with-draw, gotten signals crossed, held in contempt, think too little of, curling one lip, mis-judges, under stated, turns one's nose, souring grapes, dis gracing, dropping the ball, sniffs at, dumping on, scoffs at, got signals crossed, mis understand, hold contempt, gets signals crossed, dis counted, underprized, under-rates, dis-graced, over-look, mis-construing, mis prized, mis-understanding, dis-regarded, underprizes, turn nose, mis-reads, going wrong, de-valuated, holding up ridicule, mis-understand, clamoring against, under prices, with drawing, mis-counts, holding contempt, pooh pooh, hold up to ridicule, slipped up, de creased, put down, overestimate, detract, running down, didst a number on, held ridicule, overvalue, dis courage, de value, curled ones lip, re-duce, makes light of, dis-esteems, undervalue, misestimate, mis-read, ranking out, mis reads, turning up nose, curls one's lip, dis-regards, Vilipend, be littles, subtracted from, mis understands, poor mouths, take down a peg, over rate, holding ridicule, under-rating, drop the ball, dis praising, de-grading, go wrong, under-prices, re-probates, holds contempt, de-grade, making light of, Dispraised, over-looking, de-valuate, put hooks in, take away, sniffing at, de-riding, turns one nose, decry, dis regarding, over rates, badmouth, dispraise, underestimate, over value, mis reckon, curl lip, slip up, over-estimated, over-valued, dumps on, curls one lip, mis-calculates, curls lip, cut down size, underprizing, dissed, mis carry, doeth a number on, hold ridicule, re-probated, over looked, mis-prizing, shoots full holes, get wrong, over rated, missing by a mile, under-stated, de graded, de-rides, dis-courage, did a number on, over-estimate, re vile, turn up ones nose, took down peg, dis credited, be modest, takes down peg, dis missed, under valued, taking a swipe at, dis esteems, doest number on, misses by a mile, mark down, holds up to ridicule, poor mouthed, turned up nose, mis-interprets, soured grapes, mis-carrying, cried down, turned nose, under-estimating, over rating, does a number on, dis missing, dis-countenanced, marked down, dis graced, selling short, scoffed at, under-value, de grades, dis-praising, curled one's lip, under valuing, de valuating, turn one nose, dis-graces, mis understanding, with-drew, sours grapes, de creasing, dis-heartening, de fames, with drew, under prized, Burlesqued, de valuates, de faming, doth a number on, over estimating, under-prizing, dis praises, lower, mis reckoned, dis-hearten, clamors against, under-values, ignore, under rating, under rates, dis-counted, under stating, reduce, shrink, turns up one's nose, dis-heartened, doth number on, draw away, dropping ball, turned one's nose, shot down, drops the ball, turns up one nose, under-states, de-creases, mis calculated, under prizes, under state, dis-countenancing, cutting down to size, dis hearten, de tracts, depreciate, turn one's nose, taking down a peg, mis-judging, de crying, dispraises, poor mouth, curl one's lip, dis-gracing, under-pricing, shoot down, holding up to ridicule, mis-construes, dis counting, dis-grace, over-rates, dis praised, scoff at, takes swipe at, mis-reckoning, underpriced, thinking too little of, de-creased, dis esteem, under-valuing, be little, dis praise, went wrong, de-moralizes, under-estimate, cuts down to size, under-prize, over valuing, blistered, mis-estimate, turns up ones nose, de cry, cries down, under-stating, turning nose, took a swipe at, mis-estimating, under priced, mis reading, under prize, dis, downcrying, de valuate, mis estimating, Burlesquing, over-value, curling one's lip, cutting the quick, de moralizes, sneered at, cuts to quick, mis calculates, de-tract, curl one lip, crying down, contract, holding in contempt, de-graded, re probating, mis-prized, minimize, drops ball, opprobriating, took swipe at, vilipends, understate, curling lip, dis-praised, dis credit, de valuing, shot full of holes, over-rated, mis-reckoned, takes away, mis carried, find fault with, under-estimated, turn up one nose, turns nose, mis interpreted, de-grades, mis construe, under price, Reprobated, abridge, shoots full of holes, holds to ridicule, gave bronx cheer, underprice, cuts to the quick, turning one nose, poormouth, with-drawn, hold to ridicule, under-rated, poor mouthing, bad mouth, sell short, squash, de-cried, Overvalued, cut down to size, de moralizing, miscounting, shot full holes, gives bronx cheer, compress, de creases, underpricing, mis-estimated, sniff at, gets wrong, sniffed at, dis-regard, underprices, be-little, draws away, de-moralizing, over values, de ride, lowered, Reprobating, mis carries, de moralized, sneering at, mis estimated, Misprize, dis-counts, de grade.