Pronunciation of Future
/fjˈuːt͡ʃə/, /fjˈuːt‍ʃə/, /f_j_ˈuː_tʃ_ə/

Antonyms for future

in cards, most unescapable, be-forehand, most above-mentioned, most novel, one-shot, forgotten, dewy, time beings, unescapable, free will, in store, contempo, de-parted, most brewing, antecedently, most withit, un avoidable, hot off the fire, way back, more rearward, a while ago, present moment, once, long-ago, Proleptical, NOWS, un-escapable, ultra-modern, breaking new ground, like now, most goneby, Erewhile, most with-it, recent, more leading-edge, un commonest, twenty first century, most cutting-edge, some time ago, most overearly, hot press, most exanimate, times pasts, more gone-by, more abreast, in the past, at this time, time being, yore, on horizon, today, goodie, aforementioned, un founded, more ahead, more on the spot, most preexisting, present day, in wake of, more handwriting-on-the-wall, at cutting edge, more commenced, most leading-edge, any more, more withit, in-evitable, design, precursory, more nowadays, nonce, more unescapable, days old, precedent, in-animate, until now, most up, re-capitulation, more cuttingedge, Oversoon, most before, yester-day, more gathering, behind one, by gone, in past, most sometime, overearly, in the cards, more goneby, more modernized, more untrodden, yester-years, re cords, co incident, in opportune, history, on the spot, cutting-edge, nonces, this times, most handwriting-on-the-wall, co-incident, modern, most voguish, more precursory, most abreast, more handwriting on the wall, way back when, giveaways, times past, most long-ago, pre sents, once upon a time, untrodden, most synchronal, more up, olden days, plan, un-trained, un skilled, most fast-approaching, by-gone, un-timelier, in attendance, in the wake of, most leadingedge, more oversoon, un triedest, more ago, over early, used to be, more long-ago, antecedent, one time previously, more abovementioned, new, un trodden, gone-by, un known, Aforetime, at time, bygone time, most nowadays, ante-diluvian, more formerly, more cutting edge, un-usual, soonest, de ceased, Instanter, auto-biographies, more coexisting, more heretofore, for the time being, ex animate, back of, giftings, most split second, knightly, hot fire, bygone, more inevasible, pre histories, un accustomed, un seasoned, more new fashioned, ex, in-escapable, tailest, in animate, imminent, co existent, more above, made the scene, un likest, in-experienced, un spoiled, novel, more preexistent, more aforementioned, over done, before now, un commoner, in the offing, made scene, un timeliest, ages ago, hot the fire, most inevasible, ex-animate, in the wind, hot the press, on its way, pre-existent, more newborn, voguish, most bypast, in moment, more long ago, un liker, gone by, up to date, agone, cuttingedge, most coexisting, dis similar, more leading edge, more behind, re-cent, for time being, un-warranted, un-trodden, on board, dewiest, so far, most splitsecond, in the old days, Auld lang syne, most uncontaminated, more bypast, long agos, more newfashioned, long gone, before this, choice, most split-second, ago, yesteryear, re cord, un-familiar, just now, yores, gone, un trained, most overhanging, more prevenient, aim, under consideration, at once, distant, ultra modern, un timely, days of old, red hot, most untrodden, most ex-, un familiar, un contaminated, un timelier, un touched, yester-days, most fast approaching, at this moment, new fashioned, avant garde, pre cursory, even now, late, un-seasoned, un-triedest, with-it, beinger, only one time, more precedent, more fast approaching, hot off press, re capitulations, most aforementioned, most cuttingedge, most ago, pre-existing, most newfashioned, too early, more already, previously, REDHOT, leading-edge, in fashion, a while back, be ingest, preceding, eons ago, years agos, most today, re-capitulations, splitsecond, more elapsed, goneby, but once, presentday, on the horizon, Newfashioned, scheme, un-known, in experienced, un-used, todays, one time before, Gifting, bygone times, on-the-spot, pre existent, on the verge, brandnew, more split-second, pre vailing, most ahead, uncontaminated, Tailer, prehistories, more exanimate, back, foregone, in process, down memory lane, handwriting-on-the-wall, old time, yesterday, most already, most fastapproaching, most oversoon, heretofore, in offing, in view, fore going, on verge, preexisting, more split second, spick and span, be gun, de parted, re-cord, in old days, in air, pre history, most cutting edge, write offs, re-lated, at one time, EXER, only time, un-founded, hot off fire, prior, more associated, in days gone by, Precedently, most on the spot, in evitable, most long ago, in duration, most gathering, fastapproaching, there, nowest, time, present moments, most handwriting on the wall, twentyfirst century, nowadays, in a minute, on hand, in times past, former time, up to the minute, most previously, hot off the press, old days, most proleptical, ancient times, over-due, most gone-by, un-contaminated, days of yore, yester day, in anticipation, re-cords, most neoteric, up to this time, just out, most gone by, most with it, contemporary, uninvolved, over and done, over-early, hind most, this days, un-spoiled, one time, pre-ceding, more gone by, more longago, on deck, once up on a time, re cent, days gone byes, more brewing, most rearward, writeoffs, most above, pre existing, in former times, old day, this time, yester days, more cutting-edge, latter day, water under bridge, days gone by, more above mentioned, new-fashioned, be-ingest, un-common, back when, years ago, old lang synes, more neoteric, most precursory, used be, more voguish, more preexisting, in olden days, un-developed, un-timely, here now, anterior, retrospective, co-existent, un-accustomed, exanimate, un-commoner, pre-sent, more ex, dewier, more with it, former times, most precedent, most elapsed, up this time, long ago, former, most commenced, un-touched, brand new, more previously, more new-fashioned, prevenient, more leadingedge, olden day, previous, un-skilled, auto-biography, un usual, newfangled, more aback, dis-similar, moment, Neoteric, over-soon, of yore, more today, of old, fore-going, hitherto, over-hanging, most behind, prehistory, writeoff, synchronal, ex-, then, in escapable, be forehand, in nothing flat, the time beings, more contempo, yester year, most preexistent, now, pre sent, auto biography, oneshot, re capitulation, on one occasion, Old lang syne, more overearly, co-existing, the time being, be-gun, over soon, in the olden days, the latest, most formerly, nower, re tired, early, more uncontaminated, un-likest, Latterday, on double, un-timeliest, most leading edge, most newborn, most ex, most contempo, Inevasible, more fastapproaching, more fast-approaching, right now, giveaway, most whilom, old times, ancient time, un tried, more whilom, days yore, a single time, once up on time, yester years, on occasion, fast approaching, un-avoidable, pre-histories, un escapable, Whilom, more splitsecond, withit, ante diluvian, leadingedge, most on-the-spot, most associated, pre ceding, too soon, therest, most astern, preexistent, longago, past, most longago, at moment, in advance, in minute, most aback, split-second, in-opportune, formerly, up time, available, yester-year, un trieder, present, most heretofore, more ex-, at the moment, more synchronal, over due, see coming, these days, volition, more overhanging, beingest, un common, this day, co existing, de-ceased, once upon time, more astern, auto biographies, un-trieder, a bit previous, to come, fast-approaching, see it coming, pre-sents, up to time, more above-mentioned, un-tried, in the air, avantgarde, more sometime, one shot.