Pronunciation of Skillful
/skˈɪlfə͡l/, /skˈɪlfə‍l/, /s_k_ˈɪ_l_f_əl/

Antonyms for skillful

anti-climactic, bushleague, not cut out for, un-apter, un facile, out commission, un qualified, rude, in-effectual, un profitable, not able, un-diplomatic, in adept, most unartful, in-eligible, Dudder, un-gainliest, more defeasible, in eligible, un-couth, more inadept, in appropriate, in apter, most inproficient, un suited, most slack-spined, unpolished, un-duer, un couth, un-handiest, more enfeebled, more sidelined, dis commodious, beginning, not have it, more neutralized, clumsy, un refined, more infecund, most forceless, in nocuous, un manageable, un abler, most slackspined, untested, most blundering, in efficacious, Discommodious, more stumbling, most unfacile, more unfacile, in-firmer, ignorant, most disqualified, un gainlier, in-firmest, un-initiated, un artful, inadept, in-elegant, dis-agreeable, empirical, most undexterous, un-artful, anti climactic, no way, un-wieldiest, un dexterous, un-dexterous, un-suitable, un-skilled, most defeasible, unschooled, dis qualified, can't cut it, un apter, un aptest, inproficient, hard to use, un-trained, most hog-tied, un-availing, not up to, un fitted, un seemlier, in-efficacious, un timeliest, more uncool, in-decisive, would-be, incompetent, in-apter, more disqualified, heavy handed, un gainliest, more anticlimactic, un-prepared, un availing, awkward, in opportune, most emasculate, most floundering, in-expert, un pleasant, un-qualified, most unadapted, ill timed, most impuissant, un-refined, in firmest, in-experienced, unproficient, un-graceful, more blundering, most enfeebled, un available, most improficient, clunkiest, un-successful, more unequipped, in-commodious, most unproficient, more slack spined, unequipped, cant hack it, most butterfingers, more forceless, un-due, in-proficient, un-manageable, un-pleasant, in-fecund, jackleg, un-wieldier, in expert, un timely, un timelier, in capacitated, more emasculate, in effective, dis organized, un handiest, inefficient, in-adequate, having two left hands, heavyhanded, more floundering, un wieldy, un-comfortable, un handier, in-sufficient, out of place, unhandiest, in-competent, defeasible, dis agreeable, in commodious, most uncool, de feasible, un productive, weak, un-available, more slackspined, out place, duddest, in firm, in effectual, not to, more unproficient, in-capable, most unequipped, unadapted, un-handier, out lunch, un adapted, no can do, not equal to, in capable, de-feasible, most anticlimactic, new, un trained, un-gainly, in-felicitous, shooting blanks, un-equipped, imprecise, in-operative, no go, primitive, un initiated, hard use, un handy, most stumbling, most infecund, untalented, untaught, raw, more slack-spined, ineffective, inept, un-timely, more butterfingers, in adequate, green, un-suited, un-productive, more amateur, maladroit, un seemliest, not adapted, stupid, in-sipid, most amateur, un-timelier, in elegant, un-facile, in firmer, cant make grade, cant make the grade, in-adept, more loser, most unfitted, Ungifted, in experienced, clunky, unskilled, un gainly, can't make the grade, dis-qualified, un fit, un-fruitful, un-duest, in decisive, in competent, Unartful, can't make grade, most hog tied, un fruitful, Infecund, incapable, Unhandy, un polished, un skillful, un graceful, un-adapted, in sipid, in-effective, un tactful, more undexterous, in-nocuous, un skilled, unfacile, inexperienced, un-gainlier, more hogtied, un proficient, untrained, un-tactful, untried, un-fitted, forceless, clunkier, unseasoned, more unfitted, having two left feet, un seemly, un-polished, in-sensitive, unable, most loser, undexterous, in efficient, unskillful, un comfortable, Impuissant, anticlimactic, un-timeliest, uncool, un-fit, incapacitated, more unartful, un-proficient, slackspined, more hog-tied, not effective, most sidelined, amateurish, more unadapted, sidelined, most neutralized, un prepared, in fecund, un seasonable, klutzy, untutored, in-capacitated, un-cool, unhandier, more hog tied, cant cut it, un-seemlier, in-efficient, two left feet, un equipped, dis-organized, most discommodious, un suitable, in convenient, slack spined, un ablest, all thumbs, un cool, unfitted, in-appropriate, in-opportune, un-handy, un wieldier, un-seemliest, in operative, more impuissant, in-convenient, un-seasonable, dis-commodious, un-ablest, most hogtied, un-abler, most inadept, un-skillful, no good, un duest, un successful, in sensitive, ineffectual, un due.