Pronunciation of Educate
/ˈɛd͡ʒuːkˌe͡ɪt/, /ˈɛd‍ʒuːkˌe‍ɪt/, /ˈɛ_dʒ_uː_k_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for educate:

dis-concerts, psyching, rattling cage, put out of countenance, up-setting, buffaloed, DAMPS, de ranged, dis courages, mess with ones head, de range, getting to, un hinging, fuddle, unmans, dis organizing, buffaloing, ex cite, un-gluing, making mess of, obscure, over-comes, un nerved, be-wilder, takes steam out, be wildering, ex cites, psyching out, learn, be fuddle, dis-quiet, throwing off balance, dis organize, de-moralizes, de-ranges, throw balance, unglues, be-fuddles, dis ordering, dis heartened, under-mined, blew out, un-settle, taking aback, fluster, dis mays, dis concerting, ungluing, Fuddling, dis-composed, messes with one head, mis-arranged, dis comfit, dis quiets, put out countenance, dis mayed, un-hinges, messes with one's head, dis-countenances, dis-mayed, dis order, be wilder, throws in to tizzy, blows out, un settling, messed with one head, dis-concerted, threw in to tizzy, dis-quieted, dis-countenanced, makes mess of, dis-orders, un-zipped, un-settled, made mess of, dis tract, dis arrange, un mans, took apart, un settle, throw in to tizzy, be fuddles, psychs, de-ranged, dis-comfits, perplex, rattled one's cage, making a mess of, psychs out, fuddles, dis heartens, rattle, dis countenanced, demoralize, rattle cage, dis-organizes, putting out countenance, mis arranges, gotten to, un-glued, throw into tizzy, ex-cited, dis-countenancing, putting out of countenance, taking steam out, un-settling, Misarranging, make a mess of, dis ordered, dis-hearten, dis courage, dis-quiets, dis-ordering, dis-compose, mess with head, rattles one's cage, dis-quieting, de-range, mis-arranges, confuse, unglued, stir up, dis compose, un-glue, mis arranging, un-hinge, cloud, un-mans, throws into tizzy, throwing balance, Messed, Misarrange, dis hearten, mis arranged, dis-organizing, making waves, de-moralizing, un nerves, un-nerving, send up, stirred up, up set, Misarranged, dis-maying, dis-order, blowing out, dis composed, dis concerted, took aback, dis concerts, throwing in to tizzy, rattle one cage, un manned, dis organizes, mucked, dis arranged, dis maying, up-set, de-moralized, misarranges, makes waves, ex cited, dis oriented, makes a mess of, dis-concerting, be-wilders, messing with head, dis organized, messes with ones head, make mess of, gat to, be fuddling, take apart, up setting, be wilders, make waves, dis quieted, dis countenancing, dis comfits, mis arrange, made nervous, dis-concert, dis arranges, dis may, dis-composes, ignore, un glues, Messing, dis-heartening, unmanned, over comes, de moralizes, rattles one cage, sends up, over come, up sets, dis-heartens, takes apart, rattling one's cage, dis orient, Buffaloes, Damping, un-nerve, dis countenance, be-wildering, ex-cite, Unglue, dis-oriented, messes with head, de ranging, under mining, mess with one's head, dis-orients, un zipping, be fuddled, dis quieting, rattle ones cage, snafuing, un-man, messing with one's head, dis composes, messed with ones head, puzzle, be-fuddled, unmanning, de moralize, stirs up, under mined, dis-tracts, puts out countenance, ex-cites, Damped, mis-arrange, dis-tract, up-sets, un nerving, dis arranging, messing with one head, messed with head, dis-countenance, mess with one head, dis-arranging, dis-comfit, muddle, over coming, un zip, over-coming, dis-mays, disorient, un settles, darken, rattles cage, disorients, de moralized, dis orders, dis composing, makes nervous, decrease, dis-arranged, mis-arranging, nonplus, sending up, dis-organized, blow out, puts out of countenance, un-hinged, psych out, take aback, buffalo, dis orienting, un glued, un zips, snafued, neglect, threw off balance, got to, psyched out, dis heartening, get to, under-mining, de ranges, be wildered, un-manning, disorienting, un hinges, made a mess of, takes aback, mucking, destroy, dis-arrange, dis quiet, dis-courage, un nerve, rattled cage, de-ranging, dis-composing, be-wildered, dis-ordered, making nervous, un-zipping, gets to, rattles ones cage, dis-may, rattling ones cage, ex citing, dis tracts, un-hinging, un hinge, dis countenances, dis-orienting, dis-arranges, dis-organize, taking apart, un settled, un-zips, un manning, throw off balance, take steam out, dis-orient, messed with one's head, dis-courages, rattle one's cage, becloud, dis-heartened, rattled one cage, de-moralize, de moralizing, un gluing, fuddled, sent up, messing with ones head, stirring up, be-fuddle, threw into tizzy, throwing into tizzy, be-fuddling, un hinged, dis concert, dis orients.

Usage examples for educate:

Idioms for educate:

  • educate sm in sth;
  • educate sm for sth;

Quotes for educate:

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