Pronunciation of Backward
/bˈakwəd/, /bˈakwəd/, /b_ˈa_k_w_ə_d/

Antonyms for backward

unanticipated, favorable, over soon, over-soon, bare faced, ventral, most forward looking, forward, more facial, more forward-looking, gregarious, in to prominence, smartalecky, Vanward, be-forehand, antecedently, overhasty, overearly, into prominence, immodest, un timely, over-weening, in front, pre-maturer, most halfcocked, to the fore, in-opportune, most predeveloped, soonest, smart alecky, un-ripe, most bare faced, most overassertive, Halfcocked, more progressing, unshy, uninhibited, most onward, in complete, dynamical, onwards, more halfcocked, willing, inclined, precocious, pre-mature, half cocked, pre sumptuous, most bare-faced, more bare-faced, forer, over-hasty, developing, sociable, ahead, un timeliest, unreserved, bare-faced, in to view, un-timeliest, more overearly, most forth, pre maturest, most welldeveloped, frontwards, more welldeveloped, un-anticipated, into view, forward-looking, up pity, most well-developed, more bare faced, most progressing, more forwardlooking, forward looking, be forehand, over-assertive, most unanticipated, over-early, un-fledged, well developed, boon, in front of, Oversoon, illconsidered, more ahead, most overearly, forrard, nervy, predeveloped, clubbable, un-riper, on ahead, un-developed, more forth, un-timelier, to fore, fast, un-ripest, more unfledged, social, outgoing, forth, most well developed, most unfledged, most ventral, pre-developed, early on, assuming, most half cocked, fore most, half-cocked, forceful, most forwardlooking, bold, un anticipated, most half-cocked, convivial, in advance, facial, intelligent, propulsive, eager, onward, companionable, more predeveloped, more unanticipated, over assertive, advanced, most oversoon, un timelier, pre mature, along, extroverted, over early, pre maturer, most propulsive, coming on strong, headfirst, pre-maturest, dynamic, alee, premature, most forward-looking, un-timely, more well developed, selfassertive, more onward, the fore, more well-developed, more forward looking, unfledged, up-pity, over hasty, aggressive, pre developed, un ripest, un fledged, fore-most, in opportune, more ventral, more overassertive, dashing, most ahead, well-developed, more propulsive, smart, a bit previous, overassertive, coming strong, desirous, more oversoon, developed, disposed, more half cocked, guardant, forwardlooking, too soon, welldeveloped, in-complete, un ripe, Precedently.