Pronunciation of Less
/l_ˈɛ_s/, /lˈɛs/, /lˈɛs/

Antonyms for less:

ex tended, more predominate, more expanded, more ever, greater, un due, more another, senior, tooest, more exceeding, paramount, unmeasurable, most concluded, at end, most additionally, with acceleration, most another, out-standing, dis proportionate, super-abundant, more overkill, Over-bearing, over kill, bigger, higher, sky high, up on, over, more plethoric, most overboard, in excess, un reasonable, more by, pre-dominant, un duly, larger than, superior to, more amassed, in-temperate, by gone, un duest, most besides, pre-dominate, tooer, overkill, skyhigh, in-ordinate, in numerable, on top of, be yond, progressively, super natural, most enhanced, Ander, in temperate, massed, most recrementitious, most likewise, fore-most, more inordinately, over abundant, out standing, more excessively, pre eminent, more immensely, un-bounded, prior to, more recrementitious, more also, inordinately, more besides, most aggrandized, be sides, first class, most extremely, more more, pre dominant, most up, farther, as well, withal, dis-proportionate, be-sides, andest, in-numerable, self indulgent, fore most, superior, in addition, more extremely, most unmeasurable, most headmost, un measurable, most inordinately, un bounded, in-creased, over much, as well as, exceptional, greater than, most predominate, most amassed, important, Recrementitious, pre-eminent, most unduly, most exceeding, most excessively, Headmost, more likewise, done with, un-used, most overly, more overly, enhanced, pre dominate, be-yond, un-duest, over board, more augmented, increasingly, more concluded, first-rate, further more, more and more, most also, over-kill, over and above, most ever, most expanded, choice, head-most, overmuch, more additionally, selfindulgent, overboard, un-measurable, plethoric, more unduly, Beside, more massed, too many, more overboard, super-natural, at an end, most by, re maining, most beyond, more than that, by-gone, over-abundant, more, head most, over bearing, major, super abundant, un-conscionable, sur-plusser, most immensely, along with, un-reasonable, sur plusser, most massed, un-duly, un conscionable, para-mount, sur-plussest, on high, more beyond, more up, sur plussest, more enhanced, over above, immensely, un-due, sur-passing, more headmost, un-duer, to a greater extent, para mount, innumerable, more aggrandized, most plethoric, superordinate, most augmented, left over, ex-tended.

Usage examples for less:

  • " Well, more or less," said Anonyma. - "This Is the End", Stella Benson.
  • Will that make you like me less? - "Molly Bawn", Margaret Wolfe Hamilton.
  • No, we'll make it in less. - "The Moghul", Thomas Hoover.

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