Pronunciation of Faltering
/fˈɒltəɹɪŋ/, /fˈɒltəɹɪŋ/, /f_ˈɒ_l_t_ə_ɹ_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for faltering

insistent, un doubted, sturdy, devoted, re liablest, un swerving, confidence, dead set on, brilliant, most rejuvenated, confirmable, silver-tongued, down-the-line, re-covering, un concerned, more stiffnecked, more stiff-necked, certain, fresh, dis-missed, faithful, stiff-necked, in dubitable, hell-bent, dis-charged, most concluded, re-liabler, strong, de fined, un erring, re-stored, drive-by, un-failing, do-or-die, un-faltering, most defined, certitude, establishable, most establishable, true-blue, eagerness, flying, hearty, most rallying, resolved, out, re-liablest, most neverfailing, safest, most rejuvenating, more rejuvenating, un-concerned, steady, more rejuvenated, un-ambiguous, headlong, fast, gadarene, un-mistakable, stiff necked, on ice, clear, more positive, tenacious, in-dividual, more predestined, un-swerving, SAFER, most never-failing, never-failing, selfconfident, Undoubtful, positive, daring, having down pat, un-qualified, ex-press, ex press, un-doubting, getting well, more undoubtful, re-liable, firm, most certain, articulate, most undoubtful, more never failing, most ensured, fluent, getting over something, never failing, on the mend, pre destined, re covering, pre-destined, going way, un ambiguous, pertinacious, in controvertible, un-wavering, more questionless, un questioning, certainty, on mend, determined, un-erring, un tiring, more stipulated, in-controvertible, vigorous, most never failing, un perturbed, more defined, in fallible, energetic, rash, readiness, re liable, most predestined, most stiff-necked, most certified, upwards of, rushed, firmness, persevering, un-equivocal, more concluded, resolute, un deniable, most questionless, more never-failing, de finite, dogged, going all way, unerring, conspicuous, un disturbed, staunch, un failing, most stiff necked, evident, steadfast, un flinching, devout, patient, intent, going the way, precipitous, in bag, un-doubted, a couple, single-minded, un-tiring, un-perturbed, bright, set, more strengthening, decisive, resoluteness, more evident, persistent, un-flagging, un faltering, re solute, past crisis, loyal, unfaltering, un-troubled, in-fallible, re stored, determination, sureness, precipitate, more stiff necked, un troubled, un-deniable, un-flinching, most ascertained, bound, in dividual, un mistakable, re gular, dis missed, a few, dedicated, going all the way, un wavering, overhasty, more mending, constant, getting better, most mending, un flappable, true, resolution, dis charged, convalescent, re-gular, eloquent, re-solute, more establishable, more ascertained, re-leased, more confirmable, alacrity, most strengthening, perked up, de-finite, gaining strength, hasty, un doubtful, good, un qualified, more rallying, most stiffnecked, re liabler, more neverfailing, well-spoken, neverfailing, in-dubitable, decisiveness, purposeful, un equivocal, stiffnecked, un doubting, hurried, bound determined, de-fined, cursory, most confirmable.