Pronunciation of Abjure
/ɐbd͡ʒjˈʊ͡ə/, /ɐbd‍ʒjˈʊ‍ə/, /ɐ_b_dʒ_j_ˈʊə/

Antonyms for abjure

re-sent, objects to, had a crush on, was without, be sought, wert desirous of, hadst eyes for, hurt for, art deprived, having hard feelings, cottoning to, be desirous of, pray for, re-quiring, Hungered, setting one heart on, de fends, wert in want, taking a liking to, take a shine to, re-sents, re-cognizing, uphold, capitulate, spoilt for, has crush on, art turned on by, come out of closet, set ones heart on, set one heart on, pro fesses, re sent, aspire to, espouse, wert inadequate, are envious, taking oath, suspires, had hard feelings, re quired, hungers for, re mark, was consumed with desire, being consumed with desire, be turned by, art in want, long for, all-owed, haddest eye on, subscribe to, art in need of, has yen for, yenned, back, hungered for, driving for, am need of, yearned for, felt the necessity for, being envious, defend, Re-mark, am down and out, be deprived, are inadequate, are want, aspiring to, seek, re cognizes, coming out closet, were passionate, pant, hath crush on, feeling necessity for, cop plea, object to, are short, yield, give in, had a yen for, covet, need, opening up, has hots for, sweet on, is in need of, are down and out, maintain, wast turned by, came out of closet, haddest occasion for, get off chest, dies over, cherish, hadst eye on, were inadequate, being passionate, have yen for, haddest occasion to, being desirous of, hold, fored, took a liking to, taking shine to, feel a dearth of, be consumed with desire, makes advances to, hungering for, took to, was hard up, aspired to, was turned by, be smitten, are passionate, art desirous of, taking liking to, are in want, wast in need of, spoil for, wert eager for, having crush on, re turn, hath hots for, hast the hots for, be passionate, art want, lust, turn green, had eye on, takes to, being want, wert poor, be want, being poor, de-fends, de-sired, being turned by, having a yen for, art consumed with desire, de-sires, have hard feelings, up held, art need of, were in need of, wast in want, takes a shine to, re-marked, re quiring, ex acting, hath eye on, de sired, having occasion to, gotten off chest, hast occasion for, ex-acting, defers to, are down out, gave eyeteeth for, turns green, giving eyeteeth for, be grudge, were consumed with desire, eating heart out, getting chest, being eager for, was poor, Re-turn, re-quire, endorse, felt necessity for, deferred to, emphasize, sets one heart on, all owing, eats one heart out, wert consumed with desire, takes liking to, spoils for, being smitten, hadst yen for, having occasion for, has occasion for, haddest eyes for, comes out of closet, subscribing to, being need of, were envious, am desirous of, assert, making advances to, be hard up, drove for, is hard up, setting heart on, itching for, am down out, eats ones heart out, be-grudges, ate ones heart out, is in want, feels a dearth of, art smitten, had occasion to, hankering for, acquiesce, felt a dearth of, ex act, wert hard up, wert turned on by, hast hots for, was needy, were desirous of, gets off chest, de sires, be grudging, had yen for, hurts for, de clares, takes an oath, was inadequate, ate heart out, vouch, suspire, support, art hot for, having hots for, objected to, de siring, Desiderated, wert need of, haunt, envy, got chest, am smitten, take to, sweeting on, get, up-holds, de fended, feeling the necessity for, was short, being down out, be hot for, hast use for, hath hard feelings, desiderates, deferring to, re quire, de fend, gat off chest, claim, re quires, was eager for, was passionate, up holds, feels the necessity for, spoiled for, were without, was in need of, gets chest, are deprived, lusting after, art short, wast hot for, hadst a crush on, aching for, de-siring, is envious, be deficient, have crush on, were poor, being deficient, de sire, are turned on by, are without, state, had hots for, take liking to, cried out for, partialing to, had use for, haddest yen for, had crush on, profess, dieing over, are hard up, is inadequate, took shine to, eating one heart out, cotton to, drave for, concede, avow, wert deficient, being in want, de fending, cries out for, sets one's heart on, proclaim, eat one heart out, setting ones heart on, be-sought, surrender, re acting, wast passionate, give eyeteeth for, confirm, retain, sets ones heart on, die over, art inadequate, pursue, gat chest, up-hold, pine for, pines for, hath a crush on, yenned for, cottons to, protect, advocate, re-cognizes, be inadequate, takes a liking to, haddest a crush on, being inadequate, pro-fess, was envious, feel the pinch, hadst hots for, re plying, pining for, de clare, is poor, undertake, have use for, re-quires, dying for, haddest a yen for, was want, re cognized, be short, attests to, lusts after, be turned on by, up-holding, wast poor, itches for, defer to, pro fess, is consumed with desire, re-plying, aspires to, am turned by, were turned on by, re-quired, take oath, be envious, up hold, have eyes for, is passionate, eat heart out, hast hard feelings, yearns for, be need of, am hard up, hurting for, dieing for, is down out, sets heart on, being short, wast hard up, up-held, takes shine to, hunger for, am short, turning green, acknowledge, hast eyes for, yenning for, am eager for, pleaded for, feeling a dearth of, bow, take shine to, taking an oath, have a yen for, yens, is down and out, wast down out, feel pinch, pined for, aches for, wert turned by, were need of, taking a shine to, pleads for, am deprived, hath the hots for, are smitten, being in need of, hath yen for, have occasion to, ached for, am turned on by, get chest, prosecute, sighed for, subscribes to, yens for, be-grudging, were smitten, was deprived, having use for, is turned by, de-clares, art without, re marks, all-owing, was smitten, have eye on, be grudged, sweets on, being needy, re-marks, are consumed with desire, were deprived, felt pinch, am deficient, opens up, objecting to, be needy, art passionate, took oath, OVERS, lusted after, be down and out, be in want, eating one's heart out, itch for, vindicate, is eager for, hadst a yen for, turned green, taking to, wast inadequate, was need of, hadst the hots for, is smitten, re cognize, was turned on by, allow, went hungry, eats heart out, re-marking, be-grudge, accept, has eye on, longs for, is hot for, spoiling for, be eager for, embrace, set one's heart on, attesting to, subscribed to, re marked, died over, thirsting for, wert needy, knuckle under, eat ones heart out, feeling dearth of, take a liking to, make advances to, Desiderate, set heart on, feeling the pinch, gotten chest, wast short, having eye on, art hard up, is without, is need of, was hot for, drives for, feel the necessity for, crying out for, is turned on by, was deficient, re-turned, dying over, art turned by, hadst occasion for, are turned by, going hungry, am want, wast deficient, re-cognized, re cognizing, overed, suffer privation, be grudges, hast yen for, sighs for, gives eyeteeth for, am hot for, am envious, took a shine to, being turned on by, were turned by, has a crush on, feels pinch, haddest hots for, died for, de-fend, wast without, are in need of, cottoned to, has occasion to, keep, de-clare, goes hungry, having the hots for, feel necessity for, wert in need of, re-turning, hadst use for, prayed for, are hot for, haddest the hots for, has use for, wast need of, adopt, wert want, re turning, Suspired, overing, be poor, is needy, wert without, longing for, re turns, be-grudged, succumb, ate one heart out, comes out closet, art needy, Hungering, have hots for, was down out, thirsted for, up holding, art poor, hast a yen for, ex acts, being deprived, being hot for, hath a yen for, were down and out, opened up, wert down and out, longed for, re-acted, hadst occasion to, thirst for, foring, yearning for, pro-fesses, were down out, being hard up, admit, wert deprived, hath occasion to, art deficient, hanker for, are desirous of, getting off chest, haddest hard feelings, lust after, occupy, de-fending, were want, come out closet, drive for, wast down and out, wast want, itched for, adhere, affirm, ex-act, be down out, re acted, eats one's heart out, is want, ache for, open up, am consumed with desire, FORS, hast eye on, feels the pinch, were deficient, being down and out, wert passionate, Desiderating, court, had occasion for, attest to, were needy, felt dearth of, re-cognize, eat one's heart out, crave, vow, eating ones heart out, am passionate, dies for, re-plied, were hard up, be in need of, wast desirous of, made advances to, re-turns, yearn for, go hungry, came out closet, is deprived, die for, favor, feels dearth of, having yen for, coming out of closet, contend, desire, wast eager for, am poor, cry out for, hast a crush on, hadst hard feelings, are eager for, re marking, attested to, were short, setting one's heart on, take an oath, was down and out, hath eyes for, submit, ate one's heart out, sigh for, be without, are poor, plead for, haddest use for, suspiring, is desirous of, has the hots for, declare, de-fended, have occasion for, ex-acted, am without, sighing for, am needy, thirsts for, suffered privation, de-sire, being without, is deficient, partials to, all owed, got off chest, yen for, wast consumed with desire, are deficient.