Pronunciation of Beautiful
/bjˈuːtɪfə͡l/, /bjˈuːtɪfə‍l/, /b_j_ˈuː_t_ɪ_f_əl/

Antonyms for beautiful:

in-elegant, witchy, dis jointed, vile, un attractive, more sickie, louest, in-tolerable, not much to look at, most mangled, ill-made, hideous, dis gusting, un-alluring, un pleasant, lousy, more buckled, graceless, more oppressing, most hardfeatured, most warped, un happy, execrable, ill mannered, most unassertive, most plainfeatured, in congruous, un gainlier, dis-agreeable, more hardfeatured, dis-tasteful, atrocious, un holiest, more wraithlike, un godlier, un-varnished, grody, in human, more teratoid, un-happy, more hunchbacked, un-kindest, un-cannier, hair raising, un earthliest, most daunting, un ostentatious, repugnant, shocking, more unprepossessing, warped, plainfeatured, de-finite, un godly, un-comely, dis-jointed, inferior, more warped, aweinspiring, dis-figured, unshapelier, fairiest, un lovelier, dis heartening, unaesthetic, most hunchbacked, un-holy, more horrifying, more illmade, more surfeiting, re-doubtable, most buckled, most white bread, most dreaded, horrifyin, low down, mediocre, spinetingling, un prepossessing, more bad-looking, un-gainly, nerdy, horrid, more blood stained, de pressing, FUGLY, mousy, most lowdown, un-earthlier, unattractive, sickening, stripped down, nauseating, un holy, more corpselike, more hard featured, most scarred, un-natural, un-inviting, dis-gusting, most beast, un-couth, pathetic, un nerving, ordinary, more unassertive, selfeffacing, louer, most wraithlike, most bad-looking, Haggish, more antic, nerdiest, most offputting, un-attractive, un-shapely, in famous, bad, un varnished, un-shapelier, dis-maying, workaday, more low-down, most off-putting, most workaday, dire, hard on eyes, un-canniest, hunchbacked, most godawful, de-formed, trans parent, un welcome, beastlier, ill made, dis-heartening, re-strained, more ill made, more unnerving, un earthly, sleazeball, yecchy, two left feet, more repelling, in sufferable, un happier, revolting, most horrifying, more maleficent, dis tasteful, in effectual, more dreaded, de-testable, mangled, homelike, horrific, plain-featured, more miscreated, off putting, un affected, un-sightlier, more blood-stained, most scowling, Hard-featured, corpselike, un seemly, in-elaborate, un-gainlier, un loveliest, awe inspiring, un-kinder, un-kind, more sleazeball, white-bread, more lowdown, wretched, un desirable, in decorous, most marred, in-effectual, more badlooking, malformed, most surfeiting, unsatisfactory, un-desirable, frightful, repulsive, in-convenient, un seemlier, plain, offputting, more contorted, un canny, illmade, middling, sur realistic, dis figured, plain featured, un holier, more blemished, most dismaying, most hard-featured, poor, most illmade, un-lovelier, more ill-made, clunkier, more marred, most ill made, de formed, out spoken, unprepossessing, more mortuary, more surrealistic, most scaring, most sleazeball, un-shapeliest, awful, un-sightliest, dis agreeable, re probate, disgusting, un sightliest, un-mannered, more stupefying, more plain featured, more disfigured, rough, frumpy, more homelike, most disfigured, more white-bread, more hard-featured, nasty, white bread, more scaring, most ill-made, grotesque, more off-putting, surrealistic, odious, un shapely, appalling, un alluring, inelegant, hard eyes, un-ostentatious, most repelling, clunky, more whitebread, most horrifyin, unbecoming, un gainliest, most blemished, offensive, more shuddersome, un-aesthetic, ungainly, second-rate, un-earthliest, maleficent, scuzzy, knotted, grim, un-pretentious, un-lovely, un-speakable, un-beautiful, in elaborate, self effacing, most plain-featured, most hard featured, more scowling, most white-bread, un-godlier, timorous, re-probate, illmannered, deformed, most muted, most humpbacked, un-nerving, most plain featured, super-natural, awkward, fairier, in convenient, most sickie, gruesome, most unaesthetic, inelaborate, ghastly, frumpish, in determinate, more inelaborate, un sightlier, hairraising, low-grade, mis-shapen, un-godliest, most unprepossessing, un-holier, trans-parent, misproportioned, mis created, un-assertive, un-seemlier, most unbeautiful, ill favored, mis-proportioned, hard featured, ugly, unshapeliest, more petrifying, drab, un earthlier, un-fortunate, un happiest, shuddersome, out-spoken, more low down, out shape, horrible, un assuming, dull, super natural, beastliest, spine tingling, un canniest, unsightly, dreadful, open and shut, in-felicitous, un-sightly, most contorted, more plain-featured, un fortunate, not beautiful, Lou, most blood-stained, Teratoid, rotten, most disheartening, un cannier, most inelaborate, un-gainliest, more unaesthetic, more horrifyin, in-human, disfigured, un-canny, more plainfeatured, un-cultured, mis proportioned, most miscreated, de-pressing, more off putting, re doubtable, clumsy, dis quieting, un inviting, disagreeable, no good, Unalluring, evil, unrefined, more offputting, the end, most misproportioned, dis-graceful, most homelike, blood stained, substandard, bad looking, hard on the eyes, unbeautiful, mis-created, most bad looking, un usual, dis maying, not much look at, more satiating, yecchiest, big as life, unimposing, un shapelier, un propitious, abhorrent, un aesthetic, un couth, un lovely, loathsome, in elegant, hard the eyes, objectionable, un gainly, abominable, in-decorous, un-usual, in-congruous, off-putting, more humpbacked, repellent, endest, re strained, more misproportioned, gorgonian, coarse, un-earthly, in tolerable, more beast, unappetizing, grisly, terrible, illfavored, more disheartening, unshapely, un beautiful, in-formal, un kindest, grodiest, unassertive, godawful, wraithlike, mis shapen, most unnerving, dis-quieting, low-down, un-pleasant, de finite, whitebread, crude, out of shape, foul, more muted, grodier, most antic, more scarred, un cultured, un-holiest, un sightly, un godliest, uncouth, un-godly, more mangled, nerdier, more unbeautiful, most oppressing, de testable, lowdown, most satiating, more white bread, un-seemliest, un shapeliest, un seemliest, most surrealistic, in-sufferable, un speakable, terrifying, Blood-stained, in formal, dis graceful, sickie, more unalluring, most badlooking, un kind, hardfeatured, most unalluring, clunkiest, fellest, humpbacked, bad-looking, more dismaying, un assertive, sur-realistic, un kinder, insignificant, badlooking, more daunting, more bad looking, homely, most shuddersome, un-prepossessing, paltry.

Usage examples for beautiful:

  • Is she very beautiful? - "Tempest and Sunshine", Mary J. Holmes.
  • How beautiful you look! - "Hetty's Strange History", Anonymous.
  • You will find the island of Madeira lovely- most beautiful. - "The Golden Rock", Ernest Glanville.

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