Pronunciation of Work
/wˈɜːk/, /wˈɜːk/, /w_ˈɜː_k/

Antonyms for work

joy, hilarity, self government, workings, Regalement, day rest, second job, dis order, blow-out, one acts, obsession, lollygags, mucks about, re quiescence, field day, re coil, jive, ravishment, re coiled, oneact, messed with, ataraxias, prank, one's sweet times, is insincere, suspension, selfgovernment, INS, smash hit, monkey with, twiddle, merrymakings, one sweet times, inter feres, Laughters, superficiality, two weeks with pay, curtain-raisers, side job, leisure pursuits, blow out, taking apart, stop, messing with, smoothness, living up, winking at, high spiritses, de-liveries, fun gameses, unconstraint, clambake, in activity, played the fool, roughhousings, beguilements, self indulgence, inactivity, futzing around, potboilers, toyed with, dis orders, Leisure Activity, physical activity, dormancy, side interest, re paired, dissipation, toy, pride joys, rides knee, dilly dally, fun and gameses, relaxation, re turn, festive occasion, trifled with, un ceremoniousness, matinee, shallownesses, re-bounding, frivolity, bon mot, time wasting, unemployments, gamings, banter, one's own sweet times, somnolences, favorite occupation, jestees, failure, time to kill, jestee, Divertissement, dillydally, dawdlings, mess around, r r, new looks, re quiescences, carousings, enjoyings, idle hours, in-dependences, in tendance, stage show, exultings, non sense, passing fancy, winks at, at home, toy with, comes home roost, festivity, newest wrinkles, mis chief, Jollies, in-formality, joyousness, inter fere, vacant hour, defer, turnon, elbowrooms, Elbowroom, stage shows, curtain-raiser, diversion, fun, idle, divertissements, suffering, playing fool, receive, remit, motionlessness, amuse oneself, fooled with, un-constraints, ribticklers, zaniness, shallowness, Danced, long weekends, lead on, skylarkings, frivolousness, game, New Look, coffee klatch, re spite, unemployment, bask, re-coil, rib-ticklers, showinesses, in-tendances, deflections, hysteric, de-tour, chestnut, facetiousnesses, ones own sweet times, entertainment, leisure pursuit, in-novation, re lief, re laxations, Gluttonies, roastings, Mummeries, mirth, led on, re-turning, at-home, own sweet times, rib tickler, goof-off times, re pairing, showiness, inter-ludes, Fribbling, intendances, non-sense, give up, joshings, de-flections, requiescence, super-intendency, re-coils, joke, luncheons, art insincere, supervision, re acted, superintendencies, whoop-de-do, Funnies, ignore, intendance, vacation, discontinue, re versing, living it ups, object of derision, jocundity, kick around, frivolousnesses, trifle, sur prise, clownings, un constraint, time-wastings, chaffings, merry go rounds, re lease, cease, spare times, time wastings, razzings, irresponsibility, rode knee, gladdenings, playing games with, monkeys with, gaiety, fools with, cessation, un-restraint, dilly-dallyings, be insincere, leads on, wingding, loss, turnons, takes apart, loll, re-laxation, repose, favorite occupations, futz around, come home to roost, toyings, toys with, ease, side project, re gards, was insincere, ex changes, jocosity, own sweet time, trifles with, de-livery, quiet, pastime, un-ceremoniousnesses, dis tractions, gettogether, lollygagged, distraction, lose, amuses oneself, comes home to roost, dos, dronings, re-bounded, re verse, destroy, in-operativeness, be-wilderments, HAHA, bed roses, are insincere, joviality, joyrides, junketing, jollifications, idle hour, movable feasts, dancing, play the fool, dally, playing games, mis chiefs, pride and joy, loiterings, re-pair, re-pairing, dissing, jokings, rib ticklers, object derision, fribbled, languor, one-acts, whoopee, curtainraisers, timewasting, requiescences, un employments, moonlighting, REC, mucking about, jives, Pottered, rest, backlashed, put over, jollification, lollygagging, amused oneself, un constraints, futzes around, rib-tickler, musicals, re coils, time on hand, in-formalities, vacant hours, misfunction, de tours, re-quiescences, Theatricals, wast insincere, time kill, pride joy, second jobs, dis-order, de tour, time on one hand, re acting, time on ones hand, dis-orders, riding on knee, in-activities, de flections, curtainraiser, de lights, oneacts, Self Determination, ride on knee, dissuade, triflings, mummery, time on one's hand, side interests, re pairs, comingout, chics, re turning, oneliner, passivities, indulging in, recreate, refrain, time hand, play, Hibernations, recreation, teasings, loafings, re-verse, pre-occupations, pet topics, timewastings, whoopees, shaggydog story, Pottering, play fool, in novation, lovings, merry-go-rounds, mis using, Puddling, mis-using, one sweet time, were insincere, potboiler, mucked about, played games, object of ridicule, goofoff time, halt, in action, enjoyment, laziness, buffoonery, idles, time on one's hands, re-quiescence, re-cess, be wilderments, over sights, goof off times, sur-prise, ruin, revelry, lots of laugh, Messing, loosenings, re leases, whooplas, in formalities, jeerings, fail, mismanage, inter missions, de flection, potterings, whoop de do, took apart, de-tours, lots laughs, HS, festive occasions, potters, de light, re creations, avocation, in to, super vision, un-ceremoniousness, inter lude, peace mind, merry-go-round, kicker, socials, using up, be lazy, tinker, re-pose, colorfulness, fiddle, plays fool, Idled, super-intendencies, ex change, coquettings, living it up, came home roost, inertia, pause, in actions, spare moments, RECS, whoopla, Wantoning, latest word, re cesses, inter-fere, turn-on, h's, re-lease, wittiness, facility, re-coiled, goofoff times, hysterics, time ones hands, super intendencies, puton, refuse, play with, turnings, lots of laughs, turn ons, Dainties, schticks, passion, over sight, de-flection, wink at, beguilement, trifle with, boomerang, skylark, use up, raillery, treat, one's sweet time, stagnate, shenanigan, object ridicule, re spites, wittinesses, gaming, power choice, mucking around, hate, spare moment, Buffooneries, re-coiling, hobby, stay, relax, few days offs, H, naturalness, fool notion, at homes, plays games, frolic, dis-tractions, one own sweet times, two weeks with pays, colorfulnesses, de livery, sport, coming home roost, relaxings, re-spites, un employment, one's own sweet time, coffee klatches, chestnuts, mucks around, indolence, monkeying with, play games, forget, fad, re bound, malfunction, amusing oneself, blow-outs, smash hits, luncheon, playing the fool, came home to roost, rompings, time-wasting, soiree, in operativeness, Larked, being insincere, time on ones hands, re-versed, fake outs, in-tendance, one liner, idleness, blow outs, time one hand, side projects, time on hands, uses up, kiddings, super-visions, dandle, Otiosity, over-sights, operas, merry go round, re-acted, nonsense, re-lief, dillydallyings, do's, gluttony, re bounded, leave absence, leisure, pride and joys, Fooleries, shaggy-dog story, re pose, re-bound, immobility, hibernation, re-pairs, un ceremoniousnesses, in-activity, dilly dallyings, de-light, selfindulgence, messes with, lots laugh, re-turns, goof off time, living ups, lay over, rid on knee, muck around, pre occupations, schtick, restfulnesses, rid knee, whimsicality, super intendency, de liveries, under taking, foolery, deflection, super visions, Puddled, re-creations, newest wrinkle, under-takings, dreaminesses, rode on knee, riding knee, in-dependence, be-wilderment, joyousnesses, non senses, re-creation, loaf, asteisms, joblessness, supinities, zaninesses, clambakes, re laxation, revelings, Subsidiaries, played games with, inti, mucked around, junketings, adroitness, re-gard, somnolence, revelments, turn-ons, dis-traction, regalements, merriness, re-leases, party, athomes, ride knee, not finish, one-act, re turns, ataraxia, ignorance, backlashing, pursuit, restfulness, playing with, ha ha, be wilderment, un restraint, neglect, side jobs, ravishments, pet topic, re-paired, whoop de dos, plays with, Re-turn, time hands, roughhousing, endurance, gleefulness, facetiousness, motionlessnesses, re-laxations, fooling with, fool around, whoop-de-dos, pleasure, veg out, super-vision, goof-off time, unconstraints, Wantoned, played with, at-homes, pre occupation, in thing, Puerilities, latest words, coming home to roost, pleasings, few days off, physical activities, un restraints, Messed, play games with, ones own sweet time, inter ludes, spare time, liberty, inter-feres, fluency, re-bounds, unrestraint, time burn, ribtickler, fake out, rides on knee, athome, in operativenesses, re pair, deliberation, played fool, used up, Larking, joblessnesses, indulge in, dreaminess, moonlightings, fooling around, inaction, field days, let go, mirthfulness, non-senses, time one hands, fool with, wingdings, Asteism, indulged in, destruction, in-actions, in things, one own sweet time, inter-lude, time one's hands, mess with, take apart, in-action, trifling with, merriment, plays the fool, Fribble, jocoseness, sur prises, re creation, fun games, good times, come home roost, discourage, abstain, one act, merriments, cutoff, passivity, bons mots, footle, lazings, inertness, futzed around, re coiling, superficialities, otiosities, dissings, pre-occupation, in novations, abandon, laze, wert insincere, dallyings, in activities, sur-prises, dis traction, hoodwinkings, de-lights, re bounds, high spirits, interest, amusement, under-taking, mis used, un-employment, re-turned, Leisure Activities, in-operativenesses, in dependence, mis-used, fun and games, puerility, re bounding, jocularity, over-sight, long weekend, dawdle, shaggy-dog stories, enfranchisement, un-employments, vegetatings, in tendances.